Friday, November 17, 2006

Good Morning Ladies,

Did everyone weather the storm? It was a doozy! Hopefully everyone is dry & everything is in it's place.

Jean, I want to thank you again for posting a Bee Musing!!! That was/is excellent. : ) This blog is exactly that - a community for our Bee & those who may just stop by for a visit.

I want to tell you something that I did last evening. I ripped out the "short log" in my George Sicilliano miniature quilt & corrected the problem. I SEW didn't think I would do that, but I realized it's LESS work to do the fix than to mask my mistake. I am proud of myself. : ) I even sewed on the borders, & now I'm ready to make my little quilt sandwich & quilt this puppy. Let's see if I can have it done for our December Guild meeting...?!

Karen is going to be @ The Mainline Quilter's Guild this morning. The meeting is @ 0930. I MAY try & make it...!

Enjoy the NICE weather & SMILE, it's FRIDAY!!!
Piece. Out.

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quiltmamajb said...

You'll have it done for the December meeting....George will be so proud. I'm looking forward to that meeting. Enjoy the beautiful was Karen's lecture?