Thursday, November 9, 2006


It was an incredible experience. The quilts, vendor's, teachers, & people from all over the globe - neat-o!!! I met women from Scotland, New Zealand, Japan, Alaska, lots from California, Illinois, Michigan, etc!

Some things I learned...

>Fabric grain is ALWAYS more tightly woven running with the selvage edge. This can cause puckers when sewn.

>Machine quilting a large quilt is done in thirds by Sue Nickels. She begins @ the top middle & works her way down the quilt, turning & pivoting as she sews.

>The color RED is read as BLACK. Put it on a photocopier & see what you get. In a colorful quilt, you can use RED as you darkest dark for effective contrast.

>Excellent techniques in construction & quilting can be learned & done by anyone. Make YOUR quilt interesting & draw in the viewer by using color effectively!!! Or, use some asymmetry. The Amish are on to something with their use of color & sewing a "humility block" in each quilt!

>Color is intuitive!!! We (in the USA) socialize it out of people! Always go with your gut instinct!

>I can't...does nothing.
I can...does something.
I will...does wonders!!!

I was a Quilt Angel on Friday morning while @ Houston. I'd have to say that this was one of THE BEST experiences I had while @ the Festival!!! I arrived a half hour before the doors were opened for IQA members, there were just a few of us Angels flying around & I got to look, no, really LOOK @ the quilts. It was awesome!!! Also, later that morning I was the Angel/white glove lady for the $10,000 quilt.

Here are some vendor's that I liked. Check out their websites...

Alright girls, I think that does it for now. Enjoy! : ) Have a wonderful day!
Piecefully, Pam

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