Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Happy rainy hump day!

Good morning, girls....tough to get started on this dark, rainy morning. Glad we weathered the rain last night to gather at Cathy's house - thanks for having us, Cath. Your house looks so festive with lots of Halloween hangings, table runnners and quilts. Consuelo and Mare - you were missed. We talked about lots of things - both happy and sad. Mama Barb was called yesterday to come because Grandpa was not doing was a long day for her and some sad days to come - Pam will keep us posted with any news. Please remember all of them on your prayers. Lots of sad things in the news lately makes me wonder about man's humanity and the capacity for love that exists or doesn't exist in some people. But then we talk about the beauty or bravery that perhaps we witnessed and those things seem to shore up our souls to be able to bear the ugliness. We keep on plugging, tending to others and taking care of the million little things in life because that's what women do. And that's why the world keeps moving and life continues. (Whump - that's me jumping off the soapbox) Only a week and a half till the shore! Pam is going to make chicken corn chowder - I'm hungry already! Dolores brought her finished Flyers t-shirt quilt last night (and probably wishes she didn't!!!) It is awesome - and she got enough business advice to last a lifetime! Mike was hilarious! All of Dolores' future work may be run past her new manager for approval. We thought of Lois having fun out in Seattle. Halloween is this weekend - enjoy all the tricks and treats. My girls are already talking about the trick they need to do for Mr. DeMarco. If you get arrested by a four year old policeman with a moustache - do not be afraid - it's just Sean McCabe and he can probably be bribed with some candy. Everyone have a great Halloween! Have a candy bar and savor the good in your life......piece.

Saturday, October 24, 2009


May you SEW ALL day!!!
Love, The Quiltmamas

Wednesday, October 21, 2009

A sunny Wednesday

Hello, ladies! A beautiful day out there today - hope you get out to enjoy some of it. A very nice bee last night - it seems like forever since we've seen each other. Cathy and Dolores - you were missed! Please say you both are coming to Brigantine!!! Consuelo - thanks so much for bringing the cake - a delicious treat! Mare - fabulous to see you after your European jaunt! Enjoyed the wine stories - why don't we have places like that here. Can you imagine how much wine we would drink? I added a link to the Canterbury quilt blog on the left....her red Aunt Millie quilt is really something and looks great on her table. What a cool idea! Pam - Houston sounds like it was a fun and somewhat stressful time. And thanks for the insights into kaFFe - as he has been imortalized. Your diamond colors are beautiful! Keeping Mama Barb and Grandpa in our prayers. LA - glad you're having fun with Olivia. You are the oldest sister and the godmother(?) - so let's get that date squared away because Brigantine beckons - we all truly look like we can use it. Lois will be winging her way to Seattle in a few hours to see those cute grandkids! Hope you and George have a ball! I'm sorry I didn't snap a picture of your cute pillowcases. The Donovan quilt you had last time is for Christmas, is that right? Looking foward to your pictures and stories when you come back - and so glad you're planning on the shore weekend!! Lori picked up a kit at the Oaks show and brought the top last night - isn't it terrific? Lor - the blues really pop out of the picture - and you added those, right? Nicely done!

This is the tumbler top I hand-pieced while I was down the shore. Mare suggested I hand quilt it - and it's about half done. Erin wants to hang it in her room.

Here's the dodge ball quilt I finished as a wedding gift. I enjoyed making it - and below is a detail of the machine quilted flower I put in each block.

Did I forget anything? There was much flu discussion - Gerry is feeling better thankfully. Pam - enjoy your class tonight. Phils at 8:07 - one win away from the World Series - very exciting! More hand-quilting during that game - it helps my nerves! Safe trip, Lois. See y'all soon. Let the countdown begin - B minus 16 till shore weekend! Yahoo!!!! Piece....

Sunday, October 18, 2009

Ready to start a new week...

Hey, girls....hope you all had a nice weekend and are not still soggy! That was a lot of rain. I sure hope we see the sun tomorrow. I can host bee on Tuesday night for those who can come. Mare - still haven't seen you and you've been back for ages....have you adjusted back to life in Havertown? Did you take any hand sewing with you? Pam - can't wait to hear all about Houston. LA - how is Gerry feeling? I am going to get my flu shot first thing in the morning - everyone else here has gotten one - I don't have time to get sick! Consuelo - how's things? Billy feeling ok? Lori - did you recover from the volleyball tournament yesterday? We got home at 7:00 pm - OY! Cathy - everyone there ok? Lois and Dolores - hope you and yours are staying healthy as well. I sewed the binding to the snowball quilt right before dinner - so I can sit and hand stitch during the Phillies game. This is one night I'll be glad to be watching from my couch and not at the park! It is too chilly for me. Jammies, a cup of tea, a quilt to stitch and the Phillies - life is good! Piece....

rain, rain, go away....

Hey - a quick note on this rainy, dreary day. If you want to brighten your day, head over to the Undercover Quilters' show in Brookhaven. Some beautiful quilts - color your world! Will blog later about this week's bee.....heading to church! Take care...piece.

Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Book him, Danno...

We are set - the Evergreen House - checking in on 4/9/10! Put it on your calendars, girls! We're heading to Lancaster during bunny hop season - yahoo! Have a great day...piece!

Monday, October 12, 2009

Happy Monday!

Good morning, girls.....happy Monday to you. Stayed up and watched the Phils win last night - well, it actaually ended about 3 1/2 hours ago. Boy, somebody is going to be dozing at the desk this afternoon! A couple of things for you to check out.

Pam's blog will get you into the Halloween spirit.

At the Park City Girl blog on the left - scroll down to the Quilt Festival posting, check out the listing for #5 Mrs. Moen. It is a beautiful quilt, an inspirational story and it will make you say a prayer of thanks for your own healthy family.

Finally - Ami Simms is having a Quilt Smackdown this year in Houston. Four famous quilters have made a quilt for her Alzheimer's booth - and it's a competition to see which one wins viewer's choice. They are phenomenal. Pam - can't wait to hear what you think after seeing them in person. Each one is for sale outright for $10,000. If they don't sell - there is going to be an auction. Check here to see them.

Well - that's it. Must get more caffeine! Have a lovely day....piece.

Saturday, October 10, 2009



your fellow 'Mamas

Friday, October 9, 2009

Bee, birthdays and a much-needed boost!

Hello, ladies.....happy Friday! A fun bee on Wednesday - it seemed like a much-needed gathering all of us - life is going along at 78RPM (for us old heads) and I miss my 45's and my albums! Anyhow - we had cake to celebrate Lori's birthday which was yesterday - Happy B'day, Lor. Did the kids make you dinner? Lori was sewing the binding down on her nephew's quilt that she made on sewing day - very cool quilting with his name and USA. Nice job! Cathy is managing a tough school and work schedule while always maintaining her smile. Ryan Byrnes started his new job in the corporate world! Good luck to him. Pam is getting set to go to Houston on Tuesday - so exciting!!! And if that weren't enough, she's taking a class with Kaffe! Will she drool? Will she prostrate herself at his feet? Will Mama Barb need to drag her from the room at the end of the day - these questions and more will be answered in due time. Safe travels, Pam. Lois just got back from camping with George and her sister and hubby. She had a nice time - a cabin with an electric fireplace - all the comforts of home! See her show&tell below. And the trip to Seattle is booked! LA, we missed you - hope you had a nice dinner with your friends. Mare and Joe got back yesterday - can't wait to hear Italy stories. And Consuelo! OY! The big reveal - on sewing day, she made a quilt top while Cathy was there....but did she stop there??? Oh no! Look.....

Number 1 - layered with minkee no less.....and that's not all....

She made a second one! Also layered already with about Quiltmama pride!!! Way to go, Consuelo - seems like just yesterday, down in Brigantine, you told us we were all crazy for doing this.....and now, here you are.

And this is just precious! Lois made this for Donovan for Christmas - Lois - it is terrific! And look at his name appliqued in the middle block. He will just love it!

Thanks for coming, girls....hope you all have a nice weekend and I leave you with a big
HAPPY BIRTHDAY, LEIGH ANNE - tomorrow - enjoy your day!!! Olivia is coming for a visit on Monday - what an awesome present.
Take care everyone....piece.

Monday, October 5, 2009

Silent Knight...

Hello, was the weekend? Lovely weather! Pam - your decorations are terrific! Check out her blog if you haven't seen them. How is Billy feeling? Did the banjo make him feel better? A housekeeping note - I'll host this Wednesday. Consuelo - I know you have to pick up from CCD - but I hope you can come by afterwards. Missed you and the DeMarcos at Red & White day. Joe Byrnes was the star of the day - just ask Sean McCabe! I went to a high school open house yesterday - OY! How can that be? Where is my little girl that ran around the backyard for hours and how can she be contemplating high school? We had another momentous happening at our house yesterday - it started when Kelly and I were headed home from church at 10:00. We passed a house around the corner that had put out a big Yard Sale sign - and there it was - a suit of armor! I have wanted one of these since forever - no idea why. I loved the movie Excalibur and the armor room is my absolute favorite part of the Art Museum. Anyhow - I walked into the house and said to the fam - 'Birthday present alert! There is a suit of armor around the corner and I covet it!' Erin and Kelly walked around and asked how much it was. A cell phone call to Dad followed and they decided that I was worth the $50. He drove around in the van. When he got there, a camera crew was there and asked if they could film he and the girls making the purchase - apparently this guy and his house are going to be featured on some HGTV show about first time buyers or sellers or something. Burkie had just come back from jogging with Erin and was looking very spiffy(unshaven, sweaty and crazy hair)! So - they're going to be on some upcoming episode and look who has come to live with us:

Isn't he awesome - he's just about my height. I have to give him a name, of course. I considered Sir Rantsalot - a nod to the current menopausal period in my life. But, I think he deserves something really snazzy. I'm open to suggestions - and you can be sure 'O Holy Knight' will probably make an appearance on our Christmas card this year. They all groaned but I think it's hilarious! Anyhow....hope you're having a decent Monday - and see y'all on Wednesday....piece.

Friday, October 2, 2009

a Phillies break...

For those of us who are die-hard Phillies fans....some pictures (courtesy of LA) to celebrate them winning the division this week. Congrats and let's go Phils!