Thursday, December 31, 2009

Last day of 2009...

This is it, girls......Happy New Year's Eve! LA - must thank you for the great time last night - and thanks to Gerry too! Such a nice party. The food was awesome and the company was exceptional. It was so nice to sit and chat and catch up with everyone. We all got such wonderful gifts - Lois - were you out in the garden trying your tools this morning? A lot of laughs......we are so lucky to have each other. I wish you all good health and good luck in the new year. Here's to a lot of laughs and good times and beautiful quilts with the Quiltmamas!! I will post some pictures when I get them. In the meantime - here's the dip recipe - or as I'm calling it - Crack on an apple.

1 pkg cream cheese
3/4 c. brown sugar
1 container apple caramel dip (from the produce section)
3 Skor bars

Beat cream cheese and sugar. Spread it thinly on a platter. Heat the caramel slightly (15-20 seconds in microwave)
Spread it on top of the cheese. Sprinkle the chopped Skor bars on top. ( I had refrigerated them - and then pounded on them still in the wrappers - a good stress reducer.)

Enjoy 'mamas! Piece......

Sunday, December 27, 2009

Countdown to the holiday extravaganza!

Hello, 'Mamas!!! Happy holidays to all. I hope Santa was good to everyone. Despite my behavior this year, Santa brought me lots of fabrics and patterns. Yay! Now - on to the main event! Wednesday evening is the night! Thank you to Leigh Anne for hosting our holiday bash again this year. We love you, LA ( and Gerry too!). If everyone would be so kind as to comment and let LA know what you are bringing - that would be spectacular. I have lots of soda - regular and diet - so I will bring that as well as a sweet, dessertish type of thing. LA - what time were you thinking? Mare - could you let Peggy know? Looking forward to seeing everyone - my holiday would not be complete if I didn't celebrate with the 'Mamas! Piece, y'all.....see you Wednesday!

Monday, December 21, 2009

Post blizzard!

Hello, Mamas! How is everyone? Wasn't that a grand storm? Wow - I know lots of things got disrupted over the weekend. Hoping everyone emerged safe and sound - aside from an aching back from all that shoveling. We baked a bunch of cookies and I got a good bit of sewing done too - in between lots of movies and snacks! Back to the healthy foods today.....everyone ready for Christmas? I still have two (and a half) projects to complete - no problem! Santa doesn't sleep at this time of year - why should I? Probably won't see anyone until next week's party - so a very Merry Christmas from the Burkes (and Sir Rantsalot) to you and yours!!!!

ho, ho ho......piece.

Thursday, December 17, 2009


Mike and Cathy....our thoughts and prayers are with you at this sad time. Mr. DiNardo's difficult journey ended yesterday - he is at peace now and we hope you can draw comfort from that during these difficult days. We love you and are here if you need us......the 'Mamas.

Friday, December 11, 2009

TGIF....two weeks till Christmas!

OY! It's been over a week since I wrote! Honestly, I can't tell you what has consumed all my time. I've been knocking out some Christmas gifts - while fighting with a sinus infection. I gave up and called the doc today - picking up a script on the way home so the tide should turn. What the heck is happening in Quiltmama land? Saw Lori in DD this morning - she's freezing her hacienda off in this cold weather with the back of her house being renovated. Hoping for a milder stretch of weather for you - but, it doesn't look hopeful! LA - what's new with you? Kevin feeling better? That happy glow you may see in the vicinity of Shelbourne and Upland is coming from Cathy's sewing room - she's ba-a-a-a-ack! Finished school and happily stitching again - a big QM congrats to you, Cath. Enjoy. Haven't seen the Central Ave girls in a while.....Mare - how is Joanna feeling? And are you adjusted to the whole Grandmom idea? What will the little one call you? Maureen - how the heck are you doing? All the Henderson men behaving themselves? Are your ready for Santa? The two quilts you finished - are they Christmas gifts? Or have they been delivered? are you and George doing? Everyone healthy? Have you sent Donovan his Christmas quilt? Did you finish George's wallhanging? Thanks again for sharing the pictures from your trip and Ainsley's birthday - she is so pretty! Dolores,'s things on your end of Upland? Did you finish up the quilt for the girl at work? If you haven't given it to her, can we see it? I'm happy to host next week on Tuesday - hope to see lots of show & tell - it's been a while. Pam - are you counting down the days/hours to Christmas break? I've been enjoying your blog. Sounds like you had a rather hectic night a while back. Did you finish your 'gingerbread man' quilt? I got sidetracked with my Bunny Hill blocks - after the gifts are finished, I hope to knock out those last two in January. I've been popping around to lots of blogs - some cool ideas out there. I keep changing my mind about some gifts - have to stop doing that! Someone here at work mentioned at lunch that itunes is giving away 20 free Christmas songs - anyone else heard that? Have to remember to check that out when I go home. Remember - the Quiltmama Christmas extravaganza is on December 30th. Yahoo! I had some other stuff I wanted to mention but it has gone out of my head.....hopeless.....anyhow, I hope everyone has a lovely weekend - keep warm! Not too crazy about these arctic winds.....piece.

Thursday, December 3, 2009

Post-Thanksgiving and pre-Christmas...

Girls - a fun bee last night on a rainy, miserable night. Thanks for coming....Lois, Mare, Consuelo and Lori - you were missed. Mare - everyone's excited about your news. Hope Joanna feels better. Lois - what are you and George up to? Hope you had a nice turkey day. Consuelo - the lad has returned to West Virginia? You'll blink and he'll be home for Christmas! Lori - getting ready for the Santa shop? How's the construction/destruction coming? The big news of the evening was the decision about the Quiltmama Christmas extravaganza. It will be held....drumroll.......on Wednesday, December 30th at the McCabe estate!!!! Yay!!!! Gives us a chance to get through the stressful time right before the holiday - and we can truly relax and enjoy ourselves. A good decision! We had some show & tell last night:

These are baby quilts by Cathy for a set of twins - so cute. She had put the tops together in Brigantine.

This is Pam's Gingerbread quilt (that's what I call it). It's just adorable!!!!! So festive.....and the applique is outstanding.

I'd put this top together down in Brigantine - it's for the cross-country coaches. It's hard to tell but that print is a cool running fabric - sneakers, energy bars, times, etc.

This is a tablerunner I finished and donated to the Santa shop. I got the idea from a Moda Bake Shop runner I'd seen a few weeks back - fun to do.

This was a present for the little girl down the street - she was two. I loved the doll - almost didn't want to give it to her!

There were lots of laughs, some catching up and discussions of the recent happenings in the 'Triangle'.....

Say no more.....Cath - you are not crazy! Dolores is working on the quilt for a lady at work - with fabrics she's not crazy about. OY! I"ll post LA's extensive photos from the shore next time. We shared some stories from Brigantine with Pam. Lois - how is George's quilt coming? Can't wait to see it finished. Things are pretty slow at work so I spent a lot of time in Blogland - some cool ideas and stuff out there if you get a chance to look around. Take it easy, ladies. Have a nice weekend! Until next time.....piece.