Thursday, August 30, 2007

Good Morning Girls,

Sorry to have missed Bee last evening. How did it go?! Did you get a quilt sandwich made? What exciting Bee things happened?

I am busy here! My first night back & I have 2 in-patients. Makes me worry what this year has in store...?!

I have to go! Enjoy your day.
Piecefully, Pam

Tuesday, August 28, 2007

Good Morning Girls,

Today is my last day shift for a while!!! I start back to my regular night shift routine on Wednesday. It will feel nice to be back in sync with Scott. : )

Does anyone have any fabulous plans for the Labor Day weekend? I work on Monday, so that limits us. I am planning to go to Winterthur on Saturday. I REALLY want to see their quilt exhibit of 17th - 19th century quilts! I hear it's exceptional & that many of the quilts have never been displayed before. If anyone is interested in joining me, just let me know.

How 'bout the 2nd Annual QM BBQ?!?!?! Wasn't it a BLAST!!! A HUGE THANKS TO BILL & MAUREEN!!! : ) Mo, Bill, Billy, Chris & Matt - THANKS for having ALL of us over to your place, for organizing the shindig, & for allowing us to use your pool too! AWESOME job!!! You guys ROCK!!!

So/SEW, the BBQ folks & food were FAB! Thanks everyone for participating! It was a bit hot, but better than last year's rain & cool temps. THIS year we got to use the pool! Mike did a GREAT job @ the grill! I especially liked the grilled eggplant!!! LA - your 2nd Annual CAKE was SUPER! : )

I hope Lois & George had a nice anniversary celebration. We were thinking of them. Sorry you missed the BBQ!

No Bee this evening. It's tomorrow evening @ Mo's. We are continuing to work on the Autism quilt. Are we going to layer & baste it tomorrow, girls?

Alright, I gotta get BUSY! Enjoy your day & "talk" with you again later!
Piecefully, Pam

Monday, August 27, 2007

Hey - it's working!! I'm no longer expired! What a nice feeling....So much Quiltmama fun in the last week - the sweat shop and the BBQ - we are a busy, fun group. Lots of upcoming stuff too. Hope to see some folks on Wednesday at Consuelo's. Enjoy this lovely weather even though it's Monday. Piece...

Sunday, August 26, 2007

Good Evening All!

Geez, it's been a week since I've blogged...?! Can that be right? Sorry to those of you who "look" regularly!!!

Jean - I checked the blog settings, & can't find that your invitation as co-author expired...?! I don't see anything to re-set. Can you try it again, or send me the email you rec'd about your "authorship" expiring, please? Hmmm, I don't get it...

Well, SEW many things have happened this week!!! Should I blog it all @ once, or in a couple posts?! Let's do a couple posts. That way, you get used to frequenting the site, again, & I don't bore you to death with one GIANT blah, blah, blog!!! ; )

Let's "talk" about our Wednesday Bee! EVERYONE was there!!! All 10 of us, & some kids too! There was pizza & SEWING!!! With 6 sewing machines, 2 pressing stations & a quilt design engineer or 2, we had a sewing sweat shop! The pace was frenetic & the sewing frenzied!!! In 2+ hours, the Autism Quilt top was stitched together!!! Hooray for the Q'Mama's!!! I can FEEL the LOVE!!!

Thanks to Marianne's Joanna, & her Bill for being brave enough to take ALL the kids to the Putt-Putt! That was no small feat, even for a pair of teachers! ; ) And, let's hear it for Matt, who got a HOLE IN ONE!!! He got to KEEP his RED golf ball!!! Kudo's kiddo!!! : )

I think we even squeezed in a little show & tell, & conversation during Bee. Let's see...there were some Schlep bags, a pumpkin wall hanging, & what else, girls?

Thanks for ALL the fun!!! This Wednesday we're meeting @ Mo's again, to get the quilt sandwiched, is that right? Mo, what do you think about making the label? You could borrow any of my books & pens, if you'd be interested. Plus, I can give you the plain fabric label.

We pulled SEW much power on Wednesday night, that on Saturday, the transformer was melting... Stay tuned for more...! ; )

Have a pleasant evening. Tomorrow is Monday. Monday, Monday. Nah, nah. Nah, nah, nah, nah. C'mon, sing it with me...
Piece, Pam

Tuesday, August 21, 2007

Hey, girls....happy rainy Tuesday! Are we all set for tomorrow night? Consuelo - do we need to bring anything beyond our sewing supplies? Looking forward to it.....see everyone around 6:00, correct? Pam - are you working days this week? Ugh! Peggy - do you go back next week to get ready? How is Meghan doing? Is she getting used to speaking English again? See y'all....have a nice day. Piece....

Sunday, August 19, 2007

Good Evening Girls,

Thanks for blogging!!! It was SO/SEW fun to read!!! Tuesday's Bee sounded like a real stitch!!! : ) Sorry to have missed it. Glad if I could add a little pandemonium, uh, paMdemonium to the gather with just a phone call! ; )

Meghan Mary Carney is HOME!!! : ) HIP, HIP HOORAY!!! Glad for the email, Peggy, thanks! I DON'T know how you Mom's do it...?!

I too am home! I had a FABULOUS time @ Sewing Camp!!! : ) I learned a LOT! We were BUSY!!! I need a nap! ; )

I return to work starting tomorrow. Work IS a 4 letter word. I know this doesn't sound very nice, but I'm glad rain is forecasted for the upcoming week. It makes going back a bit easier...

I will write more another time. Looking forward to seeing everyone on Wednesday @ Mo's. I have to catch up!!!

Piecefully, Pam

Saturday, August 18, 2007

Good morning, girls! What a beautiful Saturday morning! I stopped by Peggy's last night and saw her quilt - it's beautiful.....a Turning Twenty in lots of tans, browns, greens and a soft, floral backing - very nice and completed in an impressive 24 hour span. Wishing Peggy a great day - Meghan is coming home. Enjoy every minute. When is our Pam coming home? Looking forward to hearing sewing camp tales on Wednesday at our super Bee (and perhaps before that on the blog). See everyone there.....savor the weekend! Piece...

Wednesday, August 15, 2007

Girls - a raucous, riotous and chaotic meeting (Pam - that was a tribute to you!) Everyone was there - although not all at once or in the same form. Leigh Anne came early and showed a cute baby blanket from a JoAnn's kit - adorable. She was headed to Barnaby's to eat and drink with her (younger) friends. Pam called from camp - sounds great. She made an Alzheimer's quilt at Karen's house yesterday and was able to see Karen's latest project - tears were shed - you know our Pam. Karen kept the quilt to mail it - but perhaps we'll see it on Ami Simms website?! Consuelo came after LA left - she's hosting us next Wednesday at 6:00 - to work on the Autism quilt. If you want to cut some pieces of brights - Lori gave out the cutting measurements last night - and they're on here a few blogs back. We're welcome to bring the kids, sewing machines, etc. Pizza will be supplied. We can blog/e-mail as it gets closer and work out the details. She begins her crusade today against the school district's decision concerning Matt - good luck. Please keep us updated. Lori - thanks for hosting - your home is lovely. She had her pumpkin blocks made from the Calico & Cotton kit - very cute! She also had the bargain of the summer - a completely handstitched quilt top from the 1930's - purchased at Rice's market for $35!!! We never saw the one with the sailboats on it - maybe next time! She's going to add a border and hand quilt it - awesome! Cathy came after walking - enjoyed her vacation. She made a cute slouch bag from a kit purchased at C&C - Dolores and I have to same kit and have not attempted it yet. She's offered to give a little demo/class down at Brigantine in Nov - a great Christmas gift (Peggy - goddaughters? Aides? ). Dolores - back from vacation for only 9 or 10 days - had two quilt tops finished! She's back! She had purchased a Roman Holiday jellyroll a while back and while at C&C found the Strip Happy book too! She made a beautiful top from it - the colors are just great. And she also had a Turning Twenty top done using the Byzantine fat quarters she got on Hancock's site. Really rich looking - lots of gold. Latest news - Joe has a potential buyer for the pizza shop - please let us know how it goes. Lois is nearly finished the duck quilt - and she brought a bounty of vegetables from her gardern to share - you should have seen the cucmbers - they were the size of.....well, let's just say they were huge. Peggy took the biggest one home. She shared the latest picture of Donovan - so adorable and so much hair! And a picture of her brothers and sisters with her Mom from the family reunion - everyone in her family looks as though they bathe in the fountain of youth. Maureen was considering fixing up a cute, younger brother until she found out he was 50 with 5 or 6 kids! Amazing. Thanks, Lois! Latest Lois news - George is retiring on August 31st! Congrats to you both - Lois - enjoy your last two weeks of quiet days! Mare - was looking well and refreshed from vacation - she took LA's Strip Happy book home last night so we can only assume that Joe had a pleasant evening as well. Peggy came - she even walked over with Mare despite having some knee pain ( an MRI is scheduled for next week). She needs to make a Turning Twenty quilt by 10 AM this Saturday and even better news - Megan Mary Carney is landing at home on Saturday afternoon!!! Yahoo!!!!! Peg is still considering that scrapbook she was going to make for her while she was away. I dropped her off at 9:00 pm last night, large Wawa coffee in hand - she was determined to cut the fat quarters last night....did she? Did she, instead, start the Quilter's Apprentice? She's being drawn in.....she had three books with her. Stay tuned to see what happens by Saturday. Peg - we're here if you need us - many hands and all that! I brought the finished quilt top from the fall class - it's very bright and I'm pleased with how it turned out. (Dolores, her MIL, Peggy and Mare have signed up - thanks girls!) Now to quilt it....hmmmm....I also showed a cool Celtic quilt book - all these wonderful, Celtic knot quilts are made with only two different blcks - an amazing number of different quilts came be made by simply turning the blocks differently - next fall class perhaps? Anyhow - that's what - as for the questions that never got asked....
1. Cath - did you guys go to C&C on Friday as planned - how about Ike's?
2. Mare - how did you make out with Jimmy down the shore? Was he attached to your hip the whole time?
3. Dolores - Do you still have the bird?
4. Lois - how is Kara feeling?

I saw Mare's sewing area before she went away - so cool! Hope it's working out for you. Well - I've been at work for an hour and this is what I've been doing - I feel spent. Hope we're all caught up - I know I left out a few questions - but we have plenty of time. It was great to see everyone - really looking forward to next week and working at Maureen's house - Peggy - remember - call if you want help before Saturday......everyone have a lovely day!!! Piece....

Monday, August 13, 2007


I am @ Mama Barb's!!! : ) My Maude machine (1530) is unpacked & set up on the dining room table. She's already looked @ my jacket pattern. We've discussed French seams & zippers. And, she has reading ready for me.

We shopped a bit on the way here, & since we met @ Sauder's, we went to Burkholder's too! Guess who we ran into there...Karen!?!?! Too funny!!!

Tomorrow is Alzheimer quilt sewing @ Karen's. Then we're going to a play in the evening. I don't know if I'll be able to call during Bee, but if I can I will! Jean & Mare, I know your #'s are in my phone, so have your cell phones along! Just in case!

Mare - don't worry about the fabric. I've been working around it. I'll get it sometime. I have 6 of the 12 Sally Collin's basket blocks made so far. I'm not ready for it just yet.

Have FUN @ Bee tomorrow evening & know I'll be thinking of you guys! : ) Will you guys blog about it for me to read, please?!?!?!
Piecefully, Pam

Sunday, August 12, 2007

Hello Girls,

Okay, this is ridiculous...I am taking WAY too much stuff to Barb's!!! She's going to think I'm moving in! ; ) Between clothing, sewing paraphernalia, garden goodies & such, I think I have more packed than when we went to Alaska! Is that possible...?!

No actual sewing today either. What a drag. : / It's sewing or bust next week though!!!

Hope you all had a nice weekend. The Summer seems to be coming to a close. I'm not so sure that I like it... I am noticing fallen leaves, changing colors & acorns when walking Jingle.

Can someone give me the times for our upcoming Autism sewing dates? Are we meeting in the evening? Do we need to bring brights, anything else? Lori had mentioned that we can't really sew blocks ahead of time 'cause the blocks & fabrics sort of interlock. Hmmm... Keep me posted, please.

Enjoy your evening & have an amazing tomorrow!!!
Piecefully, Pam

Saturday, August 11, 2007

Glory Days!!!

Has this not been just the most fabulous day?!?!?! I would SO take this 24/7/365!!! This weather is absolutely PERFECT!!! : ) And, yes Jean, last night was good sleeping weather...especially under a quilt... ; )

I didn't get any sewing done today. I did, however, launder fabric & have it out on the line! Does that count...?!

I was busy in my kitchen for much of the day. I made tuna fish, baked blueberry & white nectarine muffins, baked a batch of brownies, cut up a (delicious!) cantaloupe, & prepped salad fixins! I also chopped 3 lbs of raw almonds, don't ask. This stuff was in preparation of me being away next week, & for when I start back to work. Have you noticed that w-o-r-k is a 4 letter word...?!

Scott is taking me to Sauder's on Monday morning, where I will rendezvous with Mama Barb!!! Thus will begin the week of "sewing camp." Cathy - we're not actually camping; like with sleeping bags & marshmallows toasted over a fire. Although that doesn't sound un-appealing...?!

I don't know if I'll be able to blog, but if I can, I just might. And, who knows, on Tuesday evening I may try & call during Alaska we didn't have service...we were @ the Hubbard Glacier!

I have a jacket pattern & fabric all set to take, & my (1530) Maude machine is standing @ the ready in the foyer!!! On Tuesday, we'll be going over to Karen's to work on Priority Quilts for Ami Simms' Alzheimer project! I am SEW excited!!!

I am hoping all the vacationing 'Mama's are back home safe & sound. Have a great Bee on Tuesday. I want to see projects & purchases too?!

Jean - I saw your upcoming Quilt Class listed in the flyer! Who is in the photo? You're teaching just one class this semester? How does your project look?!?! Shelby misses Erin & Kelly! ; )

Piece girls, & enjoy your tomorrow!

Thursday, August 9, 2007

Hi Ladies,

Sing it, Mo!!! ; ) My soul is still humming right along! I stitched 2 more of the basket blocks this evening. That brings my grand total to 3 of the 12 blocks needed to "complete" the Sally Collins project.

The blocks measure a mere 3 5/8 inches big!? These petite blocks are NOT foundation nor paper pieced... Sally uses no special techniques, & as she said, "Fairies don't just drop from the sky & make this happen." It's kind of cool. Just fabric, thread, sewing machine & patience. A little accuracy helps too. ; )

I am using red for the baskets & black for the background. Each red basket is just a shade different, but the black is all the same. The basket blocks are to be set on point. The fabric squares between the basket blocks, & the setting triangles will be aqua. And, I am thinking borders will be black & a deeper shade of aqua. Well see what happens...?!

Take care ladies. Tomorrow is TGIF!!! : ) Any FUN weekend plans?! The weather is to improve!
Piecefully, Pam

Wednesday, August 8, 2007

Howdy Girls,

How is everyone this evening? Are you surviving the heat?! Whew, it IS h-o-t out there!!! Jingle & I were a puddle after our walk this evening... & I wasn't wearing a black, fur coat!

Today, my Sally Collins class ROCKED!!! She gave GREAT information & insights. This was one of my BEST EVER classes, no kidding!!! Here are just a few nuggets of wonder that I learned today, I hope you find them as inspiring...

>Quilting is a LEARNED skill.
>Borders play just as important a role as does the quilt body.
>Skill, care & workmanship are a cumulative process that should work in concert!
>When rotary cutting, if the fabric is folded ON GRAIN it will help prevent those little "v's" in cut strips.
>How to sew straight...LOOK @ the seam guide NOT the needle.
>Color gets all the glory, but value does all the work.
>Just a few quiet, concentrated colors, but in MANY values will fill (small) spaces without causing chaos.
>The smaller you cut color, the darker it gets.

And, I noticed, processed & then LEARNED - color value/gradation makes a quilt RADIATE...which can even give the feeling of motion within the quilt.

Yep, it was a remarkable learning experience!!! My head hurts, but my soul is singing!!! ; )

Piecefully, Pam

Tuesday, August 7, 2007

Thanks Lois & Lori for stopping by! : ) I was glad to hear of your Summer trips, & sewing stuff!!! Thanks for allowing me to share mine too. Leigh Anne, I missed you...& Sean!

If there's a Bee next week, I won't be there. Next Monday I leave for Sewing Camp @ Mama Barb's!!! : ) I have my jacket pattern & fabric all set to go! I have a list of things I want to learn - French seams, zippers, how to read & interpret a clothing pattern, pattern fitting, etc...

I have my fabric, notions & sewing machine packed & ready for my class @ Country Quiltworks tomorrow. The class is Precision Piecing, & it's being taught by Sally Collins I am looking forward to it!!! I signed up for this MONTHS ago. I'll keep my machine packed & ready for Barb's... So much sewing, so little time...?! ; )

Today I made binding. I have decided how to quilt the Dresden Plate project & hope to get underway soon! This evening I measured the backing to the top & it should fit...!? I'd like to get the quilt sandwich basted (again!), & marked in preparation for machine quilting. I still need to do a sleeve & a label too, but the binding is READY!!! I LIKE the feeling of forward progression!!! : )

Meanwhile, I am continuing to make blocks for the Pastel Bubbles project. That's my current machine project when I'm home. And, I am making some progress on my BOM 8 - my hand applique project when I can't use my sewing machine. Again, sew much sewing, sew little time...

My thoughts are with all the other Mama's too...Jean & your oldest friend. Cathy - I can't tell if you're on vacation or not?! Mare. Mo - who I thought was on vacation, but must be home. Peggy - I wish I could give you some motivation. Here's hoping the slump is short lived! Dolores - what are you doing? Vacationing? How are your kids & Rocky...?!

Alright, enjoy your evening. Stitch when you get the chance! My new QNM came in yesterday's mail!!! How are those Jennifer Chiaverini books...?! Have an AWESOME tomorrow. : )
Piecefully, Pam
Hello Girls,

Jean - so sorry to hear about your friends Mom. Will miss Quilt Mama's this evening...

I just wrote to Leigh Anne to tell her I'd bring blocks & pictures to Bee this evening. 'bout this...

I'll be home, & I expect to be working on my Dresden Plate project, if anyone wishes to stop by for Bee, feel free...?!

Piece & stay cool!
Piecefully, Pam
Girls...I'm very sorry - I won't be able to host this evening. My oldest friend's Mom passed away yesterday - she'd been sick for a while - it was a blessing. Maureen asked me to help with putting together some photo collages and we 're going to do that tonight - again, sorry for the short notice. Hope to see you all soon....I could use some positve q'mama juju. Try to stay cool...piece

Monday, August 6, 2007

Hi Girls,

I spent some time sewing today. Not necessarily FUN time sewing, but I did get to sew none the less. Here is a PERFECT example of how great it is to have a portable project...i.e. that 4 letter "A" word...sitting waiting for a train, on the train, waiting in the Dr. waiting room & then waiting in the exam room...makes the annual GYN exam a little less terrible. : / Hope your day was infinitely better!!!

Looking forward to Bee tomorrow evening!
Piecefully, Pam

Sunday, August 5, 2007

Good Evening Girls,

Today's weather was a bit less hot & humid! : ) It felt kind of nice! I had wash out on the line, & it was a perfect day for it!

I hope those Mama's down @ the Shore are enjoying this weather!!! And, Calico 'n Cotton too...!? ; ) How 'bout Ike's...?!

It looks like we'll have a Bee on Tuesday @ Jean's!!! Thanks Jean! : ) Can I see the palm tree, please?

I spent some time yesterday & today getting my sewing space back into shape. I had "stuff" everywhere - from the Cruise, both Barb visits, things I bought... Now it's organized! It certainly makes it SO much easier to S-E-W!!! : ) It "feels" better too.

I cleaned & oiled my sewing machine for the Sally Collins class on Wednesday. I changed the needle & filled a bobbin too. I am prepping my sewing notions, & I have to choose fabrics yet. I don't know what I want to use...hmmm, that's not like me?!

Enjoy your evening. I hope you've gotten to take a few stitches today!? ; ) See you on Tuesday!
Piecefully, Pam

Friday, August 3, 2007

Good Morning Girls,

It sure has been busy around here!!! ; ) Let's see if I can catch up with what's been going on with you...Mo, Mare, Cathy & Lori are ALL on vacation, is that right?! Is Dolores too?! Is EVERYONE "down the shore"? Lori, are you in NJ or MD?!

Leigh Anne - you just got back from vacation, right? The NJ shore? Did you go to Calico 'n Cotton? What about Ike's? I heard rumor of a stripper the bedroom...?! ; )

Lois - you just got back from Ohio & your Family Reunion? Any good quilting things or needle art from that trip?! How is the SOFT duck quilt coming along? How is your garden?

Peggy - whazzup?! How is Megan's car? Are you still needing an intervention...?!

Jean - thanks ever so much for being my co-pilot during our Tuesday road trip! Sorry to have missed out on The Hayloft. : / Are you staying cool? I forgot to give you tomatoes on Tuesday evening! Would you like some?

Boonie Barb headed home yesterday afternoon. We were up 'til 3 AM Tuesday night/Wednesday morning!!! : ) Thanks for visiting & sharing with her! We sure did have FUN! I sent her home with a Purple Thang, a Moda hexagon project tin, & a lesson in hand applique, uh, 3 holly trees too. She showed me how to make carmel apples!!! : D

I need to get my sewing space back in order! I have an upcoming Sally Collin's class on Wednesday & need to get my supplies ready. The following week I head to Mama Barb's for Sewing Camp!!! And, before you know it, I have to go back to WORK!!!

I hope you ALL are enjoying your Summer! ; ) Make a little time to do something sewing each day if you can! Stay cool - sip an iced tea!

Piecefully, Pam