Friday, March 30, 2007

Okay girls, this will be fast 'cause it's been busy here!!!

The Daniel quilt is AWESOME!!! You guys did a TERRIFIC job!!! You all make me feel proud to be among your ranks! : ) Great job with the colors! I see no reason to not piece the back, Jean. Why waste that cute fabric!?

Having Bee on Wednesday would be just perfect! Sew, it's Bee @ Jean's on Wednesday, 4/3 then?

In 2 weeks we'll be doing the last bits of prep & packing for Lancaster!!! : ) Hip, HIp, HIP HoOrAy!!!

Enjoy your day. : ) TGIF!!!
Piecefully, Pam

Thursday, March 29, 2007

Good Morning Gals,

It's another glorious day!!! : ) And, is this right, 16 days 'til Lancaster?!?!?! Time is flying!; )

Mo - how is your ear today? Can you hear me now...?! ; )

Mare - glad to have you - thanks Maureen!!! Thanks for the Lancaster total. You're SEW funny about payment. Shhh, don't tell Joe!!! What happens with the Bee, stays with the Bee. Vegas has nothing on us! ; )

Cath - glad to hear you received your BOM fabrics! Don't you have the magazine with the BOM patterns in you just need to know which pattern to use? Hmmm, I'm confused.

JB - we'll miss you next week...are we having a Bee...?! Will Kelly's games always be on a Tuesday evening, or is it just for the opener? Doesn't Burkie qualify as "tall?"

Lois - monofilament thread is that clear thread. It's sort of like thin fishing line... You're going to have to get wash lines for your new house?! Have you been working in your gardens? Doing any planting so far?! I need to clear out some garden beds, add compost & prep for planting...but, I'd rather sew! ; )

Thanks all for the Vera Bradley info. I went over to the Manoa Hallmark last evening to browse in person instead of just looking on the internet. I like the Java Blue pattern & they didn't have much of it. I'll maybe check out the place Cathy mentioned. Is it on State Road in Upper Darby? See, I am confused...?! ; )

I also have begun work on the baby Trip quilt. : ) Yesterday morning I cut strips & last evening I began sewing & pressing. I am trying to figure out the pressing...each row is a mirror image with a new block added to the center, & each half of the quilt is it's own mirror image. I want to press so seams will nest. This is a little tricky, but I'm figuring it out!!!

The new studio gig is working out!!! : ) I have more room & things seem more handy. We will need to manage lighting somehow, but for now things are good!

Enjoy the sunshine!!!
Piece, Pam

Wednesday, March 28, 2007

Dear Consuelo,

Please accept my most humble apologies!!! I am so, no, SEW sorry to have left you out of the loop!!! And, I did hear mention of your wicked ironing abilities...?! Will someone please expound when next we meet?! ; )

What is going on with your ear?! Is it just the one? Well, I certainly hope you're feeling better SOON!!!

Enjoy this nice evening. Make a cup of tea. And rest assured, Lancaster is just around the corner!
Piecefully, Pam
Good Morning Girls,

It's another beauty today!!! I am liking Spring!!! : ) I did hang wash out yesterday. : )

17 days 'til Lancaster!!!

Okay, I have a non-quilting question for you ladies. I can't say why, but for some odd reason I am being attracted to those Vera Bradley bags. Jean, I believe you bought one for Erin for Christmas, right? Does she like it? Which backpack did you buy for her? What's the color? Is it holding up? Do any of you other Quilt Mama's have personal experience with the Vera Bradley bags...which one(s), what color(s), etc? What do you like about them, & what don't you like about them? Can they be laundered? Thanks for any & all input!!!

I think I might actually start working on a baby Trip Around the World quilt today!!! : ) I'll do it on point just like my big one. I pretty much have the colors decided, & I think I have the size down too. I'll keep you posted.

What things are you guys working on? Cathy, did you get more of your BOM patterns?! Jean, how are your classes coming? Peggy, how is Jean's class coming?! ; ) Dolores, you FINISHED the Daniel quilt?!?!?! Awesome!!! What are you sewing now?! Lois, how 'bout you...what are you working on? Mare, Lori, Leigh Anne?!

Take care & enjoy your day. Do a little bit of sewing if you get the chance! It's MUCH nicer walking Jingle this time of year! ; )
Piecfully, Pam

P.S. I won't be going to April's Guild meeting. I'll be going to see Jennifer Chiaverini instead!!! Anyone care to join me?!

Tuesday, March 27, 2007

Isn't it a BEAUTIFUL morning?!?!?! : ) Enjoy it!!! I am going to try & get wash out on the line before we lie down to sleep.

18 days 'til Lancaster!!! Do you have your lists made?! What's on them? Mare, what is the final amount due? Last I heard it was $52.50, is that right?

Barb brought me a WONDERFUL & GORGEOUS packet of fabrics from Burkholder's, they're ALL Kaffe Fassett fabrics!!! DE-LISH!!! : ) The paper that came with it says, "Vibrant Diamonds" & now I am looking for that pattern...

"Talk" with you later. I can hardly wait to SEE the Daniel quilt!!! Is it finished?!?!?!
Piecefully, Pam

P.S. Barb liked our joint studio!!! : )

Monday, March 26, 2007

Good Morning Girls,

19 days 'til Lancaster!!! But, who's counting...?!?!?! ; )

Hey, it sounds like you ALL did a GREAT job on Saturday!!! How did it! What needs to be done yet?! Can I help? Kudos to everyone!!! : ) I love you guys!!!

Barb & I had a terrific Karen class!!! : ) We used monofilament thread & did machine applique. This is the second class I've taken (with Barb no less) where I used monofilament. I don't know why I'm sew afraid of it...each time it worked without ANY difficulty & the results have been nice! This may be a REALLY good choice for those of you who'd like to machine applique, but don't have a blanket stitch on your machine. Hmmm, think about it. Also, in the not too distant future I am going to be ordering some sewing items from Karen's website. If anyone else is interested we can share shipping costs. Use her link on the left hand side of the blog & see if there's anything you'd like to order. I am going to buy the Bohn chalk marker set & a pair of Clover serrated scissors - they are AWESOME!!! Also, I do have a pair of the little serrated Ginger scissors & they too are quite awesome! Her prices are better than anywhere else!

We also did the Melting Pot with Barb & Karen on Friday evening. It was yummy!!! Because it's such an unusual & unique dining experience, it makes it more special & fun than just going out to eat!

I have to go! Have a good day! Is there a Bee this week? Where?
Piece, Pam

Friday, March 23, 2007

22 days 'til Lancaster...!!!

Mare - LOOK @ YOU!!! Don't forget your password!!! SEW good to have you back here! ; ) Wahooooo!

We're pretty much ready for Mama Barb's visit! She'll be arriving @ 4 PM. We're going to the Melting Pot in KOP for dinner & Karen is going along too! Fingers crossed & prayers please, Grandpa is in the hospital...

Have FUN sewing on Saturday!!! Jean, I don't have a bright batik... So/sew, feel free to do whatever?!

I printed out an EQ5 on point Trip baby quilt last evening. It helps having Scott sew nearby. He's readily available for technical support! ; ) I also was able to print out a fabric yardage sheet from EQ5. Now, I just have to figure it all out, launder a few pieces of fabric & get busy sewing!!! I'll keep you posted.

One more thing...if you click on the Houston pics link to photobucket, the first few pictures will be recent. Mo & me holding the on point Trip quilt, Jingle RUNNING on the Beach & a few studio shots. I'm still working with it...I'd like these pictures to be separate from the Houston photos. It's a steep learning curve for me...all in good time...?! ; )

TGIF!!! Enjoy your day & your weekend!!!
Piecefully, Pam

Thursday, March 22, 2007

23 days 'til Lancaster...& counting!!! ; )
Piece, Pam

P.S. Welcome (back) Leigh Anne! It worked & we're glad to have you!

Wednesday, March 21, 2007

Happy Spring Ladies!!!

The Vernal Equinox occurred while @ Bee this evening! Winter is officially OVER!!! : ) Onto SPRING!!! Enjoy the new look!?

Okay, counting today, Wednesday 3/21, we have 24 days 'til Lancaster!!! If you haven't started - START squirreling away your $$$ for shopping!!! Get your lists ready...thread, patterns, notions, books, vendors...!?! And, get new batteries for your camera, empty your camera cards or sticks so you have LOTS of room for new photos!!! And, let's prepare to be one another, the magnificent quilts we'll see, the FUN & exciting vendor booths & local shops, etc!!!

Jean - thanks for hosting! We LOVED looking @ the pics from your brother's wedding. It seemed truly special & FUN, magical even! ; ) The Irish Chain quilt you are giving as their wedding gift is truly beautiful. What a special gift. You are amazing. : ) Hey, your class quilt is neat too! The free motion quilting you've done is awesome! Way to SEW!!! P.S. Can you PLEASE show this to Kelly?! I forgot to tell her HOW MUCH I LOVED, LOVED, LOVED HER WAY COOL SHAMROCK SHADES @ THE WEDDING (RECEPTION)!!! ; ) Kelly, YOU have a style all your own, & I admire it & YOU! : )

Cathy - Happy (belated) Birthday!!! : ) Give The Little Shop a call & check up on your BOM! Have you been able to stitch anything else? Keep hanging in there, girl! ; ) How is Mike's landscaping class going?!

Mare - what have you been stitching?

Lois - your Family Album quilt is such a remarkable heirloom!!! I think George should let you hang it in the living room!

Mo - it was good to SEE you! : ) Thanks for dropping off Leigh Anne! How's that QM scrap book coming along...?! I do have photos from many of our Bee gigs - Brigantine weekends, Sewing for Soldiers (I think), Alex quilts, the BBQ, etc. Remind me to print or send or maybe even photobucket them...?! Enjoy Track & we'll look forward to seeing you when we can!

Leigh Anne - it was good to SEE you too! : ) How is your hand? The stitches are definitely OUT by now, right? You're TOO funny about buying fabric! ; ) Remember to save your bucks for Lancaster, girlfriend!!!

Lori - the Sherbet & Chenille baby quilt sounds nice. : ) What else are you working on? What will you be looking for in Lancaster?

Peggy & Dolores - how are you guys doing? What's the news? Sewing???

For those of you who didn't hear, Lois & I were discussing Rayon thread. Lois asked about using it for machine quilting. She was having trouble with the thread breaking. Rayon thread is a decorative thread. It can be used for machine embroidery, satin stitching & other decorative sewing purposes, but doesn't have the strength or integrity to withstand being used to quilt. The heat & friction of the needle going through all those layers will cause the thread to shred & tear. It's luster & sheen are most noticeable when used in close applications like machine embroidery or satin stitching. Even then, because the thread is very fine, usually a special needle is used (with a deeper scarf) to help distribute the heat & friction in order to prevent thread breakage. (why do I know this kind of stuff...?!)

Thanks ALL for looking @ my photos. I THINK I've figured out part of my photobucket problem, sew hopefully I'll be able to post pictures...soon...?! Scott & I are thrilled about hanging Barb's Wedding Ring quilt above our "joined" tables & work spaces. It honors her; the way quilting has woven her family together, her quilting legacy & mastery, her LOVE!!!

Have FUN : ) making Daniel's quilt for his Alex's Lemonade Stand this year. Sorry I can't share this time.

Alright girls, enjoy your day & SPRING!!! Thanks for staying tuned & stopping by. ; )
Piecefully, Pam

Monday, March 19, 2007

Good Morning Girls,

Jean - I am SO happy to hear the wedding was awesome & FUN!!! : ), & unaffected by Mother Nature! Thanks for volunteering to host on Tuesday! Can we look forward to seeing wedding pictures? I plan on Bee-ing there. ; )

Speaking of pictures...I am having difficulty with PhotoBucket & haven't been able to post any studio pictures. Sorry! I'll keep trying...?!

However, the studio is coming together quite nicely! Scott & I are both VERY pleased, happy & satisfied with our work & it's results. : ) I sewed a new fleece pillowcase for the dog bed on Sunday afternoon, I have my Alex block cut out & have just begun piecing it, & on Sunday morning I hand quilted an entire Square in a Square block!!! The studio space is comfortable. : ) I have most of my sewing "stuff" transferred to their new places. Everything is even mostly organized & where it belongs. I have a couple of baskets of odds & ends that I need to find a home for & work into the mix, but all in all, it's done & usable - Yippee!!! : )

Scott went back to work tonight & I'll return Monday night. We had a super productive time off! I need to go back to work for a breather...! ; ) Have a good Monday! "Talk" with you again soon.
Piecefully, Pam

Friday, March 16, 2007

Kiss the Blarney Stone!!! Erin go Bra-less!?! And, Happy St. Patty's weekend to ALL!!!

Jean - Hope the wedding isn't troubled by this weather!!! Have a BLAST, but be careful!!! Will we see any pictures on Tuesday?!

Mo - glad to have you back & feeling better! I missed your humor! I've always liked those little yellow stars, pink hearts & green clovers! ; )

It IS a lot of trips up & down the stairs (and I'm not done) !!! Scott finished putting together the last bits & pieces of studio furnishings today & I began moving fabric & books down this morning! I was a little bit excited...?! Scott & I have been pleasantly surprised @ just how much we've been able to get done, & @ how comfortable the new spaces are/feel. : ) The puppy is asleep @ our feet as I write. : )

I'll write more tomorrow. I'm pooped tonight. I will also look @ trying to post some pictures, but don't hold your breath...

Be safe & warm. Sew & sip cocoa!
Piecefully, Pam

Wednesday, March 14, 2007

Good Evening Girls,

Mo - I'm certainly glad to hear that you're starting to feel better!!! Hooray! : )

Lori - glad to know you're well enough to do laundry. That's not much fun though. : /

Mare - how are you feeling?

Did all you guys have the same thing?!

Jean - did you get to stitch @ lunch?! What a great lunch break!!! : ) Wasn't the day just gorgeous?! A nice breath of Spring is like balm to the soul. : ) How many Cottage blocks do you have to stitch yet?

And, you're right Jean, one month 'til Lancaster!!! I was just thinking that TODAY!!! I am anxious!!!

Well, Scott & I were @ Ikea today & bought studio furnishings!!! Scott had to make 2 trips. I was left behind, or it would have been 3 trips! We're doing well. No fights, Scott's back is holding up, & we're satisfied with how things are working out so far. Three of the six units we purchased were in the Ikea As-Is they were already assembled & less expensive. That's a win-win!!! : ) Scott found a desk top (like our tables Jean) in the As-Is room too! Four of the six pieces are in place already. Scott has two more units to assemble tomorrow + his desk. I will be moving my sewing stash, books & supplies downstairs tomorrow afternoon if all continues to go well!!! Scott will work with cord-age...organizing wires, cables, cords & such! We're getting there...!?!?!? Jean, you asked what color the curtains are...they're a soft aqua. That color ties in the porch rockers & some art work we have. Plus, I've carried some aqua into the new living room space along with the red...& the red in the living room ties into the RED kitchen!!! It's all coming together, girls! ; ) If anyone feels so/sew inclined to see our progress first-hand, feel free to stop by for a peek!

Okay, I'm pooped & soon going to get ready for bed. That does it for today! Enjoy your tomorrow & sew a little when you get the chance!
Piecefully, Pam

Tuesday, March 13, 2007

Heya Gals!

Good evening. : ) Cathy - thanks for hosting tonight's Bee! And, thanks to you & Dolores for listening to my crazy stories!!! Sorry to hear sew many of our group is ill!!! Lori, Maureen & Marianne too?! That's quite enough!!! Jean - thanks for delivering the bag, I got it, but didn't look inside yet...?!

Well ladies, today was MUCH better than yesterday!!! My heart couldn't take another day like yesterday! Nor could my hair!?!

Scott & I will be going to Ikea tomorrow or Thursday to buy studio furnishings!!! I'm feeling pretty darn excited!!! Scott put up new curtain rods in the studio today & I hung some new curtains. I absolutely LOVE the color!!! I also moved around some current pieces to make room for the new shelving units. And, I cleaned too.

Wasn't the weather nice today? I hung MORE wash out on the line. It smells unbelievably good when you bring it inside! How does that happen?!

And, it's a lot nicer walking Jingle when it's not freezing or below!!! He doesn't come home with icicles on his chin. Somehow or other he's become somewhat of a neighborhood celebrity...a lady driving in her car stopped us yesterday & shouted, "Is that Jingle? Look how good he's doing for you! Jingle Bell, Jingle Bell!" I didn't even recognize her...?! She sort of cackled & chortled her salutation & Jingle just ate it up!!! He has some little neighborhood kids loving him up too. He's a schmoozer. Consider yourselves warned!

Okay, Game Night is winding down here. I gotta go. Enjoy your evening & have a wonderful tomorrow!!!
Piece, Pam

Monday, March 12, 2007

Good Sunny Morning!

Well, I had a harrowing start to my day & I'm a bit frazzled... I was jarred awake @ 0632 to what sounded like marbles being poured onto the hardwood floors downstairs, then there was a loud G-O-N-G noise?!?!?! I sat bolt upright, thinking what the HE-double hockey sticks?!?!?! I jumped out of bed, grabbed my glasses & a robe. By then I heard the dog the kitchen...?! We turned the clocks ahead & now it's dark @ 0632. I can not turn on the foyer light from upstairs because the x-10 lock is on. I RUN down the stairs, in relative darkness, unsure of what lies ahead...oh crap!!!...there's a new dog gate on the stairs that I need to not TRIP over - blue words...?! I look into the studio & nothing seems amiss in there. I do turn on a light! I dash into the "new" living room. No light, the ceiling light hasn't been installed yet...but, I can see the kitchen dog gate is open, as it should be 'cause Jingle is in his crate -asleep! I reach my hand around the corner & flip on the overhead kitchen light... Uh oh, there stands Jingle, ears all akimbo & he's looking sort of limp & wilted, immobile even. I hear a rumbling sound. OKAY, oKaY, okay...Jingle's IN the kitchen, ALL the dog gates are OPEN, he's NOT wearing a collar, but, but I don't understand...! My mind is whirring, I can't keep up, WHAT exactly is going on here, would someone please explain?!?!?! Scott's @ work! What's that rumbling sound I hear??? WHY, no HOW is Jingle standing in the kitchen?! Did Scott leave him out overnight & not tell me?! No, can't be. He wouldn't do that, plus ALL the dog gates are open. And, what's that rumbling noise?! I wheel around & find Shelby flattened behind the kitchen table & my chair, growling a low rumble. She's looking...ah, make that smelling pissed!!! Processing, processing...get a hold of Jingle & push him out the door into the backyard - QUICK! Is Shelby alright?! Ugh, I hear the garbage truck coming & the gates to the back yard are OPEN. Okay, I don't see any blood, I'm going to RUN outside & close the gates - hurry up! Sometime throughout this episode I picked up the phone & called Scott. I'm speaking in a frenetic way, trying to communicate...?! Back inside, Miss Shelby seems none the worse for wear. She's NOT bleeding, there are NO broken bones & I don't see any injuries. I need to pick her up & feel her. I have to be sure she hasn't been harmed. I hang up the phone. Shelby is now upstairs under the guest bed. Well, she's clearly able to walk & climb stairs without any obvious problems. Upstairs, I have to move chairs (don't ask!?) & squeeze myself under the bed to reach her. My head's stuck! I am feeling old & thinking, "See, this is why God didn't let me have children, I can't manage 1 cat & 1 dog!"

Alright, so everyone is alive & unharmed, Jingle included. : ) Shelby doesn't have 9 lives left anymore, & I sprouted more gray hairs than I'd like to admit or count. What an awful experience!!!

It would seem as though, Shelby went down to the basement (don't ask?!, one can only imagine!?), where Jingle was in his crate, asleep?! Evidently, the crate wasn't reassembled properly following our Beach trip & Jingle busted OUT when Shelby got near! The sound of marbles? Yeh, that was the sound of their nails on the floors & a flight of stairs! The loud gong? The architecture pillar in the foyer holding a giant glass hurricane & candle - that was the candle gonging the glass hurricane as they rocked it while rocketing past it.

So Jean, if I'm NOT @ your place by 6:15 & you haven't heard from me, I won't be going to the Guild meeting. But, I will try & make it. I need a nap!...didn't I just say that the other day...?!

Let's hope for peace. World peace, but I'll start @ home first.
Piece..., Pam

Sunday, March 11, 2007

Hello Girls!

Sorry for the silence. It's been busy here... How is everyone doing?!

Spring Break started @ 0800 Friday morning & I am SO...SEW happy!!! : ) I was steeped in flu & gastro, & was thrilled to get out of there before any of the germs took a hold of me!!! Go ahead, ask me how many times I washed my hands in an 8 hour shift...?!

Friday morning after work Scott & I made a trip to Ikea. We wanted to look carefully & critically @ what parts & pieces they might have to offer our current home transformation. We left there pleasantly surprised with several choices to consider.

Saturday, we went to the Beach!!! Clark & Hil were down @ their Rehoboth pad, so we piled Jingle in the car & headed out around noon. Jingle did AWESOME @ the Beach!!! : ) We weren't sure if he'd be overwhelmed & scared, or run away if un-leashed, or God forbid, poop in the sand... He was FABULOUS!!! Jingle even did a good job with Clark & Hil's dog, Cosmo, a 10 year old horse of an Irish Wolf Hound mix! In the evening we left the dogs @ home & went out for auce (all you can eat) crabs+. It was a marvelous day & the weather was glorious!!! We got home this morning & had chores & more to get done!¤t=124_2415.jpg

I hung wash out on the line today!!! I just LOVE that! It SMELLS SO good!!! I think I might be able to do it again tomorrow too! : )

Scott & I went back to Ikea today. After discussing things we were both interested in & taking measurements along, we walked through their vignettes & decided what we definitely wanted to buy. Today we came home with a chaise lounge for the "new" living room & a ceiling light too! We will be going back later in the week for some studio furniture! Scott selected a computer table & we decided on some other furnishings too. : )

We are making forward progress. The chaos is starting to move towards organization. It feels much better to me, I'm not unsettled.

I have things loaded in the car to take to a thrift shop tomorrow morning. There is a Salvation Army en route to Rehoboth Beach, we made a pit stop there yesterday! It's a little bit crazy here - Shelby can't tell what's coming or going...?!

Okay, who is going to the Guild meeting tomorrow evening? Jean, I will go & gladly hitch a ride with you if that's okay?! : ) I didn't do the BOM, & I forgot all about bags for Moms. Maybe I can pick up a stuffed animal tomorrow! I did do 1+ kids quilts & I will probably take my Trip quilt for show 'n tell.

That just about does it for now! You're all caught up with the news from this end! Enjoy your evening & the milder temps!
Piecefully, Pam

Wednesday, March 7, 2007

Mare - forgot to say thank you for the dark chocolate m & m's!!! They're delicious! : ) Also, your Naked Lady is terrific!!! I'm glad you found the other life preserver... ; )

Cath - thanks for the telephone numbers, we appreciate them. You're the best! : )

And, according to Jean's morning email, it looks as though the Daniel Lemonade quilt date is Saturday the 24th! Glad to hear he's doing well!!! : )

Time to snooze...zzz...zzz...zzz
Piece. Out, Pam
Top 'O The Morning Lassies!!!

It's white outside, but I'm starting to think GREEN! ; ) It's Shamrock shake time @ McDonald's!

Dates...@ last nights Bee we were kicking around sewing dates for making Daniel's 2007 Lemonade quilt. The quilt is raffled off in June, & Jean says the sooner we can get the top sewn together the sooner raffle tickets can start being sold! In the past, we've done it as a charity project on National Quilting Day. However, this year Nat'l Quilting Day happens to fall on St. Patty's Day & that won't work for most Bee members (Jean - is that when your brother is getting married?!). Then, 3/24 was discussed. Most can sew that day, but I will be taking Karen's applique class @ Steve's, along with Barb. The following Saturday, 3/31, doesn't work for Marianne & Peggy. Hmmm...?! So/sew, I'm blogging about it to see if we can figure out a date that suits most Bee members? Please mull it over, check your calendars, & let's see what we can come up with!?!?!?

Dolores - THANKS for hosting!!! : ) It was FUN!!! Rocky is a beauty!!! ; ) And, WOW!!! - YOU are SEW productive!!! Way to SEW, girl!!! We saw, what, 4, 5, 6 quilts that you've made?!?!?! You get the prize!!! Those Moda quilts are just fab!

Peggy - I don't know exactly what's up, I got there late...I did hear mention of a trip to Florida, & that your Dad is OUT of the hospital!!! Hooray!!! : ) How is Richie? How is Jean's class going & what's this about fuzzy cutting...?! ; )

Jean - your Photo class quilt is AWESOME!!! I think the bias strips with their embellished edges work! : ) And, the Puzzle baby quilt is neat-o! Have good classes this evening!

Mare - what's new on your end? I will be on Spring Break starting this Friday 'til Sunday 3/18. Whenever you want to pick stuff up just give a holler. What's sewing on your end? Did you finish Nicole's t-shirt quilt?

Cath - glad to hear your Dad finished his first treatment regime without any reactions! : ) Whew - that's excellent!!! You said you finished a Beach quilt too? Was that one of the quilts you were working on down the Shore? Also, I REALLY like the Civil War BOM you're doing from the Little Shop. Doing them in batiks would be cool too! Keep your foot up & hang in there!!! : )

Lois - WOW! The skirt your Dad made for your Mom is incredible!!! What an heirloom!? It is absolutely gorgeous! Is that kind/style of needle work called Crewel Embroidery, does anyone know? It's done with wool "floss" isn't it?

We missed Maureen, Lori & Leigh Anne. What's new girls? LA - did you get your stitches out?!

Jingle says thanks for ALL the bags, but he's a little embarrassed...he thinks you think he has some kind of problem... ; )
Piecefully, Pam

Tuesday, March 6, 2007

Good Morning Girls,

What is with all this WIND?!?!?! When we awaken each afternoon, Scott & I look outside to see if there are striped witch legs sticking out from under our house!!! March is definitely a LION this year!!! I can't remember such sustained wind...

Hey, have you gotten a Sauder's sales flyer?! And, what about Burkholder's sale & coupon?! Should I bring these with me to Bee this evening or do you guys already have them too?

I am thinking about the upcoming Lancaster Quilt Show!!! : ) Is anyone else getting excited?!?!?! I started making a list of things to buy, look for & check out @ the Show!!! Have you? What's on your lists?! Does anyone have favorite vendor's?

I also have made a Trip Around the World baby quilt on my EQ software. This means that I am actually thinking about teaching the class...I am considering sending a card to Bea & Nancy with basic class info to see if they are truly interested in me teaching @ the Shop. Nail biter!!! We'll see what happens...?!

I have also been doing some hand quilting. I still have MANY squares to quilt, but I really do LOVE my Square in a Square quilt. : ) Those batiks & marbled fabrics are sew lovely!!!

Jean - I am anxious to see your projects!!! I HOPE I can find my way to the Upland address tonight...?! I'll call if I get lost...

This is seriously BAD HAIR weather!!! So, stick on a hat & be warm!!! ; ) See you tonight.
Piecefully, Pam

Monday, March 5, 2007

It's Monday, & it's cold outside! Get ready for another Arctic BLAST!!! I am ready for SPRING!!! Anyone going to the Philadelphia Flower Show?!?!?! Lois, are you?!

Okay, how is every one's Dad doing?! I am NOT liking this trend!!! Cath - is yours tolerating his treatments without any reactions? Lori - how is your Dad? He's home, right? Peggy - 200+ bpm (beats per minute) is NOT "normal" not even for your Dad. I can see where you get it though...?! ; ) How is he doing? You guys & your families are ALL in our thoughts & prayers!

Dolores - are you out there?! How was Disney?! Magical?! Did you happen to notice how Mickey Mouse ears are woven into all the fabrics @ the hotels & restaurants? Neat-o! You're hosting QM's this week?! Nice! Will Peggy be able to come or will Rocky hurt her?! Joe Byrnes!!! ; )

How is everyone else doing & what's been going on?!

We're back from Barb's! I seriously DON'T know how she does it!?! Our asses are dragging & she's flying ALL around doing 12,000,000 things; smiling, talking & sewing all the while!?! I NEED a nap!!!

Jingle was well behaved & caused NO problems @ Barb's. : ) Thank goodness. I can take a breath now!

Thanks for stopping by. : ) Have a good day & get a little sewing done if you can.
Piecefully, Pam

Saturday, March 3, 2007

Hiya Ladies,

Cath - thanks for posting about your Dad. I'm GLAD to hear he hasn't had a reaction!!! : ) Hooray! We ALL will keep praying. How is your foot?

Last evening I worked with my EQ software. I needed to learn how to download fabrics from the Internet. The stuff I had done before is stuck in the non-functioning computer... So/sew I don't have my color palettes nor the Trip project that I've already done. I am working on designing a Baby Trip Around the World quilt, & am trying to + self talk me into teaching...

This evening I did hand quilting!!! Yep, I'm back @ work on my Square in a Square quilt. : ) I LOVE the colors, but those blasted batiks are a RAT to hand quilt through!!! I am VERY thankful for my thimble!!!

I am trying to stick to my "no NEW major quilt project" until I get my other things managed, finished or otherwise taken care of.

Which reminds me of our studio. We did not go to Ikea this morning. : / It was POURING!!! And, the little antique shop that has a piece I'm interested in using for the studio is moving to a new location & not presently open. Hmmm...roadblocks, no?!

Is everyone dry?! How 'bout that storm?! Most of you slept through it, I'd imagine, but Scott & I were awake for it. It was pretty wicked! This afternoon & evening were pleasant. : )

Enjoy your weekend. We're leaving for Barb's tomorrow morning. We're taking Jingle - wish us ALL well...!!!
Piecefully, Pam

Thursday, March 1, 2007

Good Morning Girls,

Jean - how were your classes last evening?! Fun?! Good?! : ) Was Peggy behaved...NOT! ; )

Mare - thanks for your email. I called my friend & she's going to request the days off. I'll keep you posted.

Cathy - you're still in our thoughts & prayers!

Who's in for this years Lemonade Quilt for Daniel?! I think the design Jean chose is perfect for this project!!! : ) We can talk about it @ the next Bee, no - who, what, when, etc? Count me IN!!! : )

So/sew you guys are up to date...I have a friend, Barb Buffington, who would like to join us in Lancaster for the Quilt Show. If she can make it, she'll be hanging with us. : ) She's a good friend who lives in the sticks of PA. As I said above to Mare, I'll keep you posted. I talked with her last evening & she is WAY excited!!!

I did some sewing in our new studio space last evening. It's working. It's different. We will be looking @ some shelving options over the weekend, & that will help us to decide what to use & where to put it!?

I came across a link on how to clean your sewing machine. I've included it in this post. See if the link works, & then give your sewing machine a nice spa treatment!!! : )

Happy sewing & enjoy your day!
Piecefully, Pam

P.S. Okay, I couldn't just click on the link, but I could highlight & copy it & it took me there. Give it a try...?!