Wednesday, March 7, 2007

Top 'O The Morning Lassies!!!

It's white outside, but I'm starting to think GREEN! ; ) It's Shamrock shake time @ McDonald's!

Dates...@ last nights Bee we were kicking around sewing dates for making Daniel's 2007 Lemonade quilt. The quilt is raffled off in June, & Jean says the sooner we can get the top sewn together the sooner raffle tickets can start being sold! In the past, we've done it as a charity project on National Quilting Day. However, this year Nat'l Quilting Day happens to fall on St. Patty's Day & that won't work for most Bee members (Jean - is that when your brother is getting married?!). Then, 3/24 was discussed. Most can sew that day, but I will be taking Karen's applique class @ Steve's, along with Barb. The following Saturday, 3/31, doesn't work for Marianne & Peggy. Hmmm...?! So/sew, I'm blogging about it to see if we can figure out a date that suits most Bee members? Please mull it over, check your calendars, & let's see what we can come up with!?!?!?

Dolores - THANKS for hosting!!! : ) It was FUN!!! Rocky is a beauty!!! ; ) And, WOW!!! - YOU are SEW productive!!! Way to SEW, girl!!! We saw, what, 4, 5, 6 quilts that you've made?!?!?! You get the prize!!! Those Moda quilts are just fab!

Peggy - I don't know exactly what's up, I got there late...I did hear mention of a trip to Florida, & that your Dad is OUT of the hospital!!! Hooray!!! : ) How is Richie? How is Jean's class going & what's this about fuzzy cutting...?! ; )

Jean - your Photo class quilt is AWESOME!!! I think the bias strips with their embellished edges work! : ) And, the Puzzle baby quilt is neat-o! Have good classes this evening!

Mare - what's new on your end? I will be on Spring Break starting this Friday 'til Sunday 3/18. Whenever you want to pick stuff up just give a holler. What's sewing on your end? Did you finish Nicole's t-shirt quilt?

Cath - glad to hear your Dad finished his first treatment regime without any reactions! : ) Whew - that's excellent!!! You said you finished a Beach quilt too? Was that one of the quilts you were working on down the Shore? Also, I REALLY like the Civil War BOM you're doing from the Little Shop. Doing them in batiks would be cool too! Keep your foot up & hang in there!!! : )

Lois - WOW! The skirt your Dad made for your Mom is incredible!!! What an heirloom!? It is absolutely gorgeous! Is that kind/style of needle work called Crewel Embroidery, does anyone know? It's done with wool "floss" isn't it?

We missed Maureen, Lori & Leigh Anne. What's new girls? LA - did you get your stitches out?!

Jingle says thanks for ALL the bags, but he's a little embarrassed...he thinks you think he has some kind of problem... ; )
Piecefully, Pam

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