Monday, March 5, 2007

It's Monday, & it's cold outside! Get ready for another Arctic BLAST!!! I am ready for SPRING!!! Anyone going to the Philadelphia Flower Show?!?!?! Lois, are you?!

Okay, how is every one's Dad doing?! I am NOT liking this trend!!! Cath - is yours tolerating his treatments without any reactions? Lori - how is your Dad? He's home, right? Peggy - 200+ bpm (beats per minute) is NOT "normal" not even for your Dad. I can see where you get it though...?! ; ) How is he doing? You guys & your families are ALL in our thoughts & prayers!

Dolores - are you out there?! How was Disney?! Magical?! Did you happen to notice how Mickey Mouse ears are woven into all the fabrics @ the hotels & restaurants? Neat-o! You're hosting QM's this week?! Nice! Will Peggy be able to come or will Rocky hurt her?! Joe Byrnes!!! ; )

How is everyone else doing & what's been going on?!

We're back from Barb's! I seriously DON'T know how she does it!?! Our asses are dragging & she's flying ALL around doing 12,000,000 things; smiling, talking & sewing all the while!?! I NEED a nap!!!

Jingle was well behaved & caused NO problems @ Barb's. : ) Thank goodness. I can take a breath now!

Thanks for stopping by. : ) Have a good day & get a little sewing done if you can.
Piecefully, Pam

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quiltmamajb said...

Glad everything went well over the weekend. I wish I was going to the flower show - it looks beautiful. But - no time. Finished the puzzle baby quilt over the weekend and Pam - took your advice about the bias strip in the border of the photo quilt - I like it and I'll bring it also. Looking forward to seeing everyone - and hopefully everyone will have good news on the health front. Saturday was such a nice spring day - not ready for this cold to be coming back. See everyone on Tuesday...thanks Dolores.