Monday, March 19, 2007

Good Morning Girls,

Jean - I am SO happy to hear the wedding was awesome & FUN!!! : ), & unaffected by Mother Nature! Thanks for volunteering to host on Tuesday! Can we look forward to seeing wedding pictures? I plan on Bee-ing there. ; )

Speaking of pictures...I am having difficulty with PhotoBucket & haven't been able to post any studio pictures. Sorry! I'll keep trying...?!

However, the studio is coming together quite nicely! Scott & I are both VERY pleased, happy & satisfied with our work & it's results. : ) I sewed a new fleece pillowcase for the dog bed on Sunday afternoon, I have my Alex block cut out & have just begun piecing it, & on Sunday morning I hand quilted an entire Square in a Square block!!! The studio space is comfortable. : ) I have most of my sewing "stuff" transferred to their new places. Everything is even mostly organized & where it belongs. I have a couple of baskets of odds & ends that I need to find a home for & work into the mix, but all in all, it's done & usable - Yippee!!! : )

Scott went back to work tonight & I'll return Monday night. We had a super productive time off! I need to go back to work for a breather...! ; ) Have a good Monday! "Talk" with you again soon.
Piecefully, Pam


Lori said...

Hi girls,
Pam--glad to hear you are up and running or should I say sewing??
Jean--glad to hear the wedding was fun--I talked to Erin at lunch today. Her eyes lit up when I asked her about the wedding!!! Great that the sweater was what you were looking for!! I don't think I'll make it tom. Fitz just left for Las Vegas this AM and I'm going to try to go to the terra nova overview on Tues.
Cathy-Happy belated!!!
Hi to everyone else!
Maureen--will they have track with all the snow around tom???
Have a good day!

Maureen said...

Hey Lori,
I believe the track is clear so yes we will have practice tomorrow.

Hopefully I'll see you girls tomorrow, atleast for a little bit.