Sunday, March 11, 2007

Hello Girls!

Sorry for the silence. It's been busy here... How is everyone doing?!

Spring Break started @ 0800 Friday morning & I am SO...SEW happy!!! : ) I was steeped in flu & gastro, & was thrilled to get out of there before any of the germs took a hold of me!!! Go ahead, ask me how many times I washed my hands in an 8 hour shift...?!

Friday morning after work Scott & I made a trip to Ikea. We wanted to look carefully & critically @ what parts & pieces they might have to offer our current home transformation. We left there pleasantly surprised with several choices to consider.

Saturday, we went to the Beach!!! Clark & Hil were down @ their Rehoboth pad, so we piled Jingle in the car & headed out around noon. Jingle did AWESOME @ the Beach!!! : ) We weren't sure if he'd be overwhelmed & scared, or run away if un-leashed, or God forbid, poop in the sand... He was FABULOUS!!! Jingle even did a good job with Clark & Hil's dog, Cosmo, a 10 year old horse of an Irish Wolf Hound mix! In the evening we left the dogs @ home & went out for auce (all you can eat) crabs+. It was a marvelous day & the weather was glorious!!! We got home this morning & had chores & more to get done!¤t=124_2415.jpg

I hung wash out on the line today!!! I just LOVE that! It SMELLS SO good!!! I think I might be able to do it again tomorrow too! : )

Scott & I went back to Ikea today. After discussing things we were both interested in & taking measurements along, we walked through their vignettes & decided what we definitely wanted to buy. Today we came home with a chaise lounge for the "new" living room & a ceiling light too! We will be going back later in the week for some studio furniture! Scott selected a computer table & we decided on some other furnishings too. : )

We are making forward progress. The chaos is starting to move towards organization. It feels much better to me, I'm not unsettled.

I have things loaded in the car to take to a thrift shop tomorrow morning. There is a Salvation Army en route to Rehoboth Beach, we made a pit stop there yesterday! It's a little bit crazy here - Shelby can't tell what's coming or going...?!

Okay, who is going to the Guild meeting tomorrow evening? Jean, I will go & gladly hitch a ride with you if that's okay?! : ) I didn't do the BOM, & I forgot all about bags for Moms. Maybe I can pick up a stuffed animal tomorrow! I did do 1+ kids quilts & I will probably take my Trip quilt for show 'n tell.

That just about does it for now! You're all caught up with the news from this end! Enjoy your evening & the milder temps!
Piecefully, Pam


Lori said...

Hi girls,
I won't be going to guild tonight. I came home from the auction on Sat. night with a temp of 101. It's Mon AM and I'm still fighting it. Ryan's fever finally broke Sun AM so he went to school today(he was out on Thurs and Fri)/
He had laryngytis pretty bad, I have more cough and cold symptoms so I'm not sure about Tues night either. I don't want to be spreading my germs. I'll see how I feel.
Pam--It sounds like you and Scott are moving along quite nicely. Can't wait to see it finished. I'm jealous about the all you can eat crabs!! Was it blue claw? I didn't know they could still get them in the colder weather.
Got to go. My bed is calling me!
Hope all is well with everyone else.

quiltmamajb said...

Hey, girls....looks like Lois, Pam and myself tonight - Mare? This lady's quilts are just beautiful. Hope she's interesting and brings a lot of them. Lori - sorry you're under the weather - saw Consuelo this morning - she sounds terrible too. Did everyone get their directions for the square for Daniel's quilt - Pam I know you have the magazine so I didn't drop them off to you. Hope the nice sunny day cheers everyone....see some of you later on. Pam - looking forward to seeing the newly furnished studio - the 'auce' reminded me of an acronym I read in a quilt magazine SABLE (stash acquired beyond life expectency)! We aren't there yet! Later.....

Cathy said...

I hope everyone is feeling better soon. Pam - your studio sounds great. Jean - thanks for dropping off the directions. Take care and I hope to see everyone Tuesday evening. Cathy D.