Monday, March 12, 2007

Good Sunny Morning!

Well, I had a harrowing start to my day & I'm a bit frazzled... I was jarred awake @ 0632 to what sounded like marbles being poured onto the hardwood floors downstairs, then there was a loud G-O-N-G noise?!?!?! I sat bolt upright, thinking what the HE-double hockey sticks?!?!?! I jumped out of bed, grabbed my glasses & a robe. By then I heard the dog the kitchen...?! We turned the clocks ahead & now it's dark @ 0632. I can not turn on the foyer light from upstairs because the x-10 lock is on. I RUN down the stairs, in relative darkness, unsure of what lies ahead...oh crap!!!...there's a new dog gate on the stairs that I need to not TRIP over - blue words...?! I look into the studio & nothing seems amiss in there. I do turn on a light! I dash into the "new" living room. No light, the ceiling light hasn't been installed yet...but, I can see the kitchen dog gate is open, as it should be 'cause Jingle is in his crate -asleep! I reach my hand around the corner & flip on the overhead kitchen light... Uh oh, there stands Jingle, ears all akimbo & he's looking sort of limp & wilted, immobile even. I hear a rumbling sound. OKAY, oKaY, okay...Jingle's IN the kitchen, ALL the dog gates are OPEN, he's NOT wearing a collar, but, but I don't understand...! My mind is whirring, I can't keep up, WHAT exactly is going on here, would someone please explain?!?!?! Scott's @ work! What's that rumbling sound I hear??? WHY, no HOW is Jingle standing in the kitchen?! Did Scott leave him out overnight & not tell me?! No, can't be. He wouldn't do that, plus ALL the dog gates are open. And, what's that rumbling noise?! I wheel around & find Shelby flattened behind the kitchen table & my chair, growling a low rumble. She's looking...ah, make that smelling pissed!!! Processing, processing...get a hold of Jingle & push him out the door into the backyard - QUICK! Is Shelby alright?! Ugh, I hear the garbage truck coming & the gates to the back yard are OPEN. Okay, I don't see any blood, I'm going to RUN outside & close the gates - hurry up! Sometime throughout this episode I picked up the phone & called Scott. I'm speaking in a frenetic way, trying to communicate...?! Back inside, Miss Shelby seems none the worse for wear. She's NOT bleeding, there are NO broken bones & I don't see any injuries. I need to pick her up & feel her. I have to be sure she hasn't been harmed. I hang up the phone. Shelby is now upstairs under the guest bed. Well, she's clearly able to walk & climb stairs without any obvious problems. Upstairs, I have to move chairs (don't ask!?) & squeeze myself under the bed to reach her. My head's stuck! I am feeling old & thinking, "See, this is why God didn't let me have children, I can't manage 1 cat & 1 dog!"

Alright, so everyone is alive & unharmed, Jingle included. : ) Shelby doesn't have 9 lives left anymore, & I sprouted more gray hairs than I'd like to admit or count. What an awful experience!!!

It would seem as though, Shelby went down to the basement (don't ask?!, one can only imagine!?), where Jingle was in his crate, asleep?! Evidently, the crate wasn't reassembled properly following our Beach trip & Jingle busted OUT when Shelby got near! The sound of marbles? Yeh, that was the sound of their nails on the floors & a flight of stairs! The loud gong? The architecture pillar in the foyer holding a giant glass hurricane & candle - that was the candle gonging the glass hurricane as they rocked it while rocketing past it.

So Jean, if I'm NOT @ your place by 6:15 & you haven't heard from me, I won't be going to the Guild meeting. But, I will try & make it. I need a nap!...didn't I just say that the other day...?!

Let's hope for peace. World peace, but I'll start @ home first.
Piece..., Pam


quiltmamajb said...

I can't believe they didn't break the glass on top of the pillar! They should get some points for that! Hope you can come - looking at her beautiful landscape quilts will be very soothing - plus you get to see the twins - always a plus! You're bringing your trip quilt - that's awesome. I have faith in your recovery.....see you later.

Maureen said...

If you can't vent to your friends who can you vent to. It's 10:00pm, nothing is on tv. I can't breathe and therefore cannot sleep. I think if I have one more cup of tea I'll float away. And, I'm having a really bad hair day. BEING SICK SUCKS!!! That is all...

quiltmamajb said...

Well stated.....and sense of humor intact.

Cathy said...

Maureen - hope your feeling better soon.