Wednesday, March 7, 2007

Mare - forgot to say thank you for the dark chocolate m & m's!!! They're delicious! : ) Also, your Naked Lady is terrific!!! I'm glad you found the other life preserver... ; )

Cath - thanks for the telephone numbers, we appreciate them. You're the best! : )

And, according to Jean's morning email, it looks as though the Daniel Lemonade quilt date is Saturday the 24th! Glad to hear he's doing well!!! : )

Time to snooze...zzz...zzz...zzz
Piece. Out, Pam


quiltmamajb said...

Hey....last night was fun. Got to see the infamous Rocky. Dolores - thanks for taking a break from the sweat shop to host - you probably stayed up an exrta two hours to catch up! Lois - your Mom's skirt is just amazing! What a cool heirloom to have! You're so creative - you'll do somthing wonderful with it. Sent an e-mail about the lemonade quilt day. Let me know what you think. Sitting here at work, looking out at the snow, wishing I was home in the sewing room with a cup of tea!

quiltmamajb said...

Hey, girls. Looks like it might be a nice weekend...hope so. I'll get those quilt block directions to you. Is anyone going to guild on Monday? I'll drive - 6:15 or so. Also got an e-mail from Barb (Daniel's Mom) - the stand this year has been moved to a park and they're having crafters come and set up tables and sell their stuff. She said they would give us a free table if any of you talented ladies wanted to sell some stuff....Lori - watches? Pam/Lois - bags? Let me know if you're interested. Cathy has offered to host this coming Tuesday - thanks, Cath. How is everyone's Dad doing? Hope everyone has a wonderful weekend...spring is on the way.

lois said...

The craft table sounds interesting. Got the picture of the quilt for Daniel. Thanks.