Saturday, March 3, 2007

Hiya Ladies,

Cath - thanks for posting about your Dad. I'm GLAD to hear he hasn't had a reaction!!! : ) Hooray! We ALL will keep praying. How is your foot?

Last evening I worked with my EQ software. I needed to learn how to download fabrics from the Internet. The stuff I had done before is stuck in the non-functioning computer... So/sew I don't have my color palettes nor the Trip project that I've already done. I am working on designing a Baby Trip Around the World quilt, & am trying to + self talk me into teaching...

This evening I did hand quilting!!! Yep, I'm back @ work on my Square in a Square quilt. : ) I LOVE the colors, but those blasted batiks are a RAT to hand quilt through!!! I am VERY thankful for my thimble!!!

I am trying to stick to my "no NEW major quilt project" until I get my other things managed, finished or otherwise taken care of.

Which reminds me of our studio. We did not go to Ikea this morning. : / It was POURING!!! And, the little antique shop that has a piece I'm interested in using for the studio is moving to a new location & not presently open. Hmmm...roadblocks, no?!

Is everyone dry?! How 'bout that storm?! Most of you slept through it, I'd imagine, but Scott & I were awake for it. It was pretty wicked! This afternoon & evening were pleasant. : )

Enjoy your weekend. We're leaving for Barb's tomorrow morning. We're taking Jingle - wish us ALL well...!!!
Piecefully, Pam

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