Wednesday, March 21, 2007

Happy Spring Ladies!!!

The Vernal Equinox occurred while @ Bee this evening! Winter is officially OVER!!! : ) Onto SPRING!!! Enjoy the new look!?

Okay, counting today, Wednesday 3/21, we have 24 days 'til Lancaster!!! If you haven't started - START squirreling away your $$$ for shopping!!! Get your lists ready...thread, patterns, notions, books, vendors...!?! And, get new batteries for your camera, empty your camera cards or sticks so you have LOTS of room for new photos!!! And, let's prepare to be one another, the magnificent quilts we'll see, the FUN & exciting vendor booths & local shops, etc!!!

Jean - thanks for hosting! We LOVED looking @ the pics from your brother's wedding. It seemed truly special & FUN, magical even! ; ) The Irish Chain quilt you are giving as their wedding gift is truly beautiful. What a special gift. You are amazing. : ) Hey, your class quilt is neat too! The free motion quilting you've done is awesome! Way to SEW!!! P.S. Can you PLEASE show this to Kelly?! I forgot to tell her HOW MUCH I LOVED, LOVED, LOVED HER WAY COOL SHAMROCK SHADES @ THE WEDDING (RECEPTION)!!! ; ) Kelly, YOU have a style all your own, & I admire it & YOU! : )

Cathy - Happy (belated) Birthday!!! : ) Give The Little Shop a call & check up on your BOM! Have you been able to stitch anything else? Keep hanging in there, girl! ; ) How is Mike's landscaping class going?!

Mare - what have you been stitching?

Lois - your Family Album quilt is such a remarkable heirloom!!! I think George should let you hang it in the living room!

Mo - it was good to SEE you! : ) Thanks for dropping off Leigh Anne! How's that QM scrap book coming along...?! I do have photos from many of our Bee gigs - Brigantine weekends, Sewing for Soldiers (I think), Alex quilts, the BBQ, etc. Remind me to print or send or maybe even photobucket them...?! Enjoy Track & we'll look forward to seeing you when we can!

Leigh Anne - it was good to SEE you too! : ) How is your hand? The stitches are definitely OUT by now, right? You're TOO funny about buying fabric! ; ) Remember to save your bucks for Lancaster, girlfriend!!!

Lori - the Sherbet & Chenille baby quilt sounds nice. : ) What else are you working on? What will you be looking for in Lancaster?

Peggy & Dolores - how are you guys doing? What's the news? Sewing???

For those of you who didn't hear, Lois & I were discussing Rayon thread. Lois asked about using it for machine quilting. She was having trouble with the thread breaking. Rayon thread is a decorative thread. It can be used for machine embroidery, satin stitching & other decorative sewing purposes, but doesn't have the strength or integrity to withstand being used to quilt. The heat & friction of the needle going through all those layers will cause the thread to shred & tear. It's luster & sheen are most noticeable when used in close applications like machine embroidery or satin stitching. Even then, because the thread is very fine, usually a special needle is used (with a deeper scarf) to help distribute the heat & friction in order to prevent thread breakage. (why do I know this kind of stuff...?!)

Thanks ALL for looking @ my photos. I THINK I've figured out part of my photobucket problem, sew hopefully I'll be able to post pictures...soon...?! Scott & I are thrilled about hanging Barb's Wedding Ring quilt above our "joined" tables & work spaces. It honors her; the way quilting has woven her family together, her quilting legacy & mastery, her LOVE!!!

Have FUN : ) making Daniel's quilt for his Alex's Lemonade Stand this year. Sorry I can't share this time.

Alright girls, enjoy your day & SPRING!!! Thanks for staying tuned & stopping by. ; )
Piecefully, Pam


Cathy said...

24 days...that long. I can't wait. Thanks for the birthday wishes and the cake last evening. You girls are the best. I love seeing what everyone is working on and bouncing different ideas off each other. Lea Anne - I love the colors and material you picked out. It is going to be beautiful.
Jean - your quilts are awesome. I love them. Your brother and wife are going to love it. Pam - thanks for sharing your information and thanks for showing your pictures. I love your new room. It's great.
Lois - your quilt is a legacy for your family. Tell George he needs to hang it where you want it. Lori - I can't wait to see your quilt - it sounds great. Mo - it was nice to see you and glad your feeling better. Mare - I'm glad your feeling better. Take care everyone and thanks again for everything....I am truly blessed to have such great friends.

Maureen said...

I am sew feeling the yellow....

Lori said...

I LOVE the new look!! Nice and "spring-y"! Glad I could stop by to see eveyone. Looking forward to Lancaster!!!

lois said...

I don't really want to hang it in the living room. I was just teasing George. I was thinking hall or bedroom or basement. I need a deep wall.
It was nice seeing everyone.

quiltmamajb said...

The yellow feels bright and cheerful! We made it through another winter! Yea! Nice to see everyone - thanks for the info about the rayon thread - makes sense. Thanks for the Daniel blocks so far....Pam - forgot to tell you to have a blast on Saturday - I really wish I could have taken the class - spending the day with you, Barb and Karen would have been great - looking forward to seeing the fruits of your labor and what you learned. Thread is definitely on my list of things to be gotten in Lancaster. Enjoy the day girls...I'll respond to the e-mails today..thanks.

LA said...

Good to see most of you last night. This is a test, because I forgot my password and I am trying to post something. Have fun Saturday. Sorry I can't be there to share in the laughs and the sewing! Have a great weekend everyone! See you next week...(I can't wait to write "See you in Lancaster!")

quiltmamajb said...

This is Kelly and thank you I'm glad I brought them to the reception:)