Tuesday, March 13, 2007

Heya Gals!

Good evening. : ) Cathy - thanks for hosting tonight's Bee! And, thanks to you & Dolores for listening to my crazy stories!!! Sorry to hear sew many of our group is ill!!! Lori, Maureen & Marianne too?! That's quite enough!!! Jean - thanks for delivering the bag, I got it, but didn't look inside yet...?!

Well ladies, today was MUCH better than yesterday!!! My heart couldn't take another day like yesterday! Nor could my hair!?!

Scott & I will be going to Ikea tomorrow or Thursday to buy studio furnishings!!! I'm feeling pretty darn excited!!! Scott put up new curtain rods in the studio today & I hung some new curtains. I absolutely LOVE the color!!! I also moved around some current pieces to make room for the new shelving units. And, I cleaned too.

Wasn't the weather nice today? I hung MORE wash out on the line. It smells unbelievably good when you bring it inside! How does that happen?!

And, it's a lot nicer walking Jingle when it's not freezing or below!!! He doesn't come home with icicles on his chin. Somehow or other he's become somewhat of a neighborhood celebrity...a lady driving in her car stopped us yesterday & shouted, "Is that Jingle? Look how good he's doing for you! Jingle Bell, Jingle Bell!" I didn't even recognize her...?! She sort of cackled & chortled her salutation & Jingle just ate it up!!! He has some little neighborhood kids loving him up too. He's a schmoozer. Consider yourselves warned!

Okay, Game Night is winding down here. I gotta go. Enjoy your evening & have a wonderful tomorrow!!!
Piece, Pam


quiltmamajb said...

Pam...beautiful out there today - a great day to be off. Hope those under the weather are feeling better. What color are the curtains? Are the walls in there white? I brought an Irish block to work with me - hope to go sit in the park at lunch and embroider some flowers on it. Only four weeks till the Lancaster weekend! Wahoo!!!

Maureen said...

Hello all...feeling more human today. Hope all my cohorts in sickville are recovering. Sorry I missed last night. I have track practice on Tuesdays so you might not see me for awhile. Miss you and the fun stories. Can't wait till April!!

Lori said...

Hi girls,
I just can't seem to kick this thing. Still having chills occasionally although I am doing some laundry today. I'm glad to hear your feeling beeter Mo!! I think we may have had auctionitis or something!! How are you Mare??
Pam glad to hear you had a better day today!! Hope everyone else is well!!

Lori said...

See what happens when I don't proof read?? Beeter?? Better??