Monday, March 26, 2007

Good Morning Girls,

19 days 'til Lancaster!!! But, who's counting...?!?!?! ; )

Hey, it sounds like you ALL did a GREAT job on Saturday!!! How did it! What needs to be done yet?! Can I help? Kudos to everyone!!! : ) I love you guys!!!

Barb & I had a terrific Karen class!!! : ) We used monofilament thread & did machine applique. This is the second class I've taken (with Barb no less) where I used monofilament. I don't know why I'm sew afraid of it...each time it worked without ANY difficulty & the results have been nice! This may be a REALLY good choice for those of you who'd like to machine applique, but don't have a blanket stitch on your machine. Hmmm, think about it. Also, in the not too distant future I am going to be ordering some sewing items from Karen's website. If anyone else is interested we can share shipping costs. Use her link on the left hand side of the blog & see if there's anything you'd like to order. I am going to buy the Bohn chalk marker set & a pair of Clover serrated scissors - they are AWESOME!!! Also, I do have a pair of the little serrated Ginger scissors & they too are quite awesome! Her prices are better than anywhere else!

We also did the Melting Pot with Barb & Karen on Friday evening. It was yummy!!! Because it's such an unusual & unique dining experience, it makes it more special & fun than just going out to eat!

I have to go! Have a good day! Is there a Bee this week? Where?
Piece, Pam


quiltmamajb said...

Hey...glad you had fun at the class - can I ask a question - when you use monofilament thread - what do you use in the bobbin? What did you use to stabilize it while appliqueing? Can you give us a demo one of these days? No bee this week.....took some pictures on Saturday - I'll show them to you the next time you're did Barb like the studio and her gift on the wall? Talk soon....

sewpam63 said...

Jean, we used monofilament on top AND in the bobbin. Both classes I had did that. You CAN use monofilament in the bobbin, but you may need to adjust your stitch length & width, & may need to do some tension adjustments too. Another thing, you need to wind the bobbin SLOWLY. If you're using a plastic bobbin, it can only be filled half way or the thread expands causing the bobbin to BUST!!! We used exam table paper as the stabilizer. I can show you my class project. Gotta go!
Piece, Pam