Saturday, June 30, 2007

Good Evening Mama's!

Isn't this weather PERFECT?!?!?! I am so & SEW LOVING it!!! : )

I got the vegetable garden weeded yesterday! The weeds weren't TOO bad, but the plants were overgrown! It was like Jumanji in there!!! I was brutal with my Felco clippers. I was afraid that plants would be wizened today from yesterday's pruning, but everything seems healthy & prolific! I picked 15 cucumbers!!!

The grass plugs are turning green. Which is surprising considering this week's heat! We're pleased!

Scott is working on our bedroom windows. He has 12 panes out. Just a few windows left to go. What a project this has been for him. He DOES love me!!! Meanwhile, I have begun working on the front studio windows. I scraped & sanded them today. Then I washed them & left them to dry thoroughly. This evening Scott & I taped them. They're all ready to be primed & painted tomorrow!!! Hooray!!!

I did get time to sew yesterday & today! I finished my Challenge block for the Cruise!!! : ) I have begun cutting my fabrics for the Cruise too. The materials I'm prepping will be for a class on Sashiko. Next, I need to prep things for my Hoochie Mama class...?! I need to buy a protractor & compass for a Karen design class I'll be taking - sounds like MATH...

Lois - glad you got some thread from Ikea. I think they're something like 328 yards. What a bargain & good value!?!?!?

Cathy - glad to hear you're hanging in there & things are going along. I do HOPE you get a few minutes to sew this weekend!!!

Take care, ladies. It's to be another NICE day tomorrow! Enjoy it!!!
Piecefully, Pam

P.S. How are those Burkie's doing...?! ; )

Friday, June 29, 2007

Hiya Girls,

TGIF!!! And, it looks as though the weather is going to be NICE! : ) I need to work in the garden & maybe do some painting too.

My Challenge block is nearing completion!!! Yippee!!! : ) I have to prep the supplies & materials I will need for the cruise.

Are we having a Bee this week? I know Jean will be away. What do you think? Does the Holiday get in the way? I could host. Let me know...

Anyone interested in going to Winterthur to see their quilt exhibit? I've read about it in several magazines (not just quilting ones either!) & have heard good things about the exhibit. I understand some of these quilts have never been on public display. Here is the link, check it out & let me know. I'm thinking sometime next week, possibly Monday... Winterthur Quilt Exhibit

Jean - Have a TERRIFIC week @ the Beach!!!

Lois - CONGRATS on a grand DAUGHTER due in November!!! I'm thinking PINK!!! : )

Dolores - How's the machine quilting coming along? Have you been able to resolve the problem?

LA - Are you working on the Take Five quilt?! How are YOUR Chez Moi fabrics?!?!?!

Cath - How was Jimmy Buffet? Has the State left BMH?! How is your Dad? What about your FIL? Are you getting to sew @ all?! What about those BOM's?! Have a nice weekend. ; )

Mare - How is that sewing machine?! Straight stitching still? How is the quilt project coming along? Have you done any pillow cases yet?

Mo/Consuelo - I can't come on the 11th. I have to do Freshman charts @ the college the 11th & 12th. The August sewing dates - Not unlike Jean, I'm back to work. 8/22 I'll be working days & the 29th I'll be back to my night shift gig : / The 25 for the bbq should work for us though!!! Thanks for ALL your planning & organization!!! Herding cats...

Peggy - What are you doing? Where are you?! Does Megan have $$$ & underwear by now?!

Lori - How is your household?! I'm holding my breath... Sew for some peace & relaxation!!! How is your Santa project & what about the Civil War quilt?!

My Hancock's delivery arrived yesterday!!! I have to go launder some fabric...

Enjoy your weekend!
Piecefully, Pam

Thursday, June 28, 2007

Okay, just a quick note...

Ikea Conshocken has black, navy & beige thread, 100% cotton, for nineteen cents a spool!!! I'm NOT kidding. I bought 30 spools TODAY, & they have bins FULL! I use this thread for making pillows, pillow cases, home dec items, + it's GREAT to use when practicing free motion quilting. The thread is downstairs in their fabric department, which is near area rugs & carpet pads. Just ask!

Also, Jean - did you get the tail & check? Dolores - did you get my email about your thread breakage during fmq (free motion quilting)?

Piecefully, Pam
Morning Girls,

Is everyone holding up in the heat? I hoped the storms would have cooled things off a bit today. The tomatoes & weeds are flourishing!!! Jingle doesn't like wearing a black, fur coat. He does, however, kind of like the hose... ; )

Yesterday I made 2 decorative pillows for in the studio! I used the chopped up Ikea slip covers & a curtain. I used the black & ivory stripe for the pillows & made red piping. I like them! Earlier in the week I made seat protectors for the rockers using the stripe on one side & the toile on the other. I am also working on the valances in the living room. I am having FUN!!!

Next, I have clothing repairs & alterations to make. Some of the items we'll need for the cruise. I better get my butt in gear! I still am planning on working on the Kaffe Fassett Pastel Bubbles project & the Scott Halloween quilt too! And, there's garment construction I want to do too. SO/SEW many projects & not enough time...?!

Jean - thanks for coordinating the Mystery Quilt Weekend event. It should be LOTS of fun!!! I will stop over a check & a kite tail for you sometime today. Are you ready for the Beach?!

Mo - I read, but will need to re-read your emails. Thanks for ALL of your organization & planning efforts! We're a little bit like herding cats... I'll send you an email later about which dates & things I/we can do!

Hope everyone has a terrific day!!!
Piece, Pam

Wednesday, June 27, 2007

Good Morning,

Are you staying cool?! We sure have been having a B-L-A-S-T of HOT weather!!! The tomatoes are loving it. : ) This is good weather to stay indoors & SEW!!!

Last evening's Bee was good. Thanks for hosting Jean. We talked about upcoming events...the Hershey Show, Brigantine, the change of dates for the '08 Lancaster Show, etc. The November dates for Brigantine seem like a GO & I think Mare is going to add us to her Mom's calendar. If it doesn't work for you, please tell Marianne - soon!

Jean - I LOVE the table runner you made to go with the placemats! Good use of "incorrect" cutting. ; ) No one needs to know! Hey, the upcoming class project & kit is neat-o!!! I really like the BRIGHTS!!!

Erin & Kelly - I LOVE your Pastel Quilt Kits from Down the Shore!!! : ) Kelly, YOU are MY kind of color girl!!! I'm anxious for you guys to make them!!!

Mare - I like your REDS! Just clip the corners & throw stuff in with your regular laundry. Check your washer for the "hang dry" setting. Thanks for bringing Genie & the wine glass too. ; )

Lois - I LOVE your Batik's & marbles!!! They were from your daughter? Currently, Moda has been marketing "jelly rolls" & projects to use them. The jelly rolls are fabric strips cut from salvege to salvege @ 2 1/2" wide. I also like the fabrics you bought during our trip! ; ) The Duck panel project is CUTE!

Lor - it was good to SEE you!!! Life has been chaotic, no...?! Try to eek out a little sewing time whenever you can. ; )

Cathy & Consuelo - besides HOT?!?!?! was the concert?! : )

Peggy, LA, Dolores - we missed you guys!

Enjoy the day & think "cool" thoughts!
Piecefully, Pam

Tuesday, June 26, 2007

Good Morning Girls,

It's another warm day. It was really foggy when I got up! I'm kind of slow this morning, & just puttering around. How is everyone else?

Mare is thinking about a Brigantine Sewing Weekend in November (hooray!!!)...she's looking @ 9, 10, 11. The dates need to be reserved on her Mom's calendar. can everyone look @ their own calendars & give her feedback, please?! You can get a jump on making Christmas gifts...!?

Enjoy your day, & remember Jean is hosting Bee this evening. : ) See you there!!!

Hey, before I go. Here are the dates for the Quilt Odyssey aka Hershey Quilt Show
July 26 - 29. I inserted a link to the Show too. See if it works...?! ; )
Hershey Quilt Show

Piecefully, Pam

Saturday, June 23, 2007

Good Evening Girls,

Thanks for your comments. I appreciate them!!! Has anyone clicked on the calendar? Can you give me an opinion, please? Using the arrows, next to the month, you can go through the months/year. Is it truly accessible? Is it viewer friendly? Jean, you & I are able to make changes to the calendar, the other Bee girls can only see it. Opinions..?! Thoughts...?! Suggestions...?! Hey, I believe the Lancaster '08 dates have been changed...due to Chicago competition...

Wasn't today another gorgeous day?! I am hoping those who went to the concert enjoyed it!!!

Scott & I planted grass plugs today. Yeh, as interesting as it sounds. Tedious & back aching too. I'm glad it's done.

Almost ALL of my (new) fabrics have been laundered. Hooray!!! They are even folded & put away. They ALL fit!!! ; )

Enjoy this weekend!!! : ) Check out the previous posts & blog changes...
Piecefully, Pam

This is a test picture to examine how the text and picture layout will appear within the blog framework...

Holy smokes!!! I think it worked on the first try...(Scott is the computer wizard & blog helper)!

What do you think? : )

Friday, June 22, 2007

Jennifer Chiaverini...she will be @ the Berks County Library in November. Here's the link.

Jennifer Chiaverini Luncheon

Barb Buffington & I are planning to attend. I have to call about tickets! Any other takers...
Attention!!! I've been working on the blog & editing...check out the NEW stuff!!! Please, let me know what you think, how it works & any thoughts/ideas/suggestions you may have to offer!? ; )

TGIF!!! Enjoy this LOVELY day, & have a fab weekend!
Piece, Pam
We had FUN!!! : ) THANKS girls for yesterday's Road Trip!!! Geez, where do I begin...?!

Okay, I admit it, I was SHOPPING!!! I did not go with you ladies when you all went fabric shopping on Friday & Saturday during the Lancaster Quilt Show weekend. (I did go along Friday evening though!) So, it had been awhile since I was out fabric shopping. That said, I did some serious damage @ yesterday's stores! ; ) Thanks for your support, patience & shopping aid!

Leigh Anne wins the "too cute" prize! : ) First, she allowed a woman with lace to go before her in the cutting line, "She just had lace." according to LA. All of a sudden, said lady whips out a roll of black ribbon..."I'll take 55 1/2 yards.", she says to the Sauder's cutting girl. Daggers were flying!!! The NERVE!? Next, on to The Hayloft - Leigh Anne was practically in a tizzy!!! Oh my gosh, Sauder's had the pattern that Burkholder's didn't, AND The Hayloft has the Chez Moi fabrics, & they're on sale!!!...!!!...!!!... Think, pee pee dance, girls! ; ) Quick, I need the car keys, I left my coupon out there, AND I NEED to check the pattern for fabric requirements!!! Okay, let me put these bolts of fabric down first. Back inside, a little out of breath & flush with excitement, Leigh Anne can't find her pile of bolts, "Where is "my" fabric?!?!" Processing...okay, okay, okay - almost running, she finds & hugs her bolts of fabric!!! Breathe! All this, & she's STARVING!!! Leigh Anne bought R-E-A-L fabrics for the FIRST time!!! Too cute, LA!!! I just LOVE you!!! : )

Honestly, that was MY highlight!!! I'll tell some other tales, but that was the BEST one! Also, LA - thanks for the Mary Engelbreit magazine with the Kaffe Fassett article. See why I love you sew...?! ; )

Mare - thanks for your "family stories." Your household is WILD!!! Scott & I lead such sedate lives. You're welcome here any time!!! Thanks also for - talking with us about your new machine & sharing the cost. I'm sorry if I put you on the spot. Others don't know what an "unbelievable deal" is if we don't tell them!!! Thanks for the lime green & polka dot fabric! And, thanks for the newspapers, which I left in Jean's car...?!

Cathy - you were pooped, girlfriend. I'm glad you came with us!!! I hope you are ENJOYING your day OFF!!! : ) Best of luck with your (pia) FIL! Good news about your Dad...keep it up!!! How's the Shore? Did you go to Calico 'n Cotton?!

Jean - THANKS for driving!!! You rock!!! : ) Hey, the THREE Uncle quilt are DONE!!! They turned out better than I expected, I know you were struggling with them a bit. Nice job! The place mats are WAY cool too!!! What a clever use of fat quarters & decorative stitches. I like the cabana fabric you bought! Could I see the dogs & cabanas pattern you have, please?! I will email you a bunch of OCMD stuff. I have to think on it & get names & street numbers & stuff. I may have some coupons too. And, would your girls be interested in a kite?! I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE to fly kites @ the Beach. I downsized, & have a decent diamond kite that they could have! Let me know.

Dolores - you DIDN'T buy any flannel!!! Do we need to check your temperature?! Are you feeling alright?! Did you go to work today...?! ; ) I love your Moda's, Amy Butler too!!! The apron pattern is way cute. : ) Start thinking about that new machine...put away the overtime bucks & charge just a smidge more for the quilts you sell. Buying a good used machine is smart & saves you $!!!

Lois - it was FUN to have you join us!!! : ) Did you survive?! ; ) Did George?! The height measuring panel you bought is quite clever & cute!!! Now you know where the fabled Burkholder's & Sauder's shops are, plus The Hayloft too!!!

For those that came in for a cookie & drink, thank you. : ) I/we were glad you stopped by, & I enjoyed our show & tell. Please don't be overwhelmed here. Remember, we don't have children. We are ALL blessed, but in different ways. My life has not always been like this.

Our studio has evolved over time. It's important to "quilt where you are!!!" My mentors, & sources of tangible inspiration & motivation are Barb & Karen. It doesn't get any better than that!!! : )

Thanks for sharing with me. I am SEW fortunate to be a part of your sewing circle & call you friends. : )
Piece & Love, Pam

Thursday, June 21, 2007

Oh Boy!!! Isn't today's weather absolutely picture p-e-r-f-e-c-t!?!?!? Just gorgeous!!! : )

I was up early! I trimmed 2 shrubs before Scott got home from work! ; ) Jingle helped! I also made 2 flower arrangements for the house. It FEELS like a beautiful Summer day, inside & out!!!

Is everyone ready for our Road Trip?! : ) What's on every one's list? Who's looking for what?! Remember to bring a Guild ID if you have one, there's a chance of getting a discount if you show it. Also, did anyone see the online Hayloft coupon Lori referred to?!

Scott & I have been talking about an epiphany I had. We're staying!!! We've looked @ Beach properties, we talked about having a Quilt Shop, & while those ideas are appealing, we're pretty much happy right where we are. How 'bout that?! We both agree that there is no real impetus to motivate a change., until there is, we're staying put!!! ; )

That said, I'm NOT accustomed to NOT moving every 6 years. Time's up!!! I've sort of been living as though I am a renter & transient. Hmmm, Scott & I have been talking...we may make some changes to our home. Maybe paint the walls some wild color?! Perhaps buy some artsy area rugs?! Do some upkeep & maintenance on the outside of our home. What about some landscaping?! Ooooh, the possibilities are endless... Meanwhile, here's some items we're currently looking for - 3 stained glass windows, approx. 27 x 27" with red &/ aqua in their color scheme - they do not have to match! And, 2 wrought iron OR copper pieces, approx. 23 x 36" or so. Vintage wrought iron fencing too, for the backyard vegetable garden. Does anyone know of any sources locally?! Cathy - the #'s you shared with us for contractors, re-pointing & such we will be using. Thank you. Look for changes in '08...

See you all soon!
Piece, Pam

Wednesday, June 20, 2007

Good Morning!

How 'bout last night's storms?! Barb said they had hail & winds @ 58 mph! I took Jingle out for a quick walk before the rain hit. Is everyone dry this morning? I'm looking forward to cooler temps & lower humidity!!!

Lori - glad to hear things went well. I always figure that if the patient is complaining, they're feeling alright! ; ) Glad you had book #2 to read.

Cathy - best of luck with JCAHO! I'm thinking of you!

Jean - are you enjoying your Summer break?! And, are the girls happy to be OUT of school too?!

Mare - are you sewing yet?!

Mo - have you been dipping in your pool? It's been hot! How's your stash? Are you going to the Hayloft too?! Thanks for giving book #2 to Lor. : )

Lois - are you an EXCITED retiree?! I think it is amazing to awaken every day & not have to go to work!!! ; )

LA - how are you & the kids doing?! What fun things are planned for your Summer? Getting any sewing time?

Peggy - are you out of school for the Summer? Will you be doing any teaching or any other work over Summer? Maybe getting a little sewing time...?

Dolores - what have you been sewing?! How many baby quilts, charity projects & gifts have you made lately?! ; ) You SEW!!!

Enjoy your day! Happy stitching.
Piecefully, Pam

Tuesday, June 19, 2007

Howdy Girls!

Good to hear from SEW many of you!!! ; ) I LOVE that we can "talk" & share here!!! This has been a neat experience. : ) I NEED to continue to learn, evolve & grow this blog, but the trouble is, I'd rather be sewing...

Mo, sorry about the change of plans for the 2nd annual QMBBQ. Life happens! These are the dates that I am away: 7/20 - 29, & 8/10 - 17.

Lois, glad to hear you're coming along on the Hayloft trip...adventure!!! Coming here for pick up is a great suggestion! Just come to the back yard. I am sure Jingle & I will be out! ; ) How is your garden doing?!

LA, thank goodness the game was changed!!! Now, you can come shopping with us!!! Forty seven yards of fabric, yep, it even sounds like a lot when you write it... ; )

Last evening I finished the backing for the 2nd baby TATW project. I am STILL waiting for the thread though. It's been on back order. No rush, I guess. I can sandwich the quilt & be ALL ready when the thread arrives. Hmmm, it's Summer & that sounds TOO organized...

I also planned my Challenge block for the Quilt Cruise. I asked Scott's opinion last evening, & then I started. The block is a bit complex & will take a little time to complete... I like it though & it's FUN! I'm usually NO good with a Challenge. I don't seem/seam to like to be hemmed in by rules, imagine?! But, when this presented itself, & Barb told me she had hers DONE!!!, an idea came to me. Sew...

Has anyone heard anything from Lori yet today? I am hoping John is doing well. I think it's worse being the one waiting. I hope she took some stitching with her, or a good Jennifer Chiaverini book!


P.S. Be cool!

Monday, June 18, 2007

Good Morning Girls!

How is everyone this morning?! Hey, I think we may have more of us NOT working today than working!!! Not - me, Jean, LOIS!!!, Mare, Mo, (?) Cathy, Lori, (?) Peggy?! Is that right?! Too FUN & funny!!! It's Summer!!! : ) I hope everyone is enjoying their time, off or not, & staying cool!!! Drink plenty of fluids...have a Popsicle!!! ; ) Hayloft trip is planned for Thursday. Leaving from Mare's @ 3:30. Going - Jean, Mare, Peggy, Lois, Dolores, LA if it rains, me, Lori pending Fitz, & what about Cathy? Is Mo going(doesn't she NEED more stash...)?! Are we planning to stop @ Sauder's too? Dinner out sounds good! Would you guys mind stopping for me en route to the Blue Route? That would be excellent! Or, I could walk over too.

LA, I will do the rain dance!!! And, Lori - we will ALL be thinking of & praying for John.

Enjoy your day, girls!
Piecefully, Pam

Saturday, June 16, 2007

Hello Girls!!!

A special WELCOME to Dolores!!! What a pleasant surprise!!! : ) You GO, girl!!! Hey, you may want to talk to Mare about sewing machines...?! ; )

Thanks Jean for blogging in my absence! It was exciting to read when we got home! : )

We're home!!! Ahhh, there's NO place like H-O-M-E!!! It feels good!!!

Scott & I had a nice vacation. We enjoyed ourselves. We had good weather & some not so good weather, but it was all FUN! ; ) We ate A LOT of steamed blue crabs - YUM!!! We flew kites, jumped waves, walked the Boardwalk, collected shells, looked @ Beach properties, etc, etc... We missed our puppy! And, we missed Miss Shelby too.

We survived the birthday trip to my Mom's today. Thankfully! I did finish her quilt @ the Beach & gave it to her. She liked it.

Did anyone go to the Guild meeting on Monday? The guest speaker was Mickie Lawler from Sky Dyes. Many LOVE her fabrics, & she has a big following. I thought her presentation would be interesting...uh, not interesting enough to come back from the Beach...

What's up for this week?! I am confused about the Hayloft trip... Going, not going...who, what time...?! Is there a Bee on Tuesday? If, who's hosting...Dolores, Jean, Cathy...?! Geez, I've only been away for a week. I'm sew not IN the loop!? I think, from emails & blog posts, that Lois, Dolores, Mare, Lori, Jean & Cathy are ALL interested in going to the Hayloft. You can count me in too. However, with kids & sports, who IS going?! On Thursday?! And, what time?!

In our bundle of mail, there is a flyer from Sauder's. They're having a sale. Evidently, it starts on Thursday...

Also, Mare, thanks for the Little Shop email forward. They're having a Fat Quarter sale upcoming in July, & some of their other info sounded interesting too...

Okay, I'm a bit pooped. Thanks for stopping by to check the blog & thanks for keeping things going while I was out of town!
Piece, Pam

Monday, June 11, 2007

Good morning, girls. Happy Monday! Hope Pam is enjoying her time at the beach. Lois - you are officially entering a new phase. Peggy - your countdown is on......only four more days, yes? Hope everyone had a nice weekend. Mine aren't as interesting as Pam's so I won't bore you with the details. The last guild meeting of the year is tonight - I won't be able to go. Summer basketball season starts tonight and Erin has a game at 6:30, I think. Kelly's team opens tomorrow night so I won't be able to host bee either. Whose idea was it to have these doggone kids?!?! Anyhow....have a nice Monday, however you are spending it. Talk to y'all soon. I e-mailed the lady twice about confirming the mystery weekend dates and I'm still waiting. I'll keep you posted. Road trip next Thursday, right? Mark your calendars.


Thursday, June 7, 2007

Howdy Girls,

Thanks for a SUPER Bee on Tuesday evening! : )

Cathy - thanks for hosting us!!! Wasn't it a gorgeous evening?! Best of luck with your FIL... Have you been able to stitch a bit?! Mike is doing an EXCELLENT job with the yard & garden beds. Nice! ; ) Thanks for sharing the name of the Lancaster Nursery. Thanks also for the obit. I will send it to Barb.

Mare - glad to hear you got your new machine OUT of the box!!! Way to go reading the book & looking things over! When you have the time to sit down & sew, you'll be all ready!!! : ) I LOVE your fabrics!!! The Beach Snowmen are just TOO cute!!! Wouldn't they be fun to work into a Winter or Christmas quilt...?! Thanks for the newspaper. I'm going to take it along to the Beach to read!

Lor - Nice job with the t-shirt quilt. ; ) The pillows you made are neat too! I like the photo & the RED cording! Best wishes for John & the ablation procedure. He should feel improved afterwards...& so should YOU!

Jean - mum's the word, but I liked it! ; ) Way to go NOT sewing for the MeAn lady!!! Just tomorrow yet...& then Summer F-R-E-E-D-O-M!!! : )

LA - I LOVE your little hexagon project. : ) You are ever diligent & hopeful!!! You make me SMILE! Thank you!!!

Mo - thanks for the Hubba Bubba!!! Too fun! Good luck @ the Dance!

Lois, Peggy & Dolores - hanging in there?! Whatcha sewing...?!

There is a proposed trip to the Hayloft on Thursday June that date correct, ladies?! If sew...mark your calendars!!! You DON'T want to miss this one. ; ) And, I don't know, but rumor has it that Sauder's isn't too far away from the Hayloft...& if we're @ Sauder's, well Burkholder's isn't too far off either...?! Oooh, I'm trouble!!!

Thanks for looking @ my fabrics, & the Flag project for my Mom. Can't blog, must sew... Yeh, you've heard it before. I got it basted, quilted & the binding sewn on the front by Noon today!!! I have my very own sewing sweat shop going on... I began whip stitching the binding to the back & should be able to finish it @ the Beach!!! P.S. I don't care for the Hobb's Organic Batting. It is WAY, way, WaY!!! fuzzy!!! I thought OSHA was going to knock on my door...?! ; ) I was ONE with Heidi & All People Quilt...the NO lump binding video ROCKS!!! Thanks Cathy!!!

Have a good tomorrow!!! TGIF!!! Lois, that doesn't really count for you anymore!!! ; )
Piecefully, Pam

Hey, we got an awesome little RED microwave!!!

Wednesday, June 6, 2007

Hey.....trying it from my SJU PC and it seems to be working - I'll see what happens when I hit Publish Post! Last night was fun - when I got home, I realized that we didn't talk about the mystery weekend in the fall. Lori indicated that Oct 5th weekend may be a problem for her. That was not one of the dates listed on the website but it was what she sent me in an e-mail. I wrote back to her for confirmation on that info and I'm just wainting for a reply. Please let me know if you are interested in going and what weekends may/may not work for you.....thanks. Have a lovely day - isn't this breeze terrific!?

Tuesday, June 5, 2007

This message is (mostly) for Jean...I navigated to "blog authors" & next to your name was the word "guest," in blue. I clicked on it, & it changed to "admin." When you have the time, could you check to see if you're now able to post, please? I am thinking that eblogger grants only a certain amount of time as guest...?! Who knows...?! Let's hope it works now!!! We NEED someone to blog next week, or there may be a mutiny...

Thanks girls, for tonight's FUN! It was GOOD to see you all. I'll try to post a Bee Muse tomorrow...if Jean doesn't... ; )

Sweet dreams.
Piece, Pam

Monday, June 4, 2007

Good Evening Girls,

Jingle is asleep on his pillow. All is right with the world! : ) There is nothing like velvety, puppy ears & a contented dog to make your soul feel @ peace. Can you feel the love, Mare...?!

I worked in my own sewing sweat shop most of the day. The weather was just perfect for it! It was awesome!!! : ) I didn't add a second border to the flag project for my Mom. Scott said not to. I think, given my time limitations, he's right. I am satisfied with the project. I will try to layer & baste tomorrow. I am working on the backing & have begun rough drafts for the label. I do have the binding ready, that's a +. I MUST compete the quilting by Friday. I am planning to take it with us to the Beach, where I can finish the binding. From the Beach, we are headed to my Mom's 75th b-day celebration on 6/16...

I am SEW pleased with how the joint Studio is working out. It feels "right!!!" : )

Have a good tomorrow.
Piece, Pam

Sunday, June 3, 2007


I am looking forward to Bee on Tuesday. Cathy is hosting! Thanks, Cath. Thanks also for mentioning the Mystery Quilt weekend.

Jean - I forgot to say I did get the Mystery Quilt email, & I went to the website too. Looks interesting... Let's all talk about it on Tuesday!!! : ) Glad to hear you got some gift quilt projects made! That's awesome. : ) Keep mulling over the Uncle projects. I know this may sound weird, but I sometimes have great ideas come to me while I'm asleep, or when I'm in the shower. Let's hope you have some inspiration strike! ; )

The warm temps have made our tomatoes GrOw, gRoW, GROW!!! I was out weeding today. We already have a fair number of tomatoes coming along. I was surprised. : )

Our cardinal family seems to have flown the coop... Their nest is empty. We hear them chirruping nearby, & we see the mature birds @ our feeder regularly. I am hoping the babies are thriving!?! There have been LOADS!!! of baby bunnies - EVERYWHERE!!! And, Jingle has discovered chipmunks. He's not so sure about them...?!

Piece. Have a pleasant Monday.

I've been making some progress on the flag project for my Mom. I am liking its folk art, primitive feel. : )

I know you girls are busy with graduations, parties, sports, year end school stuff, +++, but I hope you were able to do a little bit of sewing over the weekend.

Lori - is the binding finished?

Cath - have your Civil War BOM's come in the mail yet?!

Mare - how is your new machine?!

Jean, Mo, Lois, LA, Peggy, Dolores - what's shaking?!

How 'bout the storms we've had?! The thunder & lightning has been wicked! It looks like another wave is on the way.

Jingle & I came home soaked this evening! Cats are SO much easier!!!

Enjoy your evening.
Piece, Pam

Friday, June 1, 2007

Good Evening Girls,

It IS Friday!!! How is your weekend?! I'm hoping it's fun, relaxing & includes some time to sew. ; )

It was warm today. I did mostly indoor things, & mostly fun stuff. ; ) I did do some hand washables & put them outside to dry - wool sweaters. In this heat? Ugh!

Jingle & I walked this evening. With his increased activity & the warmer weather he is a bit less energetic. Scott & I welcome this change.

I am working on a project for my Mom. Her 75th birthday is coming I am using a wall hanging pattern for inspiration & as a guide. I looked through some books & pull sheets for ideas too. So far, the project has been machine pieced. I wanted to try diagonal seams & get a better feel & understanding for that piecing technique. You know, like when you sew bias strips together. It takes me a little while sometimes... Next, I think I'd like to do a border which would include pieced stars. I've not done many stars 'cause they have TRIANGLES!!! Okay, deep breath! I also want to do some machine applique. I'm thinking stars, flowers & maybe a (an old) crow too! ; ) I have been using homespuns, but don't have enough. So, I will be challenged to effectively incorporate non-homespun fabrics. So far, the project has a patriotic, primitive feel. I am liking it! : ) I can not decide if it will just be a wall hanging, or if I will make it a lap quilt or something bigger.

I received my Hancock's order today. : ) The thread is on backorder. : / The organic batting came. I didn't open it up yet. I got fabrics...Amy Butler, which are quite delicious!!! And, I bought some Kona solids. These are just to have for so/sew... I have been VERY pleased with Hancock's.

Other irons in my fire...I have a "challenge fabric" for the Cruise. We're to make a 12" block. I'm working on it...! I have also been stewing around ideas for a block I'm to make for Barb. It's for a quilter's box & will be a gift. Hmmm...?! I am continuing to read & work towards making blocks for the Scott Hallowe'en quilt too, & then there's the Kaffe Fassett Pastel Bubbles project I feel ready to work on.

Yeah, I don't have to stand around flat footed & slack jawed wondering what to do or sew next! Does anyone else feel that way too?! I LOVE it!!! : ) Sometimes I find it difficult to NOT become overwhelmed, & unable to focus or be productive. Again, another challenge for me. I like it. It's good experience for me.

I am also VERY interested in learning to sew some garments - a jacket, a skirt & perhaps a halter top. I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE Amy Butler's patterns & designs!!! I don't think I can wait for Barb's Sewing Camp. I am thinking I might soon start, @ least by re-tracing the pattern pieces to the Pattern Ease stuff that I bought @ The Hayloft. I'll cut that out & then have a pattern with more longevity. I'll read the pattern directions another 85 times, take a deep breath, pin the pattern to my fabric & CUT!?!?!? And then SEW!?!?!?

Ooh, there's the valance project too for the living room! Again, I haven't decided what I want to do. I'm still mulling it over, dreaming about it & thinking on it...

Mare - how are you doing?! Have you tried that new machine yet?! We're all waiting with baited breath to hear something from you...?!

Piece. Out.