Thursday, May 31, 2007

Good Evening Ladies,

In a WHOOSH today we were off!!! Mare, Cath & I were on an adventure!!! With Mare behind the wheel we found ourselves in The Hayloft?!?!?! That fabric shop in Morgantown. Now, I've heard of this place before. Yeah, it's above a grocery store. I pictured dank, dim lighting, those OLD calico's...stiff with chemicals, & yesteryear's goods. Want a sack of flour with that, Ma'am? Not, SEW! It's a BIG, brightly lit, contemporary, fully stocked, current kind of place! And, it's ONLY 40 minutes away. Better still, their prices are GOOD!!! We're talking current fabric lines - Moda, Michael Miller, Alexander Henry...Chez Moi, Funky Monkey, Metro Blue, +++ for $6.29 per yard. There was Nancy Halvorsen, Dingleberries, books, patterns, notions...oh my!!! We'll be back. ; )

Next stop?!?!?! Hinkletown, to see the wizard (also known as, Mr. Zimmerman)!!! Hold on to your socks girls!!! Mare bought a sewing machine!!! Yep, a Bernina 440, stitch regulator & ALL!!! She had saved up enough pin money in her underwear drawer, & TODAY was the day!!! : ) How 'bout that?!

See, I TOLD you, the days are just PACKED!!! Thanks for the FUN & adventure. Mare, enjoy your new machine!!! ; )

Piece, Pam

P.S. It IS a blue moon...
Good Morning Girls,

Okay, let's see if I can do a Bee Muse. Please, chime in with anything I miss!

Jean hosted & it was just lovely on her front porch!!! She showed us the completed Daniel quilt, which we ooohhhed & aaahhhed over. She shared a catalog she got in the mail, which we all passed around! And, there was some local entertainment - the dogs! ; )

Speaking of dogs...Marianne has a new member to her household! Flynn, is it Mare? A SHAVED (Irish) German Shepard (he feels nude!!!). Just remember, I have PLENTY of bags that I can share!!! ; ) Seriously, Mare had a gorgeous quilt top for Show 'n Tell. It's done in Fall colored Batiks & it's beautiful!!! Way to SEW girl friend! : )

Lois - IS RETIRING & HAD 4 MORE DAYS LEFT TO WORK!!! That is just AWESOME, Lois!!! Congratulations!!!

Cathy - had a cute, cute, cute baby quilt!!! She made it for an inspiring couple who has been trying for a baby for 9 years! Here's to perseverance & practice! ; ) And, the polka dot purse is just too cute too! ; )

Mo - chatted about how the QM's bear a remarkable resemblance to the women of Elm Creek Quilt Camp. : ) She's hooked! Let's get busy planning the Puzzle Quilt for Autism!!!

Lori - brought the t-shirt quilt she's been making. She was busy stitching on the binding until it got too dark, but not 'til around 9:00! Don't you just LOVE Summer?! : ) The quilt is nice Lor. There was a plethora of place mat purses! I particularly liked the ones with scalloped edges. And, she collected a couple Jennifer Chiaverini books too. Good pool reads, plus she has to see what all the fuss is about...

I brought the completed top of the 2nd baby TATW. Thanks for looking, girls. : )

LA dropped off the Daniel quilt, but I didn't see her. Nor did we see Peggy or Dolores... So/sew, how are you gals doing?

What did I miss QM's?! Chime in!!! : )

Stay cool & enjoy your day.
Piece, Pam

Wednesday, May 30, 2007


To borrow a phrase from Calvin & Hobbes, "The days are just PACKED!!!" My a** is dragging! Jingle is on the floor snoring & I could just about join him! ; )

By the time Scott got home from work this morning, I had made 3 dog bed pillow cases, swept the patio & part of the driveway, set out a pitcher of sun tea to brew, prepped a load of laundry, did dishes, had a cup of coffee, brushed & catnipped Shelby, watered indoor & outdoor plants...etc...!!!

I have to tell you about a fabulous thrift shop purchase I made today. I got a brand new, never been worn, never been hemmed pair of black, leather Kenneth Cole pants. They are gorgeous! Oh my!

Okay, I gotta go! Enjoy your tomorrow!
Piecefully, Pam

Tuesday, May 29, 2007

Hi All,

Wasn't today's weather picture perfect? It was a glorious & gorgeous day!!! Sitting on the Burkie front porch this evening was awesome! : ) Thanks Jean for having us. : )

Also, a tidbit of info. Scott says we will have a blue moon this month. According to him, it's a blue moon when a full moon occurs twice in a month. So, look for a full moon tomorrow & Thursday.

Bee was FUN! It was good to see everyone one!!! : ) LA, we missed seeing you, but thanks for delivering the Daniel quilt. It's BEAUTIFUL!!!

Cathy said she'd host next week, but needs to check schedules to confirm.

I'll try & do a re-cap tomorrow. I'm pooped now!
Piece, Pam

Monday, May 28, 2007

Hiya Girls,

I am looking forward to Bee tomorrow evening!!! I miss you guys!!! I am ANXIOUS to see the completed Daniel quilt!!! : ) Hurry up!

I may have the 2nd baby TATW top pieced by tomorrow's Bee. I'm gonna try. I have to wait for thread & batting to be delivered from Hancock's though.

I also have some home dec sewing to do... We were @ Ikea today. I bought clearance room slip covers in a black & ivory stripe, & an ivory & black toile. I went back for love seat slip covers in both prints. Yeah, we don't have a love seat. I want to use those fabrics to make a valance for the living room (maybe accent pillows & a throw too). And then I can actually HEM the sheers!!! We're getting there. I had to wait until I found something that worked & that we both liked! The "new" look is awesome!!! I have some questions about using 2 fabrics to make a valance. Does anyone have experience or tips...?!

Jean - how is the Uncle project coming? Did inspiration hit?! I hope sew!!! ; )

Hey, weren't the weekend storms wicked?! Did anyone loose power, phone, internet, etc? We got a boat load of rain!!! Our rain reservoir is BuLgInG!!!

Enjoy the last of the holiday weekend & we'll see each other tomorrow...?! : )
Piecefully, Pam

Saturday, May 26, 2007

Happy Memorial Weekend Girls,

WOW Lois!!! That is SOME news!?!?!? Congratulations!!! Hip, HiP, HoOrAy!!! : ) ENJOY!!! Oooh, now you'll be able to devote more time to Grandmothering!!! ; )

Good to hear from you other QM's!

Lori - how is the T-shirt quilt coming along? How's John's elbow? Did you get any of the Jennifer Chiaverini books? I do have Quilter's Legacy that I can loan...

Jean - thanks for volunteering to host on Tuesday! How many days do you have left?! What was the outcome of the Undercover Quilter's Guild election...?! And, I have a co-worker who has an interest in having a wall hanging made - just the TOP. I told her I would talk with you. How is the "Uncle" project coming along?

Peggy - have you caught up & got your breath yet? How was the softball season? What projects will you be sewing?! How is your needle punch doing?!

Cath - best wishes for your Dad. What have you been working on?

Mare, Mo, Leigh Anne, & Dolores - what have you guys been up to?!

Scott & I got caught @ the Giant tonight during the storm. ALL the lights went out & there was no power...! Scott said, "This isn't such a bad place to be trapped...?!" He's always thinking! ; ) We left home with our windows OPEN!!! Yeh, we just got the last bedroom curtain out of the dryer...

Enjoy your Holiday weekend!
Piecefully, Pam

Thursday, May 24, 2007


This is an email excerpt from Boonie Barb/Barb Buffington! ; )

Hmmm, Jean sorry about the glitch. I don't know what it means & will have to check into it.

I forwarded an email flyer from Hancock's of Paducah to each of you. If you read to the last section, they are having a Memorial Day Sale. Click on the link & it will take you right there! I did some damage! Enjoy!!! Lori - there's a number of batik's for $5! : )

Tomorrow is IT!!! Hooray!!! Wahoo!!!

Have a nice night & a SUPER tomorrow!!! Time for some zzzzz's for me.
Piece, Pam

Tuesday, May 22, 2007

Hi Ladies,

Consuelo & Boonie Barb - I TOLD you so/sew!!! Jennifer Chiaverini's first book, The Quilter's Apprentice" was the impetus to start me quilting!!! (watch out Mo!!!) @ my very first Lancaster Quilt Show, Jennifer was THERE!!! I bought my first books then & she autographed them. I was SEW hooked! The rest is history or herstory... ; )

Jean & Lois - cocktails on Thursday...?! Sounds good! ; )

Lori - your forward today was funny! Thanks. : ) What are you up to?

Cath - JCAHO anyone...?! How's it going?! How 'bout your Dad? I hope you are getting a teenie bit of sewing time, @ least & a bit of peace/piece for yourself!!! How is the BOM coming along?

Mare & LA - how is that Daniel quilt? Keep us posted! We want to buy chances!!!

Peggy - how is the needle punch project? Softball is over?

Dolores - what 'cha doing?

This evening I sat outside with Jingle & unpicked writing I had sewn into a quilt. You all KNOW how I HATE to rip!!! It was just BEAUTIFUL being outside though!!! During lunch I pinned 3 rows of the 2nd TATW quilt. I'll try to sew them tomorrow.

And, BIG news!!! We have little, peepy, baby cardinal birds!!! : ) We saw 3, but there may be a 4th. It's been awesome to watch!!!

Enjoy this glorious weather!!!
Piece, Pam

P.S. Jean - yep, 3 to go!!! Thanks. : )

Monday, May 21, 2007

Hiya Girls,

Survived day one. : ) Four more to go!!! I am SEW looking forward to Friday @ 4PM!!!

Jean - thanks for your comment! : ) It was nice to hear from you! How are the 3 family quilts turning out? What are the challenges?

Mare - what's the skinny?! How did your weekend go?! Did everyone survive?!?!?! Nero included?

Mare & Cath - I don't know what your tomorrow evenings look like, but you're welcome to come drive the BSR.

I didn't sew today. : / I did dead head some flowers & do watering. And, I talked with Mama Barb about Summer Sewing Camp!!! : ) Hooray!!!

Sweet dreams & have a GREAT tomorrow!
Piece, Pam

Sunday, May 20, 2007

Good Evening Girls,

It looks as though there is no Bee this week. Jean nor Cathy can host. I'll be home Tuesday evening. It's Game Night here with the guys, if anyone wants to come over, feel free! I'll be working on the 2nd baby TATW project.

I didn't sew today. I was BUSY in my kitchen! I made up a pot of chili, made a big bowl of fresh fruit salad & baked pumpkin muffins & banana nut muffins too! I need food-stuffs @ the ready! This week I work day shift. It's a difficult week & food needs to be simple & available!

I did hang wash out on the line today. It took a little bit for it to dry, & I got it off the line about 15 minutes ahead of the rain. I made sun tea too! The weather has been changeable & unpredictable! I've been trying to take advantage of it when I can! ; )

Hope everyone is hanging in there as the school year is coming to close. Things get hectic with sports, graduations, field trips & last minute stuff!

Our Mama Cardinal is vigilantly sitting on her nest! I am hoping it won't be too long before her eggs hatch...?! I have no idea how long it takes?! There are some cute baby bunnies hopping around the neighborhood!

Enjoy your Spring!!! Sit in the sun or on your porch & stitch a bit or read a quilting magazine! : ) Have a pleasant evening & a terrific tomorrow!
Piecefully, Pam

Thursday, May 17, 2007

Hi Ladies,

Thanks for last evening's Bee!!! It's always sew FUN to see everyone!!! I feel blessed to chatter, share, trade stories & sip from the estrogen pool with you gals.
; )

Jean - thanks for hosting! I think it is SEW cool how you did the binding on your Photo quilt!!! And, didn't that whole project turn out REALLY neat-o?!?!?! What a nice memory & well themed piece. : ) The BIG quilt is AWESOME too!!! Look @ how many things you've DONE!!! Doesn't that make you FEEL GOOD?!?!?! : ) Hooray!!! Hey, thanks for sharing Lancaster pics!

Mare - LOVE your new Vera Bradley bag!!! Your kids are growing up...! ; ) Glad to hear that Joanna's party was a success! We'll ALL be thinking of you this weekend & sending + juju!!!

Cathy - you are doing a REMARKABLE job!!! I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE how the Daniel quilt is turning out!!! The variegated thread was an AWESOME choice!!! And, look @ your Turning Twenty (dingle) Thimble Berry quilt!!! It is gorgeous! : ) You too have been WAY productive! Best wishes for your family. You know you're in our thoughts & prayers!

Mo - LOVE your stash AND it's container!!! I love that the container is CLEAR so/sew you can see exactly what you've got in there!!! Way to go!!! It sounds like it's not going to be too long before you have a sewing machine...?!?!?! : ) We're ALL here for you, Mo!!! ; ) Hey, aren't the Jennifer Chaiverini books nice? Glad you're enjoying them, & becoming more familiar with our cult language! Two other "quiltie" authors that I'm familiar with are: Earlene Fowler & Sandra Dallas...enjoy!

Lois - thanks for bringing pictures to share with us. Van is getting big! I LOVE him in the RED sunglasses!!! Have you started the next baby quilt yet...?! ; )

Leigh Anne - the Lancaster baby quilt turned out sew CUTE, CUTE!!! You did a GOOD job!!! : ) I LOVE the label too! And, the little counted cross stitch piece is precious. We'll want to see it again when it's a wall hanging! Isn't it GREAT to have stash?! ; ) Thanks for sharing the photo of the baby Star quilt too - nice! Glad you like the YLI thread!!!

Peggy - good to see you! How did your class project turn out? We want to see it!!! Glad you're liking your Naked Ladies SEW much!!! And, did you say softball is finished today?! ; )

Lori - we missed you! What's sewing on your end?

Dolores - whaz up?! How's that flannel doing...?! ; )

Thanks girls for looking @ the baby TATW & the next one in the making. Glad to have the label ready for the Daniel quilt!

Enjoy today & stitch when you get a moment!
Piecefully, Pam

Wednesday, May 16, 2007

Hiya Girls,

There is a new color matching web tool/site that I discovered on Let's give it a try...?!

Piece, Pam

Tuesday, May 15, 2007

Good Morning Girls,

It's LOVELY outside today!!! It's to be warm though...perhaps I can actually unpack my Summer clothes...?! ; ) Enjoy your day!!!

I finished drawing & coloring the labels - hip, hip hooray!!! : )

Jean - sorry you didn't have any "Mama's" with you @ last evenings Guild meeting. Scott's vote goes to Consuelo for President!!! Here, here!!!

Okay, time's evening now!!!

Both labels are DONE!!! I sewed the corners & pressed them. I am already sewing on the baby TATW label, & will bring Daniel's label to Bee tomorrow evening.

I pressed the 8 pieced strips for the 2nd baby TATW quilt this evening. I need to pin them & then sew. I also need to piece more strips!!! It's coming along. : )

I'm anxious to see you guys tomorrow. We're meeting @ Jean's, right? Who is coming?! Me! : )

I've had a few fatalities in the garden...1 yellow squash plant looks to have been chewed off by a bunny, & in the flower bed along the driveway there has been @ least 1 zinnia & 1 or 2 snap dragon deaths. Not too bad, I suppose.

Have a pleasant night & a great tomorrow!
Piecefully, Pam

Sunday, May 13, 2007

Hello & Happy Mother's Day!!!

How is everyone today? Isn't it GORGEOUS outside?!?!?! : ) Mother Nature's gift to all you Moms!

I spent much of my day outside digging!!! : ) I turned the 3 garden beds alongside the driveway, & planted them with zinnias(!!!) & snap dragons. Then I mulched those beds. Next I weeded the vegetable garden. Then I planted, did "green" mulching & watered the veggie beds. I also got my red, wicker front porch planter done!!! Awesome! : )

We visited my Mom & Ken yesterday afternoon & went to a local green house, Miller's. I came home with ZINNIAS (!!!), tomato plants, cukes, ALL kinds of herbs, caledium, lobella, & sundry other plants.

I needed to make a light supper last evening & didn't know what to have. So, I opened the fridge & came up with a salad that was terrific & hit the spot! It was:

torn leaf lettuce
chopped vidalia onion
radishes (some of which I ate while prepping them - I LOVE a good radish!!!)
cherry tomatoes
grilled chicken (leftovers)
strawberries, quartered
a couple black berries (they were from Gentile's this week & they are SO good!)
chopped almonds
I drizzled Ken's Creamy Parm salad dressing over the salad & smeared the chicken with barb-b-que sauce. Mmmmm!!! It hit the spot - uh, didn't I just say that...!!! It was quick, simple, used the ingredients I had on hand & was a healthful, filling meal. : )

After dinner last evening I sewed. I pieced 8 rows of the 2nd baby TATW project. I have to press, pin, & sew those rows together. I started from the inside/middle of the quilt this time, as opposed to starting with the outside corners.

I have 2 labels I have to make. I've been dragging my feet. I have a label design decided on for the Daniel quilt, but haven't started it yet, & I have to do the baby TATW label too!

What stuff have you been working on?

I have decided to not go to Guild tomorrow evening. Scott & I have to grocery shop in the morning, which makes getting up & getting to Guild, not to mention walk Jingle, just too many things to do. Sorry!

Will we have Bee this week?! Tuesday isn't good for Jean, & she had mentioned hosting on Wednesday... We'll see what pans out?!

Enjoy your day! And, this beautiful weather too!!! Sew a little this evening if you get the chance! ; )
Piecefully, Pam

Friday, May 11, 2007

Good Morning All,

TGIF!!! : )

Cathy - glad to hear the news from the Oncologist was good news!!! That IS a relief!!! Even if you don't know what it IS, you do know what it ISN'T!!! Take the blessings where you can find them & be thankful, maybe even joyful!!!

I am furiously working on my third TATW (trip around the world) project. And, it's the second TATW baby quilt. I am using the challenge fabric from the Guild. Our Guild meeting is on Monday?! Uh oh, I WON'T have the quilt done, but @ least it will be underway!!!

Lois - are you going to the Guild meeting on Monday? Your challenge project is finished!!! Is anyone else going to Guild?!

I have been saying to Scott just how much I am enjoying the new shared Studio space!!! : ) I LOVE it! Each of us is positioned @ a window, & with the nice weather I feel inspired, pleased & peaceful! Also, things are more @ hand, available & accessible. I am liking that! An outcome that I hadn't expected...Scott is in there ALL the time, since I'm in there too, I am more productive - less distracted by rearranging my small (upstairs) space to make everything fit & work, less distracted by chores, less distracted by pets, & Scott & I work on chores together giving each of us more time for our hobby while still being together. So/sew far SEW good!!! : )

We did manage to do some outdoor/yard work last evening. I put 7+ bags of mulch under our holly tree! Scott filled in some Jingle digging spots then planted some grass seed. Jingle frolicked in the grass, which was super! He's not barking @ gloved hands & yard implements so much anymore!!! Praise be! I MUST pull weeds in my vegetable garden!!!

Enjoy your weekend, & have a pieceful Mother's Day!!! ; )
Piece, Pam

Thursday, May 10, 2007

Good Morning Girls,

Oooh, it's sort of sultry this morning. It's a little too soon to be feeling like Summer, no?! No hanging wash out on the line this morning. : /

Scott & I slept under our quilt yesterday!!! It's my FIRST completed bed sized quilt that we've actually USED!!! It felt SEW awesome!!! : ) I was smiling in my sleep, I'm sure.

Last evening I began the second baby TATW quilt. I got all the strips cut & began sewing units. I sewed together 26 strip units!!! Hooray!

Jean - WAY TO GO/SEW!!! Look @ you binding & finishing your 2 class projects!!! I'd like to see the Photo quilt that you decorative stitched the binding to the front! Which stitch did you use?! I've heard of doing this, but have not seen nor done it.

Life is calling & I must flee!!!!
Piece, Pam

Wednesday, May 9, 2007

Good Morning Ladies,

How is everyone today? It's a bit foggy outside, but they're calling for warmer temps later today. I need to weed!!! We have a cardinal pair that have built a nest in our backyard holly tree. Their nest is on the vegetable garden side of the holly tree. They chirp heck @ me when I hang out laundry, & they're going to have a bloody chirping fit when I step into the garden to dig...

Jean - how have your classes gone? Are they both finished yet? What are your new or next projects?! How are those Erin & Kelly kids doing?! ; )

Mare - what's going on on your end?! Are you ready for Joanna's Graduation Party? Have you done ANY sewing lately? What about reading a nice quilting magazine...?

Cathy - I know how busy you've been, but have you been able to fit in ANY sewing either? Did you get the baby quilts bound? What next projects are you thinking of? Are you still reading Jennifer Chiaverini?

Lori - you got fabrics for the quilt you've been asked to make, right? From Sauder's or Burkholder's, or both? Is it a T-shirt quilt? How is that coming along? What other pieces are you working on? How are your 3 kids...healthy?!

Mo - how is your KIT?!?!?! : ) I LOVE the fact that you have a little sewing "container!" How has Track been going? Is it soon finished for the year? What's the new Matt news, anything?

Lois - what's new @ your end? Are you over your trip fatigue? ; ) How are your gardens doing? What do you have planted?! And, what FUN things have you been sewing...?!

Leigh Anne - what have you been up to, you wild lady...oysters & all...?! ; ) How is your bunch of kids? Are you finding any time to sew? How is that Lancaster baby quilt coming along? What about the cute little hexagon project?

Peggy - is Jean's class over?! How'd you do?! Let's see the quilt!!! How is softball? Is your team winning?! What's next for you & your sewing machine?! Hey, did you hang the Naked Ladies in your Sewing Studio?! How is the needle punch project turning out?!

Dolores - how is your flannel...?!?!?! Have you CUT it yet...?! Did you get the most recent Hancock's catalog? Don't you just want to drool on the pages?! So/sew much pretty, pretty fabric!!! Are you working on another "charity" quilt? Have you been reading the Sewing Machine book? Joe NEEDS to surprise you with a nice, new sewing machine (& you can tell him I said, sew!!!)!!! ; ) Joe Byrnes!!!

Me - I finished the binding last night! I do have a small repair I have to take care of, but for all intents & purposes, it's done! : ) I laid out the fabrics for the next one. After that, I'm on hiatus from the on point Trip Around the World project & moving on to something else!!! I am thinking of getting out that Pickledish project from John Flynn's class @ last year's Lancaster Quilt Show. Ooooh, that IS a challenge though!!! Maybe I'll work on the Kaffe Fassett Pastel Bubbles piece instead, not sure it's much less of a challenge... I have some other smaller things to do too - a wall hanging, a sewing machine cozy, a jacket, etc, etc, etc!!! : ) I LOVE to SEW!!!

Enjoy your day, girls!
Piecefully, Pam

P.S. I heard from Barb Buffington & she bought some Jennifer Chiaverini books - she's hooked!

Monday, May 7, 2007

Howdy Girls,, it looks like no Bee this week. Everyone is busy with something! Maybe we can meet next week...

I got my Hancock's of Paducah catalog in today's mail. It's awesome & inspiring!!! I've only looked through it just once so far, but will be pouring through it MANY more times, to be sure! ; )

Mama Barb's was GOOD! We ate TOO much! Scott got her hooked up to DSL & she's even wireless!!! Now she's REALLY zooming around!!! I got to work on the baby binding, & talk sewing with Barb. I always enjoy that most especially!!! : ) She is working on a neat homespun & minkie quilt for a friends upcoming 60th birthday. She has a completed project out for long arm quilting, & she's doing a Kim Diehl project too - a hand applique Coxcomb bed size quilt. Plus, she's been working on making blocks from our most recent machine applique Karen class too. She IS amazing & inspiring too!!! : )

I was out in the yard a bit today. I had wash out on the line. And, I picked a bunch of lilacs. I added a few tulips & some Bleeding Heart sprays to make 2 arrangements for our home. They are lovely & smell so good! : ) I hope you are enjoy Spring too. There was a GORGEOUS sunset this evening!!!

Piecefully, Pam

Friday, May 4, 2007

Good Morning Girls,

TGIF!!! : ) Hooray!!! It looks like we're going to have nice weather this weekend, that's always a plus!

What do you have planned for the weekend? Kids sporting events, gardening, yard work, putting in screens, SEWING?! Whatever you're doing, enjoy the flowers & GREEN-ness!

We're leaving for Mama Barb's this afternoon. Scott is doing computer net working for Barb. I will be sewing!!!

I got the quilting DONE & have the binding sewn to the front of the baby TATW quilt!!! Awesome!!! : ) I machine quilted like a MANIAC yesterday morning while Scott took Jingle for his walk. Got the rest finished up before dinner, & after dinner I got the binding sewn on. I have it all set to take to Barbs!!! Life is definitely coinciding, gotta love that! Thanks Lori! ; )

Cathy - YOU ROCK!!! I opened up our laptop, asked Scott about down loading FlashPlayer & WATCHED the binding video while sitting @ my sewing machine (which I've FINALLY named, Gertrude!) It WORKED!!! I made a binding without lumps!!! Thanks ever SEW much!!! I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE how our Bee shares tips & tidbits! I am going to try to add the video link...okay, it's the first link on the left hand side of our posts. Try it!

Mare & Lori - you're heading to Lancaster this morning? You have a beautiful day for travel. Have FUN & buy excellent things!!!???

Piecefully, Pam

Thursday, May 3, 2007

must quilt, can't write, must quilt, can't write, must quilt, can't write, must quilt, can't write, all sew & no play makes pam a dull girl, all sew & no play makes pam a dull girl, all sew & no play makes pam a dull girl, all sew & no play makes pam a dull girl, all sew & no play makes pam a dull girl...

Alright, you get the message. I don't believe it is humanly possible to get the baby TATW project quilted & the binding sewn in place by Friday. There are NOT enough hours in my day...!?!?!?... It is coming along though!

Jingle IS a celebrity...?! I just can't imagine HOW it's happened??? I've told you that people driving by in cars will stop & hoot, "Is that Jingle? Look how good he is! Hi Jingle." This has happened more than once. It's embarrassing. Well, last evening while I was walking Jingle, a Mom asked if she could take a picture of her little boy with Jingle. What is that...?! Can a dog be charismatic...?! Is HE?! He may be able to run for office... I'm thinking of sunglasses & a wig or a BIG hat?! Crazy, no? ; )

Enjoy your day!
Piece, Pam

Wednesday, May 2, 2007

Good Morning Girls,

Cath, Mare & me were @ Bee last evening. We missed everyone else...Jean, Mo, Lori, Lois, Leigh Anne, Peggy & Dolores. But, we had fun regardless. ; ) Did a lot of about families, our roles, work, finances, & the like.

I think it important to support one another, not just as quilters, but as women. Sometimes we need to pause & take a little sip from the estrogen pool, to be celebrated & held up by our sisters. That may sound corny, but my soul is appreciative of what we share as a Bee. Thank you! : )

I have been SLOWLY working on my 8th BOM. I am un-enthused with the project, ie, tiring of it. Help me!?! I don't know what happened...

I am free motion quilting the baby TATW project! : ) And, I am pleased with how it is coming along. I'd like to finish the quilting SOON so I can get the binding on. We are going to Barb's over the weekend, & whip stitching the binding to the back would be a GOOD travel project. Wish me luck!

What things are you sewing? Are you still gazing @ fabric & patterns purchased from Lancaster...Dolores, be honest?! ; ) Has anyone started a new project, it is Spring after all?!

Enjoy your day. Aren't the blooms gorgeous? The flowering shrubs, trees & flowers add such brightness to our landscape after a long Winter! And, the twittering birds are a joy to hear! : )
Piecefully, Pam

Tuesday, May 1, 2007


Cathy, that's GOOD news! And, thanks for volunteering to host this evening. After 7:30 works for me! I'll be there. ; )

Things are busy on this end. Have a nice day & take time for a bit of sewing, please!
Piece, Pam