Thursday, May 17, 2007

Hi Ladies,

Thanks for last evening's Bee!!! It's always sew FUN to see everyone!!! I feel blessed to chatter, share, trade stories & sip from the estrogen pool with you gals.
; )

Jean - thanks for hosting! I think it is SEW cool how you did the binding on your Photo quilt!!! And, didn't that whole project turn out REALLY neat-o?!?!?! What a nice memory & well themed piece. : ) The BIG quilt is AWESOME too!!! Look @ how many things you've DONE!!! Doesn't that make you FEEL GOOD?!?!?! : ) Hooray!!! Hey, thanks for sharing Lancaster pics!

Mare - LOVE your new Vera Bradley bag!!! Your kids are growing up...! ; ) Glad to hear that Joanna's party was a success! We'll ALL be thinking of you this weekend & sending + juju!!!

Cathy - you are doing a REMARKABLE job!!! I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE how the Daniel quilt is turning out!!! The variegated thread was an AWESOME choice!!! And, look @ your Turning Twenty (dingle) Thimble Berry quilt!!! It is gorgeous! : ) You too have been WAY productive! Best wishes for your family. You know you're in our thoughts & prayers!

Mo - LOVE your stash AND it's container!!! I love that the container is CLEAR so/sew you can see exactly what you've got in there!!! Way to go!!! It sounds like it's not going to be too long before you have a sewing machine...?!?!?! : ) We're ALL here for you, Mo!!! ; ) Hey, aren't the Jennifer Chaiverini books nice? Glad you're enjoying them, & becoming more familiar with our cult language! Two other "quiltie" authors that I'm familiar with are: Earlene Fowler & Sandra Dallas...enjoy!

Lois - thanks for bringing pictures to share with us. Van is getting big! I LOVE him in the RED sunglasses!!! Have you started the next baby quilt yet...?! ; )

Leigh Anne - the Lancaster baby quilt turned out sew CUTE, CUTE!!! You did a GOOD job!!! : ) I LOVE the label too! And, the little counted cross stitch piece is precious. We'll want to see it again when it's a wall hanging! Isn't it GREAT to have stash?! ; ) Thanks for sharing the photo of the baby Star quilt too - nice! Glad you like the YLI thread!!!

Peggy - good to see you! How did your class project turn out? We want to see it!!! Glad you're liking your Naked Ladies SEW much!!! And, did you say softball is finished today?! ; )

Lori - we missed you! What's sewing on your end?

Dolores - whaz up?! How's that flannel doing...?! ; )

Thanks girls for looking @ the baby TATW & the next one in the making. Glad to have the label ready for the Daniel quilt!

Enjoy today & stitch when you get a moment!
Piecefully, Pam

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Cathy said...

Ladies - I thought I would be able to have the bee this week, but I can't - sorry. Kerry has softball. Thank god the season is almost over. Hope everyone is well and hope to see everyone soon. Take care. Cathy D.