Tuesday, May 15, 2007

Good Morning Girls,

It's LOVELY outside today!!! It's to be warm though...perhaps I can actually unpack my Summer clothes...?! ; ) Enjoy your day!!!

I finished drawing & coloring the labels - hip, hip hooray!!! : )

Jean - sorry you didn't have any "Mama's" with you @ last evenings Guild meeting. Scott's vote goes to Consuelo for President!!! Here, here!!!

Okay, time delay...it's evening now!!!

Both labels are DONE!!! I sewed the corners & pressed them. I am already sewing on the baby TATW label, & will bring Daniel's label to Bee tomorrow evening.

I pressed the 8 pieced strips for the 2nd baby TATW quilt this evening. I need to pin them & then sew. I also need to piece more strips!!! It's coming along. : )

I'm anxious to see you guys tomorrow. We're meeting @ Jean's, right? Who is coming?! Me! : )

I've had a few fatalities in the garden...1 yellow squash plant looks to have been chewed off by a bunny, & in the flower bed along the driveway there has been @ least 1 zinnia & 1 or 2 snap dragon deaths. Not too bad, I suppose.

Have a pleasant night & a great tomorrow!
Piecefully, Pam


Consuelo said...

Hardy Har Har Har....

quiltmamajb said...

Consuelo - let's face it - you have organizational skills, ability to lead large groups of people (as evidenced by the track team) and you have stash in a container. We get you up to speed on some quilting terms and you'd be ready to go! Pam - hope you're bringing the baby quilts tonight. A warm day today.....enjoy it...hope to see y'all later on. Tried the fabricmatcher...it's pretty cool - have to fool with it a little more.