Monday, May 21, 2007

Hiya Girls,

Survived day one. : ) Four more to go!!! I am SEW looking forward to Friday @ 4PM!!!

Jean - thanks for your comment! : ) It was nice to hear from you! How are the 3 family quilts turning out? What are the challenges?

Mare - what's the skinny?! How did your weekend go?! Did everyone survive?!?!?! Nero included?

Mare & Cath - I don't know what your tomorrow evenings look like, but you're welcome to come drive the BSR.

I didn't sew today. : / I did dead head some flowers & do watering. And, I talked with Mama Barb about Summer Sewing Camp!!! : ) Hooray!!!

Sweet dreams & have a GREAT tomorrow!
Piece, Pam


Consuelo said... I am totally into these quilt books. Finished the first two and am starting the third. God help us all....

quiltmamajb said...

Consuelo - when we open our own Elm Creek Quilt retreat - you will, of course, do the books? That is, in between teaching quilting classes - as you will be quite the expert by then! Knew we'd get you eventually - by hook or by crook (or by book). Cath - what's the latest on your Dad? Thinking of you. Peggy - is softball finished? What are you doing with all your free time? Quilting perhaps? Pam - two down and three to go! What's new with you other gals? Lois - see you at happy hour on Thursday? Take it easy...enjoy the day.....

Cathy said...

My dad is the same. Thanks for asking. Jean - I would like to buy some chances for the quilt. This weather is awesome. Everyone enjoy the beautiful weather and have a great weekend and holiday.