Friday, May 11, 2007

Good Morning All,

TGIF!!! : )

Cathy - glad to hear the news from the Oncologist was good news!!! That IS a relief!!! Even if you don't know what it IS, you do know what it ISN'T!!! Take the blessings where you can find them & be thankful, maybe even joyful!!!

I am furiously working on my third TATW (trip around the world) project. And, it's the second TATW baby quilt. I am using the challenge fabric from the Guild. Our Guild meeting is on Monday?! Uh oh, I WON'T have the quilt done, but @ least it will be underway!!!

Lois - are you going to the Guild meeting on Monday? Your challenge project is finished!!! Is anyone else going to Guild?!

I have been saying to Scott just how much I am enjoying the new shared Studio space!!! : ) I LOVE it! Each of us is positioned @ a window, & with the nice weather I feel inspired, pleased & peaceful! Also, things are more @ hand, available & accessible. I am liking that! An outcome that I hadn't expected...Scott is in there ALL the time, since I'm in there too, I am more productive - less distracted by rearranging my small (upstairs) space to make everything fit & work, less distracted by chores, less distracted by pets, & Scott & I work on chores together giving each of us more time for our hobby while still being together. So/sew far SEW good!!! : )

We did manage to do some outdoor/yard work last evening. I put 7+ bags of mulch under our holly tree! Scott filled in some Jingle digging spots then planted some grass seed. Jingle frolicked in the grass, which was super! He's not barking @ gloved hands & yard implements so much anymore!!! Praise be! I MUST pull weeds in my vegetable garden!!!

Enjoy your weekend, & have a pieceful Mother's Day!!! ; )
Piece, Pam

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quiltmamajb said...

Cath - that is good news about your Dad. We'll keep praying that they find out what's happening so that he can have some peace and some relief....and you too. Was wondering if folks could make it to bee on Wednesday - I can host that night, if so. Have an away game on Monday so I'm going to have to meet you over at guild - I like this meeting - it'll be fun to see what people came up with - and a free dinner is always a good thing. LA - finish that baby quilt yet? Dolores - have you cut your Lancaster fabric yet? Good luck to Consuelo at the Regional track meet on Saturday. Mare....congrats to you on Joanna's graduation on Satuday! She could have never accomplished so much without you. Hope everyone has a spectacular, peaceful, relaxing Mother's Day - we each deserve a little pampering! See you all soon.