Sunday, May 13, 2007

Hello & Happy Mother's Day!!!

How is everyone today? Isn't it GORGEOUS outside?!?!?! : ) Mother Nature's gift to all you Moms!

I spent much of my day outside digging!!! : ) I turned the 3 garden beds alongside the driveway, & planted them with zinnias(!!!) & snap dragons. Then I mulched those beds. Next I weeded the vegetable garden. Then I planted, did "green" mulching & watered the veggie beds. I also got my red, wicker front porch planter done!!! Awesome! : )

We visited my Mom & Ken yesterday afternoon & went to a local green house, Miller's. I came home with ZINNIAS (!!!), tomato plants, cukes, ALL kinds of herbs, caledium, lobella, & sundry other plants.

I needed to make a light supper last evening & didn't know what to have. So, I opened the fridge & came up with a salad that was terrific & hit the spot! It was:

torn leaf lettuce
chopped vidalia onion
radishes (some of which I ate while prepping them - I LOVE a good radish!!!)
cherry tomatoes
grilled chicken (leftovers)
strawberries, quartered
a couple black berries (they were from Gentile's this week & they are SO good!)
chopped almonds
I drizzled Ken's Creamy Parm salad dressing over the salad & smeared the chicken with barb-b-que sauce. Mmmmm!!! It hit the spot - uh, didn't I just say that...!!! It was quick, simple, used the ingredients I had on hand & was a healthful, filling meal. : )

After dinner last evening I sewed. I pieced 8 rows of the 2nd baby TATW project. I have to press, pin, & sew those rows together. I started from the inside/middle of the quilt this time, as opposed to starting with the outside corners.

I have 2 labels I have to make. I've been dragging my feet. I have a label design decided on for the Daniel quilt, but haven't started it yet, & I have to do the baby TATW label too!

What stuff have you been working on?

I have decided to not go to Guild tomorrow evening. Scott & I have to grocery shop in the morning, which makes getting up & getting to Guild, not to mention walk Jingle, just too many things to do. Sorry!

Will we have Bee this week?! Tuesday isn't good for Jean, & she had mentioned hosting on Wednesday... We'll see what pans out?!

Enjoy your day! And, this beautiful weather too!!! Sew a little this evening if you get the chance! ; )
Piecefully, Pam


lois said...

I'm planning on going to the guild tomorrow evening, if anyone wants to ride with me. Sorry I didn't respond sooner. It sneaked up on me.

quiltmamajb said...

Lois - I'm going tomorrow but I'm going to have to meet you over there - I have to bring Erin home from a softball game in Collingdale - and they usually are over at 5:45 or so. Mare wants to go - and she's going to drive - you can hook up with her. I'll see you there.....and I'll host bee on Wednesday - sent an e-mail. Talk to you soon...