Wednesday, May 9, 2007

Good Morning Ladies,

How is everyone today? It's a bit foggy outside, but they're calling for warmer temps later today. I need to weed!!! We have a cardinal pair that have built a nest in our backyard holly tree. Their nest is on the vegetable garden side of the holly tree. They chirp heck @ me when I hang out laundry, & they're going to have a bloody chirping fit when I step into the garden to dig...

Jean - how have your classes gone? Are they both finished yet? What are your new or next projects?! How are those Erin & Kelly kids doing?! ; )

Mare - what's going on on your end?! Are you ready for Joanna's Graduation Party? Have you done ANY sewing lately? What about reading a nice quilting magazine...?

Cathy - I know how busy you've been, but have you been able to fit in ANY sewing either? Did you get the baby quilts bound? What next projects are you thinking of? Are you still reading Jennifer Chiaverini?

Lori - you got fabrics for the quilt you've been asked to make, right? From Sauder's or Burkholder's, or both? Is it a T-shirt quilt? How is that coming along? What other pieces are you working on? How are your 3 kids...healthy?!

Mo - how is your KIT?!?!?! : ) I LOVE the fact that you have a little sewing "container!" How has Track been going? Is it soon finished for the year? What's the new Matt news, anything?

Lois - what's new @ your end? Are you over your trip fatigue? ; ) How are your gardens doing? What do you have planted?! And, what FUN things have you been sewing...?!

Leigh Anne - what have you been up to, you wild lady...oysters & all...?! ; ) How is your bunch of kids? Are you finding any time to sew? How is that Lancaster baby quilt coming along? What about the cute little hexagon project?

Peggy - is Jean's class over?! How'd you do?! Let's see the quilt!!! How is softball? Is your team winning?! What's next for you & your sewing machine?! Hey, did you hang the Naked Ladies in your Sewing Studio?! How is the needle punch project turning out?!

Dolores - how is your flannel...?!?!?! Have you CUT it yet...?! Did you get the most recent Hancock's catalog? Don't you just want to drool on the pages?! So/sew much pretty, pretty fabric!!! Are you working on another "charity" quilt? Have you been reading the Sewing Machine book? Joe NEEDS to surprise you with a nice, new sewing machine (& you can tell him I said, sew!!!)!!! ; ) Joe Byrnes!!!

Me - I finished the binding last night! I do have a small repair I have to take care of, but for all intents & purposes, it's done! : ) I laid out the fabrics for the next one. After that, I'm on hiatus from the on point Trip Around the World project & moving on to something else!!! I am thinking of getting out that Pickledish project from John Flynn's class @ last year's Lancaster Quilt Show. Ooooh, that IS a challenge though!!! Maybe I'll work on the Kaffe Fassett Pastel Bubbles piece instead, not sure it's much less of a challenge... I have some other smaller things to do too - a wall hanging, a sewing machine cozy, a jacket, etc, etc, etc!!! : ) I LOVE to SEW!!!

Enjoy your day, girls!
Piecefully, Pam

P.S. I heard from Barb Buffington & she bought some Jennifer Chiaverini books - she's hooked!


Consuelo said...

Ahhhh my stash case. It is a magnificent thing to behold. I now can relate to Dolores' fondling fetish. Track season is going well. There is light at the end of the tunnel. The big part of it will be over Saturday. While it drives me crazy I love seeing how much the kids seem to enjoy it and improve. In a couple of weeks I'm thinking I'll host a Bee. We still have the pepper jelly and crackers to eat! Stay well everyone and try not to miss me too much!

quiltmamajb said...

Hello everyone....feels like ages since I've seen anyone. I really miss bee and Kelly has another game next Tuesday...oy!! Today looks like a beauty. Tonight is the last night of class. The second class was actually over two weeks ago but I have a few from that one still coming to get finished. Tonight is the night to take everyone's picture. Former students (you know who you are), your pictures are on - click on the part where it says click here to see pictures of students' quilts. I'd set aside Sunday for myself to quilt - I decided to try and finish my projects from both classes. The queen size purple/green garden quilt - I finished the machine quilting and decided to put the binding on. I knew I had some of the dark green left for the binding - started looking for it on my table and lo and behold - the binding was already made!!! The quilting goddess was smiling down on me - yay! Talk about nice surprises as a result of forgetting that I'd already done it! I put it on and spent the rest of the day/night stitching it to the back. The total cramping of my hands the next day convinced me that I'll never do that again. Monday night I finished (nearly) machine qiulting the photo quilt and decided to sew the binding onto the back of the quilt and then used a decorative stitch to sew it down to the front - it is so easy!!!! I'd recommend it completely - it's not perfect but I'm glad I did it and I"ll get better as I do more like that. Mare - looking forward to Joanna's party on Sunday - can I bring anything? Cath - what's the word on your Dad? Consuelo...pepper jelly and crackers...count me in. Miss you girls....I'm looking forward to the end of track and softball too....I want to eat dinner with my family! Enjoy the day!

Cathy said...

Hellow Ladies - everything is going, I just got back with my dad from Bryn Mawr - had to have cat scans. Trying to find sewing time - I have to get Daniel's quilt done - I'm getting there. I think I'm going to work on my Hunter's square next (Jeans's class) with the batiks. I'm not sure yet. I am still reading Jennifer Chiaverini - I love her books. Miss everyone - I don't have Kerry's schedule in front of me, but hopefully I can host next week. Take care and enjoy the weather. Cathy D.