Sunday, May 20, 2007

Good Evening Girls,

It looks as though there is no Bee this week. Jean nor Cathy can host. I'll be home Tuesday evening. It's Game Night here with the guys, if anyone wants to come over, feel free! I'll be working on the 2nd baby TATW project.

I didn't sew today. I was BUSY in my kitchen! I made up a pot of chili, made a big bowl of fresh fruit salad & baked pumpkin muffins & banana nut muffins too! I need food-stuffs @ the ready! This week I work day shift. It's a difficult week & food needs to be simple & available!

I did hang wash out on the line today. It took a little bit for it to dry, & I got it off the line about 15 minutes ahead of the rain. I made sun tea too! The weather has been changeable & unpredictable! I've been trying to take advantage of it when I can! ; )

Hope everyone is hanging in there as the school year is coming to close. Things get hectic with sports, graduations, field trips & last minute stuff!

Our Mama Cardinal is vigilantly sitting on her nest! I am hoping it won't be too long before her eggs hatch...?! I have no idea how long it takes?! There are some cute baby bunnies hopping around the neighborhood!

Enjoy your Spring!!! Sit in the sun or on your porch & stitch a bit or read a quilting magazine! : ) Have a pleasant evening & a terrific tomorrow!
Piecefully, Pam

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quiltmamajb said...

Sorry about bee this weeks, girls. Have something every night - oy! Looking forward to the end of school and softball! Mare - how was the weekend with the DeMarco clan? You survive? Peggy - how did Nero fare? Did you walk him properly? Pam - I should have done what you did in preparing food for the week!! Isn't is a good feeling having things ready and waiting? I'm working on three small quilts for a family, made from clothing of a beloved uncle who passed away - interesting. It's presenting some challenges. Leigh Anne - thought of you when I passed the Lamb Tavern recently - the sign said 'Buck a shuck - Tuesday and Wednesday - Oysters $1 each'. Just FYI. Beautiful day today. Hope everyone has a nice one. Remember that the tentative date for the Quiltmamas BBQ is Saturday, July 14th! Also - Daniel's Lemonade stand is in Malvern on June 2. Here's the link: