Saturday, April 7, 2007

Good Evening Ladies,

SIX days 'til Lancaster!!! : ) Next week @ this time we may be having dinner @ the Iron Horse Inn!!! : ) We'll be talking about ALL the amazing quilts we saw!!! Then, what great gadgets, inspiring patterns & "just couldn't resist" fabrics we bought...!?!?!? It's almost insane how anxious I am about ALL of this!!! I've been making lists. I got out my bag for the Show, I'm thinking about what to pack, & I am dreaming of Lancaster in my sleep! : ) This yearly trip has almost become legendary in my mind, spirit, soul, & heart. Is anyone else experiencing this kind of pre-Lancaster hype?! Please say, "Yes!"

I did go to Ladyfingers today. It was a perfect day for it. : ) I got there around noon. It wasn't too crowded & I could move around the store without knocking stuff over. That's always good! ; ) I bought FABRIC!!!, 2 patterns & a couple spools of YLI Soft Touch thread. First though, I went upstairs to the classroom & viewed the quilts Gail has up. It's a "Show" of Nancy Davis Murty's work. I recognized her quilts @ once, but didn't know her name. I bought one of her patterns - Dash Away. It's Santa & his sleigh with the reindeer flying through the night sky. : ) (Shhh, don't tell the Easter Bunny...) I bought many fabrics @ $3.95 a yard. They have quite a nice selection!!! If anyone is thinking about going or not, it is worth the trip!

Sew, Tuesday it is then. Just drop by any time after 7PM. It will be the Come & See Bee! : )

Scott & I had our "Easter" ham this evening. It was GOOD! I made a glaze with strawberry jam, white wine & Dijon mustard. We also had baked pineapple. It goes SO well with the ham. Yum! : P This week we'll have leftovers!!! Tomorrow we'll paint eggs, & then the "fights" begin...! ; ) I hope everyone has a nice Easter.

Piecefully, Pam

P.S. Too funny!!! LOL!!! Great minds REALLY do think alike! Thanks for your post Jean!


LA said...

I have my toiletries packed (along with toilet paper for everyone!), a bag of projects to sew, and I just need to catch up on the wash so I can pack some clothes! Can't wait until 8am Friday!!! Have a great Easter tomorrow. Pam - can you send me your house number sometime b/f Tues. Thanks!

Consuelo said...

I've got the videos ready, my cross stitch packed, and am putting together everything for the Quiltmama Chronicles. What's really frightening is how excited I am about this trip....and I don't even sew!!

Consuelo said...

Hey, and I REALLY want to know what these egg fights are all about!

Lori said...

I second that Consuelo!!! I'm envisioning hard boiled eggs flying across the room!! I'm getting excited about the trip also. Not sure what I'm bringing to work on. Jean's thoughts of cleaning out my sewing room to see what I have is a good one especially since we know my sewing room is much messier than hers(according to one Jordan Raech).
I will try to get there Tues. John will be out of town so....
Hope everyone had a great Easter weekend.