Saturday, April 7, 2007

Saturday - this time next week...we could be getting thrown out of a restaurant! Only six more days, ladies!!! Lately, I've had quite a few, 'Hmmmm, haven't seen that in a while' moments - regarding my quilting books/supplies/stuff. Knew it had to be done...didn't want to do it but there was no choice...HAD TO CLEAN THE SEWING ROOM! Oy - love quilting but hate cleaning up that room. Fabric from the last few projects hanging around, recent magazines piled up (slidingly) on any available surface, having to shift things off the cutting mat all the time. No avoiding it - it was that or clean the bathrooms. Put the CD player on and got started....saw fabric I hadn't seen in a while, organized a few upcoming projects, put away lots and lots of stuff and tossed out a lot of trash. The music helped and while it wasn't completely painless (dusting and sneezing) when I walked back into the room after I was finished - there it was....My Moment of Zen.


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sewpam63 said...

Jean - I LOVE you!!! HOW did you KNOW I was writing too! ; ) You make me smile.

And, isn't that Zen thing just perfect...?! My MP3 player is called a Creative Zen - nice! I too am listening to some nice CD's.

I DIDN'T clean, but shopped instead... Priorities...?! ; ) Don't notice the dust on Tuesday, please!