Monday, February 19, 2007

Hello Everyone,

Those who are off today, enjoy your President's Day! : ) Those of us who are working - rats! : /

WOW! What a FUN weekend!!! I am ALWAYS amazed @ our productivity!!! And, how 'bout our diversity too?! There was anything from charity projects, to hand applique, to machine quilting & machine piecing, to bindings, hanging sleeves, curved borders, & maybe even a bit of reading, saduko, & TV too. Let's also not forget shopping, eating & LOTS of FUN & laughter! : )

Hooray for estrogen, nourishing our creative selves & drinking from the pool of friendship!!! I love you guys!!! Those of you who weren't along were missed!!! Did you (Peggy, Lois, & Dolores) take the opportunity to sew something this weekend? I HOPE SEW!!!

Cathy - how is your ankle doing? Keep OFF of it today & keep it up!!! When was your last dose of Motrin?! If you need me to wrap it, just give a call! Sorry if you didn't get as much stitching done as you'd like. Your beach blankets are CUTE! And, you are SEW right about skill building & honing. You have a GREAT attitude & approach!!! : ) AND, your Penguin wall hanging is CUTE, CUTE, CUTE!!! I just LOVE him, & the use of your creative license!!! Let me know how the 2" binding works out? Also, thank you SEW much for helping Leigh Anne with her sewing machine maintenance. It's important to keep our sewing machines fit & healthy - they are our FRIENDS too!!!

LA - how is your cough? Are you feeling any better? If not, you should see the Dr. Mo even offered to watch the kids if needed. Did your girls LOVE their quilts?!?!?! You are SEW sweet!!! : ) How is your "couch quilt?!?!?!" Snugly, cuddly, warm & stitched with love, right?! Enjoy it!

Jean - you are REALLY making progress on your hand applique Irish Cottage blocks. They are neat-o! The embellishments really add to them too. They make you use a lot of sewing techniques. : ) Way to SEW!!! I REALLY like the photo quilt too! How are the borders turning out? Let me know if you need any help with bias stems, or if the curved piecing worked effectively enough!? What were you working on Friday evening? Hmmm, I can't remember? You are going to quilt the Garden Splendor quilt this week, no? Good luck & have FUN with it!!! ; )

Mare - you are moving & grooving through projects woman!!! Nicole's T-shirt quilt is GREAT!!! She is going to just LOVE it!!! : ) What a nice surprise!!! I like the BOM in navy & white you're working on too. Hey, the chocolate fabric you bought for the SW quilt is awesome!!! I am anxious for it to be started!

Lori - the purses are VERY fun & nice. I really like them! I also LOVE the Bento Boxes quilt! The design is cool & the fabrics are FAB!!! : ) Way to SEW, girl! Try to allow yourself some sewing time each day. Let it be a reward for completing a task, errand or chore. You are permitted to SEW, it's allowed, TAKE some time for yourself. Sometimes, I set an alarm so I don't get "lost" in my sewing world.

Maureen - I LOVE your idea of chronicalling the Quilt Mama history. A scrap book would be a neat way to "remember" while being an ongoing journal of our Bee. It's amazing to learn how we've all come together & how far our sewing has progressed. Plus, we are getting closer to having YOU sew!!! Your Naked Lady is perfect!!! We need to document your sewing/quilting trip!!! ; )

I am THRILLED that I FINISHED my Trip project!!! : ) I can hardly wait to use it on our bed!!! Thanks girls, for all your help, friendship & inspiration!!! I will THINK about teaching it as a baby quilt for Calico & Cotton...?! : /

Enjoy your day. Smile when you reflect on the weekend. Stay warm! The outside temps are to be warming up through the week!
Piecefully, Pam

P.S. Thanks for the Jingle bags, Mare! ; )


Cathy said...

Thanks everyone for all your help and waiting on me. My ankle is getting better by the day. I'm trying to stay off of it today for work tomorrow. I had so much fun this weekend. I am very grateful and blessed for the friends that I have. Thank you. I'm going up to sew now.

quiltmamajb said...

Hey...glad to hear you're doing better Cath. It was an awesome weekend - we are some talented and kick-ass gals! So many laughs...and I really appreciate everyone's advice about Kelly - so nice to have good friends who are both knowledgeable and generous. My favorite part was talking about how we all got started and came together to be quiltmamas. Mo - thanks for being our achivist! And LA - thanks for offering to push our wheelchairs and 'brush off our crumbs'! That was hilarious!!!! PS - writing this from work......

Lori said...

Hi girls!
What a great weekend!! The time just flies! John asked me what time we went to bed on Fri. I couldn't even remember! Why keep track of the time! My kids loved their pillowcases! Speaking of pillowcases--Thanks-- the auction thanks you! If anyone has any ideas on how to package them or to put little things with them, let me know!! Hope our two patients(Cath and LA) are taking it easy today! Thanks to everyone for a GREAT weekend! Those who didn't make it--you were missed!! Have a relaxing day!!!

Cathy said...

Girls - heard a rumor at work today. One of my patients told me that there is a quilt shop opening up in the shopping center in Chadds Ford where Patch of Country was. She didn't know when, but she
heard it was going next to the bead store. talk to you soon.

LA said...

Hi girls - the weekend really was great! Lots of fun. It's great to spend time with people whose company is truly enjoyable! Hope everyone has a good week. Thanks for the recipe Pam!