Thursday, February 22, 2007

Good Evening Girls,

Geez, it's WINDY!!! I hope these gusts dry up the melting snow. Last evening walking Jingle was more like ice skating!!!

Tonight was Library book sorting in the Dungeon. It's amazing the number of books that collect in a months time. It's also quite amazing what some people donate?!

I haven't had much sewing time this week. I have been doing some EQ5 work though. I am working on designing a baby quilt like my on pointe Trip quilt. I have also been laundering fabrics that I bought last weekend. ; )

Jean - have you been machine quilting your class project?! How is it going? How 'bout the Photo quilt borders, what's their status? How are you doing with everything?! : )

Cathy - how is your ankle? Did you get your Penguin wall hanging bound?

Mare - have a safe trip out to see Nicole!!! Is her T-shirt quilt all ready?!

Peggy - how are you doing? Have you heard from Richie? I am thinking of you! ; ) What are you sewing?!

Leigh Anne - how is your cold/cough? Do you have the binding done on you living room quilt?! Are your girls all snuggled in their new quilts?! : )

Lois - how are you doing? Where did you put the Guild Raffle quilt that you won? Are you using it on a bed, or as a throw somewhere? Does George like it? How are your hand sewn stars coming along? Did you make a bag for yourself?!

Lori - have you "found" any time for sewing this week? What projects will you be working on next?

Maureen - are you going through sewing withdraw? Now that your Naked Lady is done, what's next? How is that cross stitch coming along...?!

Does anyone know how Dolores is? Did she finish that @!#? neighbor girls quilt? What about the yummy Moda quilt that she was making?

Deborah - are you back from Paris? How was your trip?! Did you bring home any fabric to stitch into a wonderful little quilt?! : )

Okay, this weekend Scott & I are expecting to begin our home transition & evolution. We are going to develop a joint/shared studio space (in what has been our living room). Tonight he upgraded software on his desktop computer & is cleaning it. This weekend the computer will be moved upstairs. I can not quite imagine moving my sewing room downstairs...?! Help!!! There are a LOT of things to manage, move, address in this process. Our living room will be moved to the dining room & there will be NO more dining room as we know it...wish us luck! Oh yeah, I almost forgot to mention, my brother & his girlfriend are stopping in to visit on Saturday... Does it get any more fun...?!

Take care girls! Enjoy your evening!
Piece. Out.


Lori said...

Good luck with your move. I think you'll be happy with it. I haven't done any sewing this week. I got a label ready for the flip flop wall hanging I made Theresa so I can give it back to her. I also "cut" (ripped) a pillowcase (winter) so it is ready to sew for the auction basket. Gotta run and do lunch duty. Have a good visit with your brother--he seems to be trying.

quiltmamajb said... know what they say - Many hands make light work...perhaps your brother and gf could carry some stuff down from the sewing room! Good luck - can't wait to see it. Mare...have a safe trip - she's going to love the quilt. Hope everyone has a nice weekend - won't be as fun as last weekend! Take care....

Maureen said...

The brother is coming! The brother is coming! Give him a hug and smile, then put that boy to work!!! That's what family is for. Good luck with the move. I firmly believe that dining rooms are overrated. It's actually the mantra of the PWDLTC club.

quiltmamajb said...

Dare I ask what the PWDLTC club is.....I've had a fun few minutes coming up with creative answers - but what's the correct one? People Without Divine Linen Table Covers? Persons Who Don't Like Table Covers? People Who Do Love The Cha-Cha? People With Darn Little To Covet?

Maureen said...

Ahhh grasshoppers...I put that one out there for all of you to ponder a bit. Send in your best guesses. The answer will be revealed in due time...Maybe there will be a prize for whoever guesses correctly!

Cathy said...

Pam - good luck with the move. Sounds wonderful. Can't wait to see it. Mare - have a safe trip.
My foot is coming along (hopping along). I go to the Drs tomorrow a.m. I'm almost finished my binding. I like the 2" binding.
LA - How are you feeling and how is the hand? Maureen - I can't even guess what the club you are speaking about. Hope everyone has a great weekend. Last weekend was so much fun.

lois said...

"People Who Dine Like True Capitalists"-----Maureen---that's my guess.
I have been sewing. Made myself a bag and did the "dare" for the guild and also started on my family quilt. I tried free motion quilting again and thought it looked good, until I turned it over and saw the loose stitches on the back. So now I'll have to rip it out.

Cathy said...

Pam - how's the move? Hope all is well. Lois - good guess. Hope to see everyone on Tuesday evening.

quiltmamajb said...

Lois...what an awesome guess!!! It gets my vote....

quiltmamajb said...

People who don't leave the closet...or conversely, People who do leave the closet? People who don't love to chat? People who delightfully love their children?