Sunday, February 25, 2007

Good Afternoon Girls,

Is it snowing again?!?!?! The snow flakes look to be about the size of dinner plates! One of the little neighbor kids built a snow man a few days ago. It's about the size of a rabbit, no, I'm not kidding. It just about drives Jingle crazy 'cause he is certain it IS a rabbit!!!

Well, the REAL reason I am writing is to give an update on our joint studio status. So far good. Things are still in transition & will be for some time, but all in all, the merger has been going better than I expected. I sewed today!!! - downstairs, in the "new" studio space!!! : ) And, Scott has been playing on his computer since Friday evening. : ) Shelby is not as put out about the transition as I feared she would be & Jingle has been permitted to come in & check things out, under supervision, & all has gone smoothly. : ) Relief!

Our "new" living room is livable. That's nice. : ) We have music playing & the TV/VCR/DVD techno-stuff is all working too, thanks to Scott!!! We will be auditioning furniture, curtains & "home goods" for a while until we have made a new nest. But, for now it's ALL good!

We also survived my brother & his girlfriend's visit. : ) We had a marvelous dinner @ Fayette Street Grille last evening. That just "made it" quite nearly as perfect as possible. Good food & a couple bottles of wine can make ALL the difference!?

Mare - I have dishes packed up for Joanna, if she's interested...?! I did have a few casualties, 2 cups & 1 bowl. Everything is waiting for pick up in our potting shed... It's a place setting for 12 with a couple serving pieces too. The dishes are by Johnson Brothers in their Snow White Regency pattern. They are just simple ironstone dishes with swirled edges. Plain, but nice, & functional.

I also have up for dibs, if anyone is interested, assorted other dishes, bowls, glasses, & stemware, & I have a complete set of dining room furniture...4 chairs, a table with a leaf & a china cupboard. If there are no takers, things will be going to a thrift shop. The dining room furniture can go piece meal, it does not have to go as a whole set. Let me know - anyone!!!

I think that's about it for now. Time to heat some soup & then tuck in for a nap. Enjoy your evening.
Piecefully, Pam

Cath - thanks for offering to host on Tuesday. I think I can be there. Scott has an AM appointment on Tuesday & we'll see what this white weather brings.. But, I am planning on being there & looking forward to it!!! ; )


Lori said...

Glad to hear your move went well!! Also I'm glad that your visit with your brother went well. As we all know, "you can pick your friends, but you can't pick your family!" And I must say I think all of the quiltmama's have wonderful taste in picking their friends!
Cath- hope you are resting that BROKEN FOOT! That's right girls, one of our nurses has been walking around for 2 weeks on a broken foot!!!
Lois-fantastic guess!!! I don't even have an educated guess!!
Gotta run- the troops are getting hungry! Stay safe and warm!!
Mare--Hope your trip went well and you get home safely!

quiltmamajb said...

Cath...your foot is broken!!!!???? Remind me not to go to those two podiatrists who looked at you! Are you casted? Wow....I'm sure Mike is waiting on you hand and broken foot......see y'all on Tuesday.

quiltmamajb said...

Pam....sounds like the resettlement was not too painful. That's a good thing. What are you going to do with you ex-sewing room?