Friday, February 9, 2007

Happy Friday to ALL!!!

This has really been a hectic week! Work has been unbelievably BUSY!!! I had 3 in-patients last night, & I saw 3 other students!!! One of those became a "short stay" patient who overflowed a toilet...!? Don't ask... Nothing has been the standard UTI, craziness, or fight with a room mate. Those girls...!? Is it full moon?!?!?! Needless to say, I am SEW glad it's FRIDAY!!! : )

Jean - in answer to your questions - I use a regular mechanical pencil to mark my applique design on background fabric (I think the leads are 0.2mm). I choose to use a mechanical pencil because the point is always sharp & pointy! Just trace lightly. I've used mechanical pencil to draw quilting lines & applique designs. I've drawn on light, soft butter colored fabric & tans or whites, the pencil has always come out in the laundry. Second, you asked me about quilting thread. I have always used Mettler 40 or 50 wt. 100% cotton thread for hand or machine quilting. However, on my Trip quilt, I used YLI 40 wt. 100% cotton variegated thread. I picked up the YLI variegated @ the Houston Quilt Festival. YLI actually had a vendor booth, & they sold slightly used or opened spools in a baggy, 5 spools for $20.00. Barb & Karen told me about the booth AFTER they had both been there!!! I was afraid that for my first time using the BSR & doing free motion quilting, a 40 wt. thread would produce "acorns" or thread nubs on the back when I paused or hesitated. So, I pulled the YLI thread through my fingers to compare it's wt. to that of the of Mettlers 40 & 50 wt's. The YLI didn't FEEL like a 40 wt. So, I did a mock up & looked @ the results. I was satisfied, & used it for the entire Trip project!!! Hooray!!! I must admit, I DO like YLI. Plus, as far as I know, Mettler doesn't make variegated thread.

I talked to Barb about YLI this week. She's been using YLI for many different applications & has been WAY pleased with all of her results.

Karen has tried Signature threads in the past & hasn't been satisfied with the outcomes. Recently, she's been using a different machine (shhh, I will tell you guys about it during Bee weekend!) & used the thread provided by the machine maker. Four hours later, she was SO/SEW frustrated with her results, & after trying EVERYTHING!!! (including calling Barb for suggestions) she called the machine manufacturer...the thread they supplied was by Signature.

Karen had a thread deal with Mettler about a year ago, it fell through because they were in the process of changing dyers. Karen knew the dyer changed, but was NOT aware the threads were not being made exclusively in Germany. My web boards have been complaining about the Mettler threads produced in Spain - they seem to have more slubs & produce A LOT of lint. So, Mettler is now made in Germany & Spain. Buy carefully.

Next bit of news, Karen has a line of thread that YLI will be manufacturing. Her colors & specifications are in production. I think in less than a year, her line of YLI threads will be on the market. Interesting how things evolve & digress...

Okay, all of that may be too much information, but there you have it!

I have had a great deal of difficulty finding thread locally. Steve's carries YLI, but it's their polyester threads for machine embroidery. They do carry Mettler. I haven't been to the Delaware Hayes. Many of he Lancaster shops don't carry 100% cotton Mettler thread & I haven't seen YLI. Burkholder's did have some German made Mettler the last time I was there. I bought some to support their venture & commented to them about it! LadyFingers carries YLI, both in cotton & silk, but very limited Mettler. The YLI silk is used for hand applique, think Elly Sinkiewicz...or Diane Gaudynski for machine quilting...?! LadyFingers has the YLI Soft Touch which I use in the bobbin for decorative machine stitching.

I have learned to make a list of colors, weights & brands of threads that I am looking for when I attend a Quilt Show. That's where I've been buying most of my threads. However, I have learned of Red Rock Threads from a reliable Web Board. I am WAY pleased with their products, prices & service. They are one of my blogs links, please, check them out. : )

This took longer & grew longer than expected. Sorry! It's time for sleep. Sweet dreams all. More tomorrow...?!

Piecefully, Pam

P.S. Lori - In the Bee "muse" I forgot to mention the purse you're making. It's WAY awesome!!! I even talked to Barb about it. ; ) Did you finish it?


Cathy said...

Pam - thanks for always sharing your information. I keep it in my folder/copybook. Have a nice weekend. Cathy

quiltmamajb said...

Pam...thanks for all the info - might take me a while to absorb it all...don't want to pull a quilting muscle so close to the shore trip. Have a nice weekend -relax and enjoy the quiet.....

Lori said...

You are a wealth of information. I think I used Signature for the purse. I did have a problem when I was sewing on the bottom, but it could have been the stress of sewing thru all that thickness. I did like it for the machine quilting though. I may finish the purse this weekend. Thanks for all the info!!!