Monday, February 5, 2007

How grateful am I for a WARM home!!! Aren't we ALL lucky?! Plus, we can make quilts!!! Sew - Good morning. How is everyone today?! Did your kids have a delayed school start time because of the freezing temperatures?

Cathy - Peggy mentioned your Dad yesterday. I will keep him in my thoughts & prayers.

Lori - same with your Dad. How is he doing? Will they be able to go on their cruise?!

Jean - how did the b'ball games go? Get any sewing done over the weekend?

Mare - missed you!

Lois - thanks for your nice emails. Sorry you've not been able to post on the blog.

Peggy - THANKS for picking me up yesterday for the Patch of Country sale. Richie LOOKS so honorable. Glad he liked his quilt! Love him while he's here!!!

Dolores - it was good to see you! How is your BNL coming along...? Too much pressure...!? ; )

I bought mostly just notions @ Patch of Country. It was mobbed! Ask Peggy...?! I got a leather thimble, thread & some batting too. I didn't even look @ the fabrics!

Be careful out there today. Stay warm & bundled up!!! Is there a Bee this week? And, is anyone going to next week's Guild meeting?

Piece, Pam

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quiltmamajb said...

Hey...we were up and out on time today - pretty chilly! Wonder how much stuff will be left down there by this coming weekend....did Peggy make friends in the cutting line? I'd mentioned in another blog that I will host this week....I'll shoot out an e-mail tonight as well.....bring show&tell, ok? Lois...hope you come - haven't seen you in ages. I'm going to guild next week - far as I know.....