Thursday, July 22, 2010

a breather....

It's still hot as blazes but today is a much easier breathing day - not as humid. Giving thanks for even the littlest is everyone? Unfortunately - the sewing day at Consuelo's tomorrow has been postponed. Life caught up with most folks. Please comment and let her know what days work for you - after August 22nd - so we can reschedule. I'm back to work then - so I'm only open on the weekends. In the meantime, we have a little road trip planned for next Thursday - 7/28. We'll be pulling out of H-town around 3:30 pm. Cathy and I can both drive - after we get a head count, we'll work out the driving arrangements. We're going to head to Sauder's and then come back down the turnpike to the Hayloft - and dine at the Windmill - yay!!!!! Get those patterns out, cruise the internet and get your lists ready!!! Looking forward to it. Hope y'all have a nice's bit of country wisdom:
If brains were cotton, he wouldn't have enough to knit a pair of socks.

Hmmm......I can think of a few folks with a cotton shortage....anyhow......take care......piece.

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STATUS - Road Trip