Thursday, July 1, 2010

From here to Havertown....

We're back! This shot was taken from Croagh Patrick (St. Patrick's mountain) - we climbed a little way up and this is the view. What a trip......lots of memories and pictures. Feel like I'm still processing it. It was so cool to have the girls see the places and folks who have been very important in my life. Heard is was crazy weather and storms while we were gone. Hope everyone's house fared ok......we only lost one section of fence in the back. Mare - how's the new family doing? They all getting used to each other? Consuelo - are you off for the summer? Pam - saw your new project posts - wow! You're heading to the beach, right? That's a great thing to bring along. Lor - you're probably heading down for the holiday weekend too - have fun! LA - how are you guys enjoying summer so far? Lois - how are you and George doing - you got through the hot weather ok? Cath - we were walking through Ballina - a small city near my cousin's town - on Tuesday. This guy passed us walking the other way - and Erin said, 'That guy looked just like Timmy DiNardo'. And Kelly and I had been thinking the same thing - he really did! Tim has a twin in Ireland! How is Kerry - did she start at the library yet? D - what's new, kid? What are you working on? I got some fabric while I was there - only bought a meter and a half - it was 14.95 euros per meter - that works out to almost $20 a yard!!!! OY! Wishing everyone a Happy July 4th weekend! Be safe and enjoy yourselves. Hope to see you all soon......piece.


sewpam63 said...

Neat-o, Jean! Thanks for sharing!!! I can't wait to see more photos and hear the tales too. : ) Hey, at least it was Tim D. and not Joe B...?!?!?! ; ) Welcome home.

Consuelo said...


Good one Pam. Welcome home Burkes! Can't wait to see and hear all about the trip. Wait till you see all the quilts I made while you were gone.

Oh...sorry...that was me channeling Dolores. I really have to stop doing that.

Have a good weekend Mamas!

Dolores said...

Welcome back world travelers - everyone have a wonderful holiday weekend - I'm especially looking forward to a three day weekend. We have to go to York tomorrow for a family party I talked Joe Byrnes into hitting a couple of quilt stores on the way. Yeah!

Happy 4th