Monday, September 23, 2013

Happy Fall Monday!

Hope you all had a nice weekend! Red&White day at Sacred Heart was very nice....another job well done. Congrats to Mike DiNardo and and his band of merry men and women.

Cathy has volunteered to host bee this Wednesday night....hope to see you there!

Did anyone attend the quilt show last weekend up in Oaks? I missed it again this year. I heard from a friend who went and she really enjoyed it. I saw Leslie Gibson - from Undercover Quilters - in the checkout line at Giant yesterday morning. She said the Undercover show is coming up in Brookhaven, the weekend of Oct 25 to 27th. That's always a nice show - I'm going to go down and see it if anyone is interested in going. She said that Carol Congdon has been the president the past couple of years - so it seems the Axis of Evil twins have moved on - possibly conquering a small nation.

Headed to Joann's today with Kelly - I had to get a few things and she needed something for a secret project she's working on - can't tell me about it. That's fine.  I told her I had two coupons if she wanted to use one. She says, 'Oh, I have an app for that'. She pulls up two coupons on her phone and shows them to me - a 40% and a 15% off total price. Oy! And here I am pulling my stone tablet coupon out from between the seats....boy, did I feel old. And I didn't have a 15%!! Is she smart or a smart-ass? Not sure.....

Wishing you a good week....

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