Monday, December 6, 2010

What......December 6th?

Oy! Only 19 days till Christmas.....doesn't seem possible. How was everyone's weekend? Have you decorated the house? Put up a tree? I'm sewing like a wild woman. I put one of those pillow/armchair things in my sewing room so Burkie or the girls could come, sit and chat with me. Why does this happen every year? And I'm still thinking of things daily - 'Oh, she would love that - I could get that done in time'......seriously? Anyhow......hope Chris is feeling better. Pam - still loving the job? Lois - what's new in Broomall? Dolores is heading back to work on Wednesday....I'm sure there is smoke pouring from Gracie trying to finish up things. Enjoy these last days. Hope you're feeling terrific. I'd like to host on Wednesday - before things get really holiday crazy next week. Hope to see you ladies.......piece.

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Lori said...

Hey Jean-- did you see the post yesterday over at Stash Manicure titlled "ten minute tutorial"? I didn't look at it too closely but I'm fairly sure it's the pattern for the Halloween table runner that we couldn't figure out
Hope to see everyone tonight!