Thursday, October 26, 2006

Hello All,

Since I've been mentioning local Guilds & their Quilt Shows, I thought I'd try adding a link to our own Guild - Undercover Quilters! : ) Jean, I did receive a materials list in the snail mail for the upcoming Pumpkin Social. I haven't looked @ it yet...?! Did Stacy send your ticket &/or the materials list too?

Tuesday evenings Bee was AWESOME, girls! What a FUN, productive, amazing, diverse, interesting group of women!!! : ) Let's see if I can remember everything...

Jean - your "Kosher Quilt" is really coming along! I LOVE the colors. There were LOADS of pictures to incorporate into that quilt, & you did an amazing job! Take a picture when you're done! Please. And, HAPPY, HAPPY, HAPPY birthday!!!

Mare - it was GOOD to SEE you!!! Look @ ALL the things you accomplished down @ Brigantine!?!?!? Wow!!! See what uninterrupted sewing time can produce...?! I REALLY like the fabrics/colors in the kit you bought @ Calico 'n Cotton! Nice. Hey, have you sent the links for the Lancaster houses yet? I didn't get any... : / It doesn't matter, I'll stay anywhere!

Lori - you were BUSY cutting pillowcases! You have LOTS of brights & FUNS for kids - awesome!!!

Cathy - the "Beach blanket" is really nice! I LOVE the colors! The orange is delicious!!! And, the sherbet quilt is soft & beautiful. You are doing SUCH a GOOD job free motion quilting, Cathy - way to go! Thanks for hosting! Hey, I forgot...I really liked the little "Vera" bag you made for Car. So what about the handles! You may start a new trend in Nursing Homes!!! ; )

Maureen - you are surprising!!! The pumpkin bread was really GOOD! : ) And, the story behind the vegetable soup is quite amusing. Look @ you reading Jean's cook book, making a turkey breast & expanding your horizons?! Rachel Raye has nothing over you!!! Plus, we have you SHOPPING @ Jo-Ann's! Too funny! I think the pillowcase ideas for Matt is wonderful! It won't be too long before you're looking @ sewing machines...

Lois - the quilt for you son is cozy & handsome! Using flannels was a great idea! He's gonna love it! Hey, thanks for baking & sharing brownies! YUM!

Leigh Anne - look @ you, you SEW girl! I forgot to ask you about your new sewing cabinet - do you like it?! The drawstring purse you made is terrific! Your sister is lucky to have you! ; )

Peggy - I hope you're feeling better!!! Get RID of that miserable cold! You need some chicken soup...Maureen...?! ; ) And, I didn't know you were taking Jean's machine applique class! That's super! It's learning new techniques & skill building. We're ALL proud of you!!!

Dolores - thanks for coming! It was good to see you also! I like it when you bring your magical Victoria's Secret bag!!! ; ) The flannel hexagon quilt is incredible!? Wow!!! That is going to be SO cuddly!!! Oh, & I LOVE your Trip To Broomall quilt!!! Aren't those fabrics - colors & designs inspiring?!

Me - well gals, thanks for looking @ my Trip Around the World quilt (again, for some). I like it a lot! : ) Thanks also for the prayers & + juju for my upcoming trip. I started actually putting things IN the suitcase.

Well, here goes! Let's give the blog a try... Let me know what you think?! I'm LEARNING!!! Your thoughts, ideas, suggestions are SEW welcome!!! Have a wonderful day!
Piecefully, Pam

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