Saturday, January 20, 2007

Okay, I CAN eat an elephant ONE bite @ a time...,right?! After reading, drawing & practicing free motion quilting, I decided to put my mouth where my money is!!! I began machine quilting my Trip project today using the BSR. This IS a challenge, BUT I am SEW glad that I am actually DOING it!!!

This past Summer, 2006, I just barely began to try my hand @ free motion quilting when alas, I purchased a machine with BSR capability. I've used the BSR on sample pieces, but not on anything "real." And, of course, I can't make a small project to practice with & learn from...?! Oh NOOO!

I wanted to quilt loops, circles & swirls on the Trip project, but began to understand that a sort of stipple is where I NEED/HAVE to begin, especially with a project of this size!!! It is VERY challenging to manage the bulk of a BIG quilt...under the throat of the sewing machine, on your sewing surface (regardless of it's size, it's NOT big enough!!!), & then there's the cat factor. Yeah, Shelby HAD to stretch out on MY quilt & act like a big, fat anchor!!! I have a whole new respect for machine quilters, their skill, talent & perseverance. : )

I have already emptied a spool of thread, & I don't know how many bobbins I've gone through, but I have perhaps a third of the Trip project quilted! I am making headway, & it's MUCH faster than my hand quilting!!! Wish me luck, Girls!

What are you guys stitching?! It's a good weekend to be in & sewing, isn't it?! : ) It's blustery & cold! I made a pot of soup & some brownies - perfect for this kind of weather.

Jean, how is your quilt top coming along?! Do you have it together?! I can't hardly wait to see it!!!

Cathy, thanks for volunteering to host QM's this upcoming Tuesday! I expect to be there too. I return to work on Monday night, so go easy on me. ; )

I have one side of one triangle to hand sew for my Guild English paper pieced star. I think I may actually use it as the label for the Trip piece, since I used all the same fabrics. Lois, how is yours coming along?

Is anyone making blocks for the Guild BOM exchange this month? I think this month it's a Rail Fence block using red, pink, black & maybe white...?! Who is planning on going to the February Guild meeting besides me & Jean? Mare? Lois? Cathy &/or Lori...?!

Has anyone else worked on their Naked Lady? I have not. But, I've been thinking about her. She's on my design wall, right in my line of sight...!

We have been having some internet flux here this weekend, apparently due to the weather, so my blogging has been & may continue to be spotty... Sorry!

Enjoy your weekend & stay warm!
Piecefully, Pam


Anonymous said...

Happy to hear your machine quilting is going sew well ...haven't been doing any sewing lately. Machine is still away for the holiday's.. Hope to see ya on tues. Mare

quiltmamajb said...

Pam.....please bring it on Tuesday, ok? Got the queen top done - will bring it - working on the back now. Haven't cleaned a thing this weekend but what's more important, right? How's Jingle doing? My naked lady is sitting right on my sewing table - just waiting to be clothed - at least partially....I hope everyone can have it done by the shore weekend - or at least complete it there. It'll be a hoot to see them all. We should lay them all out and try to guess whose is whose. Do we have a count yet? See you all on Tuesday, I hope. Peggy - this must feel like the countdown the Christmas when you were a kid....hoping you have an absolutely awesome week and a safe trip. jb

Peggy said...

Pam, You always impress me. I have been trying the nipple (stipple) stitch but I continue to struggle. I am going to practice after this week. You go girl!! I am on top of the world and yes the count down is on. We are leaving 3am Wednesday morning. My stomach is in knots, but in a good way. See you Tuesday.

Cathy said...

Pam glad to hear it is going well. Please bring it on Tuesday evening. Hope to see everyone
Tuesday evening. Take care. Cathy