Friday, January 5, 2007

Good Evening Girls,

I am expecting to go to the Guild on Monday evening. Jean & Lois are going too, right? Anyone else? Jean, I may catch a ride with you if you don't mind. Or, would you like me to drive? Either way, I can be @ your place by 6:30.

I bet you're anxious to get your sewing machine back, Jean?! Let me know how she is? And, if the light switch is better! What do you have lined up to sew?!?!?! How has the hand applique been going?

I have been sewing. : ) I started & have been working on my BOM #8. Today I made a set of "wine" pillow cases for my brother & Deb. I also began piecing a backing for my Trip Around the World top. I am using scraps & bits of fabrics used to make the top, to make a backing. And - long story short, I need to un-baste the Dresden Plate quilt. I will use it's batt for the Trip Around the World project, & I am pretty certain I am going to use a wool batt that Barb gave me for the Dresden Plate quilt. This is un-work that I am not necessarily looking forward to. : /

Hasn't this weather been unusual?! Our back yard is like a giant muddy slip 'n slide. Jingle has been RUNNING on soggy, unfrozen grass, err, ground!

Stay dry & have a good weekend!
Piece, Pam

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