Wednesday, January 3, 2007

Lois - I didn't forget about you! I just didn't get back 'til now. : ) Thanks for bringing your Guild BOM to the Bee. It inspired & reminds the rest of us to get busy!!! I like your color selections. Hasn't it been kind of fun to do the BOM?! Do you have any Donovan Christmas pictures to share? How was it going back to work today? I was thinking about you.

Me - I started stitching my next BOM. It's #8. I was disappointed to learn that I actually have 5 more blocks to sew...yes, I CAN count!? Since the weather was nice enough today, I laundered Christmas gift fabric & hung it on the line to dry. It always smells so good when you bring wash in off the line. Why is that...?!

Jean & Mare, glad to hear you got Scott's pictures of the quilts from the Shop in OCNJ. Do you need the actual picutres printed too? Just let me know.

Lor - SO glad that Ryan is home & doing well enough to be HOME! Blessings to you & yours!

Good night girls. Sweet dreams & have a great tomorrow!
Piece, Pam

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quiltmamajb said...

Pam - how is your break going? Are you getting lots of sewing done? Are you going to guild on Monday - I told Lois I'd be happy to drive but I can't leave till nearer 6:30 - so we'd get there close to starting time. I'm bringing my own project to work on but it'll be nice to see everyone - I do miss it when I don't go. I'm picking up my machine tomorrow morning at Hayes...need anything while I'm there? I'll send an e-mail to guildmamas/quiltmamas to see about Monday......take it easy and have a nice weekend! Jean