Sunday, January 28, 2007

Hello Ladies,

Well, my thread hasn't yet arrived, was able to clean this weekend.

I did make the binding for my Trip project though. : ) That's a first! I NEVER have the binding ready before the quilt is completed, but I kind of like it. This way, when the quilting is done, I can bind the quilt right away - NCE! What things have all of you been stitching & working on?!

I have a pot of gumbo ready for this week! YUM!!! It seems like it's going to be good weather for gumbo. ; ) Mo, did you try the sausage recipe...? Any questions...or comments...?!

Did you guys get a postcard in the mail from Burkholder's?! They're selling on the web now! I'm not entirely sure I LIKE the Lancaster shops being internet that wrong...?! Also, I got an email @ work from Z and S Fabrics (which I think is Zook's & Sauder's, am I correct in that assumption?) anyway, they are now stocking & selling Kaffe Fassett & Amy Butler fabrics!!! They have a limited choice, but I am WAY excited about IT!!! When you ladies were in Lancaster this past week, did you happen to notice any said fabrics?!?!?! Did you BUY any?!?!?!

Deborah, I did get your email. Thanks. I just went back to work on Monday night & didn't open my work email until Friday morning. Paris sounds marvelous!!! Have a wonderful time!!! We can try for the March Guild meeting. It's ALL good! : ) Just keep me posted, & meanwhile, enjoy the blog...AND Paris! ; )

Jean - how is that photo quilt class project coming along? Have you begun quilting the Garden Splendor piece yet? You're busy!!!

Alright, time for a bite to eat before our nap! Enjoy the snow flurries!
Piece, Pam

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