Wednesday, January 10, 2007

Good Morning Girls,

How is everyone this morning? It's a bit blustery outside today. It is feeling more like Winter though. : )

It was good to see you guys last evening! Thanks for hosting Cathy, but, uh, I think the Bee meetings may need to be relocated... Yes, we had a special guest visitor last night...Theresa Rache (spelling?!). WOW! She is a TRIP & a HALF!!! Poor Mike... Needless to say, our volume was increased 10 fold... You know how I sometimes call Barb a gatlin gun?! It's that rapid fire, never take a breath, kind of "talking @ you" - LOUDLY exchange. Well, I think Barb & Theresa Rache if left in a room together may kill one another...?! Whew!?

Sew -
Again Cathy, thanks for hosting! And, for sewing on that button for Theresa's daughter...thankfully there was NO stapler involved!!! ; ) I LOVE your sewing machine tote. It's AWESOME!!! All the neat-o little cases & compartments are way cool. Plus, I think it's such a warm, fuzzy that your daughter "helped" Mike pick it out for you. You're a good Mom with a nice family!!! Thanks for making the trip up to your sewing room & bringing the tote down to show us! : ) We appreciated it! Keep an eye on Maureen though, she's ALL about those little compartments & such...

Speaking of Mo - thanks for bringing your framed needlepoint picture to Show 'n Tell!!! It is truly lovely!!! Your SIL did an amazing job! The colors are just gorgeous, & the mat & frame she chose are perfect. She has good taste & an artistic eye. Where did you hang it?

Jean - your Irish Cottage blocks are SO pretty. The added embroidery really gives depth & definition to the pieces. Your friend is truly blessed to have you as a friend. : ) Glad also to hear your sewing machine is back from the Spa & is sewing like a dream! Nice! When are you going to start your class projects?

And, speaking of class, look @ Miss Peggy!!! Going on-line to look for (more) fabric, reading the selvege edge info, finding the designer & manufacturer, & then ordering the fabric! I like the pansy fabrics & the green you chose. You GO & SEW girl!!! Hey, by the way, Richey will be HOME in 2 weeks!!! : )

Mare - glad you're feeling some better. : ) Do you have fabrics selected for Jean's next class too? What? I saw that Moda has some cute snowman fabric out. I forget what the line is called, but it's cute, & it made me think of YOU!

Lor - hey, we're ALL glad to know that your kids are HOME & healthy! No more hospital trips for a while, okay?! Your fabric calculator is nifty!!! It does a lot of cool calculations. And, the storage for it's booklet is certainly handy! The quilt rack John got for you sounds nice too. Where did/are you going to put it & what are you going to hang on it?!

Theresa - she can get you Motrin, but NOT Advil!!! She does NOT have a tattoo, but will fake show you her butt anyway! ; ) And, she does NOT sew (nor read, evidently)!!!

Lois, Leigh-Anne & Dolores - we missed you guys! What's sewing on your end?!

Me - thanks for looking @ my Trip backing. I thought I was going to the Library this morning to work on basting, but don't feel like it now. We had a leak in the basement, from the furnace. And, Jingle chewed the kitchen door mat this morning. Maybe I'll go to the Library a little later...?

Piece, Pam


quiltmamajb said...

Boy - just watching Theresa and Barb would be entertaining but we'd all need some Motrin afterwards!!! Lots of laughs, ladies. And I'm so proud of our Peggy! I can host next week....take it easy. jb

Peggy said...

Hi everyone,
Thanks for the link Jean, and Pam, I am always amazed at your memories. You remember everything said and I only remember it when It is repeated to me. Oh AGE is a wonderful thing.

Thanks for the info.


Maureen said...

Hey Pam,
I hung the needlepoint in the dining room. You see it as soon as you walk in the door! said 'SO' instead of 'SEW' in your musing. Be more careful next time won't you?!

I side note girls, how about if I host next week? Let me know...

Maureen said...

Ok, I said 'I' instead of 'A'....

My God, I have too much time on my hands....

Anonymous said...

Just wanted you to know your link to hancock-paducah sale fabric got me right there. It also had me purchase a "few" yards of fabric I just had to have because the sale was so good!! Have a good day.

quiltmamajb said...

Mo....thanks for the offer to host next you have a project for us to do? Last time was so much fun! Looking forward to it....thanks. jb

Cathy said...

Thanks for coming Tuesday evening, sorry if the noise level was a little off. Sometimes the entertainment does not turn out the way it is supposed to. Good luck at the library Pam. Maureen thanks for hosting next week. Talk to everyone soon.