Wednesday, January 3, 2007


It was good to see you guys @ the Bee last evening. : ) Missed those of you who couldn't make it. : /

Cathy - thanks SEW much for hosting! And, I didn't ask, but was thinking about your family - Mike, Dad, FIL, etc. How is everyone doing?! And, how are YOU! I was glad to see you're reading Jennifer Chaiverini. Aren't her books nice? They're an easy read & a fun "quilty" story. Also, I know your life is full & you've been keeping busy, but perhaps pulling out some hand applique might be a break from reading...?! Cath, don't make it too difficult, just put in a couple stitches @ a time, it doesn't have to be a big deal. It doesn't matter how they look! Just do them. There won't be any learning or improvement if you don't pick it up. Just think about it...

Jean - uh oh, you're sick...?! How are you feeling today? Any better?! I hope SEW!!! You do know that Mom's are not allowed to get sick, don't you? ; ) I made a giant pot of turkey rice soup yesterday & if you could use any, just say the word! Glad to hear your machine is in for a spa treatment. That's nice. : ) Will Mr. Hayes be able to fix the light switch too? Also, glad to hear you've been doing a little hand applique while your machine is away. Take it easy.

Mare - how was JoeD & his "new" girl when you got home? What d'ya think? Is she nice? She seems like a GOOD influence!!! How was Joe's trip to Pitt & back? How is Nicole? Hey, Joanna did an awesome job buying you fabric for Christmas!!! She gets bonus points for that!

Peggy - glad your internet access is back! It was good to see you. What a nice surprise from your kids, the photo key chain. : ) You have 2 good kids there Miss Peggy! Glad to hear that Richie is pleased with his choice. I can't imagine the relief you must feel! Just a few weeks yet 'til his graduation - HOORAY!!!

Leigh Anne - good to see you! : ) Thanks for bringing my dish along. How was your Christmas & New Year's?! Did EVERYONE like their pillowcase?! You SEW girl!!! What are you next projects? How did the jeans turn out?!

Dolores - glad to hear from you via the phone. PJ's & the sofa did sound nice! Look @ you sewing up a STORM before Christmas & getting ALL those quilts done!!! You are a SEWING MACHINE!!! Now, Joe owes you something, right...?!

Mo - we missed you last evening! How are you? How were your Holidays?! Hey, I heard something about you having a book...Quilting for Dummies...?! You have stash...what's next...?!?!?!

Lori - how are things going on your end?! How is Ryan doing today? Are the antibiotics helping? Know we are all thinking of you guys!

Okay, my laundry is done & I must GO!
Piece. Out.

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