Wednesday, January 24, 2007


Let's see if I can remember last evening's events & highlights from Quilt Mama's...?!

Peggy - travel safely & pee as often as needed! Be SO, SO, SO proud of YOUR son!!! It was nice to meet Ellen. : )

Mo - did you get the recipe addendum I emailed you this morning?! Add 1 large can of diced tomatoes or chop up 4 - 6 fresh tomatoes & just toss them in on top of the peppers & onions, then continue on with the recipe! Sorry about that. I am getting anxious to see your Naked Lady!!! She's going to be SEW glitzy!!!

Mare - look @ you doing hand applique on the down low, girl?! I am anxious to see it too!!! What are you looking for in Lancaster today? Anything specific, any special projects in mind...?! Enjoy your day & let us know what good buys you bring home! : )

Cathy - look @ you doing hand applique!!! That's WAY awesome - you're doing a GREAT job!!! It's nice to have a hand project when machine work isn't available, for whatever reason. And, look @ you taking your machine to Hayes for a new foot. You free motioned your foot down to a nub! You SEW, girl!!! : ) Your Sherbet quilt is soft & nice. I like the darker purple stipple quilting! Are you going to bind it in a darker purple batik? Thanks for hosting last night. And, tell Mike thanks for "Joe Byrnes." : ) Too funny, you guys!!! Cath, are you going to Lancaster today also? Give us the low down?!

Jean - your Garden Splendor quilt is AWESOME!!! It's BIG!!! I REALLY like the colors! How are you planning on quilting it, free motion stipple? Did you start the Photo Memory quilt yet? How is it coming along? Hey, thanks for sharing the bag of Naked Lady embellishments. That was nice & some of that stuff is GREAT! Speaking of GREAT, your Naked Lady is SEW cute!!! I especially LOVE her flip flops!!!

Leigh Anne - I love you. You are SEW cute. Your little hexagons are SEW pretty & nicely done. I love that you use whatever time you can eek out to do whatever stitching fits into your life & schedule!!! : ) I admire you.

Lor - I like the long vertical Flip Flop wall hanging. It's cute. I also REALLY like the flip flop batik border. Can't you find the neatest fabrics?! And, what are you looking for in Lancaster today? Anything special? Let us know what FUN stuff you find & buy!!!

Dolores - THANKS for coming!!! I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE your Wuthering Heights quilt!!! The colors are yummy!!! I REALLY like your design! And, tell that neighbor to p--- off. I know that's not nice, but REALLY?! Jingle can come over & make some yellow snow in his yard if you'd like... And, Jingle says "Thanks for the bags!" ; ) "Joe Byrnes!!!"

Lois - we missed you. Thanks for you email. I hope you can figure out how to post here. Meanwhile, I'm just glad if you come here & read stuff! ; )

Thanks for looking @ my free motion work on the Trip quilt ladies. I appreciate your kindness. I am going to include a link to a thread place I've just ordered from. It's gotten GOOD reviews from 2 different sewing boards I frequent. They had the best prices I could find, they have a nice assortment, & there's NO shipping to the US or any APO address. Nice! Of note, I can not make QM's next Tuesday, 1/30. I have a staff meeting. : /

Take care & stay warm! It's going to be COLD on Friday, so have your quilts ready, some flannel pj's & a mug of hot chocolate : ) !!!

Piecefully, Pam


quiltmamajb said... hit on all the highlights. How about Peggy's sister? She was a panic - exactly like her. I hope they're having a wonderful time and everything is going smoothly. Haven't heard anything from the Lancaster shoppers...hope they got some good buys. Show & tell for next week? I can host next week. How about Dolores' quilt - wasn't that beautiful? Colors were so nice.....we really have a talented group of chicks! Everyone's stuff is amazing. Thanks for the thread link - I'll have to take a look. Printed out the photos for the class quilt - hope to have the top done for next week's bee - sorry you won't be here. Take it easy....and keep warm.

Anonymous said...

You have such a great memory for what went on at our bee!!! We had a great day in Lancaster. We were able to get to Sauders, Burkholders, the Fabric Shack, and The Old Country Store. We're still finding Burkholders more expensive than it used to be. I picked up some flannel for Lindsay to make a pair of pj pants for my girlfriends daughter for her birthday(Sauders). I also picked up a floral to coordinate with 1 of the fabrics I got a paducahBurkholders).A few clearance fabrics at the Fabric Shack that you "just had to get for the price) and the Snowman fabric that I heard you bought and had to back with fusable--I got the fabric that already has the fusable on it.
Mare and Cath and I were talking about everyone in Quiltmama's making a holiday pillowcase and putting them together for a basket for the auction for school. What does everyone think??? Can we talk our "pagan baby" into making a pillowcase for the"catholics"??
Talk soon. Have a great day!

Maureen said...

Consuelo does not make pillowcases...Consuelo would be happy to add a snack!

quiltmamajb said...

Starting with a pillowcase could be a small and manageable first step in a long quilting career.....hmmmm.....think of the square corners, the precision of the straight stitches! You will, of course, need something larger than a fat quarter!

Lori said...

HI Quiltmamas,
I'm having trouble posting. Anonymous is me!!!

Maureen said...

While the potential for any precise quadrant activity is intoxicating, Consuelo does not like the comment "first step". HELLO..can we all say together "NAKED LADY"??? Begin to feel contrite now...

quiltmamajb said...

I was under the (mistaken?) impression that the naked lady was going to be 'sans' sewing - glue being the key ingredient. A thousand pardons, oh project runway guru....20 lashes with a wet fat quarter....most humbly....

Cathy said...

Girls, Girls,Girls, do I need a whistle and striped it.