Thursday, January 18, 2007

Good Evening Gals,

It was SEW good to see everyone @ Maureen's on Tuesday evening. : ) I LOVE you guys!!! Thanks for listening to my story of our "Christmas" trip to SC - No Mom, flat tire, & ALL!!! Do you think we get bonus points with Santa Claus...?! I may need them...

Maureen - thanks for hosting us QM's! I REALLY like the needlepoint picture hanging in your dining room!!! It's just the perfect spot for it! ; ) Thanks for the glass of wine too. It helped to smooth out some of my rough edges...believe it or not...?! Did you find your Naked Lady yet?

Mare - I LOVE your "new" hair! The "do" is VERY becoming! How is it to style by yourself? Manageable? We are ALL looking forward to Brigantine in February & Lancaster in April!!! THANKS for making the arrangements. Let us know when to pay you! You didn't mention JoeD's are things going...?!

Jean - we WANT to SEE your class project!!! You didn't bring it...?!?!?! Glad to hear it's going together SEW quickly & easily. Nice! Are you hosting QM's next week? Can we see it then?! ; )

Peggy - How many days 'til Richie?! I am WAY excited for you!!! : ) Hurry up!!! Do you have his quilt done yet?! Do you need any help?!

Lois - your Naked Lady is awesome! You did a REALLY good job! Too cute! ; ) The 3 bags you made are terrific!!! Contrary to George, the zebra print bag is MY personal favorite!!! Now, you NEED to make one for yourself! How is your English paper piecing coming along? What did your boys think of their Christmas presents - the quilts you made for them?! AND, where did you put the raffle quilt that you WON?!?!?!

Cathy - it was GOOD to see you. What are you working on currently? Did you finish the Jennifer Chiaverinni books? Is your Mom reading them now? Does she like them?

Thanks again for listening to my travel story. I don't know what I'd do without you guys?! Or, what I'd do without your prayers & good thoughts?! Thanks also for looking @ the BOM blocks that I have done. I'd like to get my English paper pieced star done next. I think I may actually use it as the label on my Trip Around the World project. Speaking of which, I've been practicing drawing some designs for the quilting motif on the Trip piece. Jean & Cathy, Lori too - how do you guys NOT get a brain fart or hiccup when you're machine quilting?! I'm going along fine & then ALL of a sudden I don't know where to go next...I pause, hesitate, stutter & then move to the next place to quilt, but somehow the design becomes warped during that momentary lapse of focus!? Also, a side note, we were to go to the Rehoboth Beach today. We were going to try Jingle on the Beach, eat crabs & then overnight @ Clark & Hil's. We called for a Vet appointment for Jingle on Tuesday after picking him up Monday evening from the "Spa." he's had some skin lesions that aren't healing. The soonest we could get him seen was this morning. Then, his Vet was out sick & he had to be squeezed in...his lesions were scraped & we are awaiting culture reports. Nothing looks too serious, but he may be contagious. We didn't want to expose Cosmo (Clark & Hil's older dog) to Jingle's problems. Meanwhile, Jingle got a shot, is on an antibiotic & has an ointment too! And you guys thought kids were bad...?! So, NO Beach, we're @ home - that's not SEW...bad though. ; )

Lori, Leigh Anne & Dolores - hope you all are doing well. Leigh Anne - how are your kids doing? Better? Want to mix them with Jingle...?! : P Lori - did your fabrics from Hancock's come yet? Mine arrived yesterday - they are yummy!!! Dolores - English paper piecing isn't ALL that easy! You made ALL of those little flannel hexagons!!! NO small feat! How are your quilts & quilting projects coming along?!

Deborah - if you're reading along too...Jean & I are both planning to attend the upcoming February Undercover Quilters Guild meeting. The speaker will be BJ Titus. She is a local gal & belongs to Brandywine Valley guilters guild. Let us know if you're interested, & you can hitch a ride with us! We usually try to travel together - it's more FUN! ; )

Whew! Is that everything?! Please chime in if I've missed anything! Also you guys, I don't SEE or come to the same website that you do when you "log in" here, I don't know how to help you all post or navigate the site. Any tips would be appreciated.

Enjoy your evening & do a little stitching if you get the chance!
Piecefully, Pam

P.S. We just picked up John Mayer's new CD, Continuum. It's good!

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quiltmamajb said...

Pam...thanks for the recap - and I enjoyed listening to your Christmas tale...made me think about the stuff I haven't said to my family! I'm sewing the rows together tonight so next week I'll bring the finished top. I cannot host on Tuesday - I have a meeting at school at 7:00 - so the hosting spot is up for grabs! Lois' naked lady was very inspiring - I'm torn between wanting to decorate mine and finishing this top....I really need more hours in a day - just for sewing! Yes...the machine quilting can be in fits and starts sometimes - that's why there are lots of swirls! Everyone have a nice weekend - stay warm!