Friday, September 24, 2010

TGIF!!! Finally....

Hello, nice to see everyone last night. Lois - we missed you. Hope you and George are well. A raucous group, I must say.....see what happens when we don't meet for a while! Lori - thanks for hosting - the addition is just beautiful!!! All of the rooms are terrific - but I think we all liked the sewing room the best(well, I did at least).....really nice. We'll be expecting lots and lots of show & tell at future bees. Your purple quilt for your friend really turned out nice - the striped binding is just perfect. Cath - such a cute Halloween tablerunner. And I'm sure the girls were drooling over the Bliss. Sorry you're a little banged up these days. Dolores - the wedding quilt is just spectacular! Those colors are stunning - she will love it. Pam - I think you might have had your applique block with you - I'm sorry I had to duck out and miss it. It looks beautiful on the blog. And, may I say, I just love the haircut - it really suits you. I'm sorry if I missed you talking about your new job - I hope it's everything you expected and more. LA - thanks for the insights on the McCabe dinner table conversations - awesome!! Mare - sounds like you're enjoying hanging with Kevin - that's so cool. Consuelo - nice to see you - and looking forward to the upcoming Disney movie about Matt's football career. Hopefully the Quiltmamas will get a shoutout! So many things to talk about and such a short time......but it was a nice 'shot of estrogen' to see you girls. Have a nice weekend.....we need the clock to slow down a bit when we meet. Take care....piece.


Anonymous said...

It was good to see everyone ( were missed, Lois!), wasn't it?! You guys do my heart good. : ) Thanks!

The addition is terrific, Lor. Your sewing room is the best part, but I do happen to like the mud room a lot too.

Too little time and too many conversations. I couldn't keep up with everyone and everything!? MATT gets a BIG shout out. What an incredible kid!!!

lois said...

Sorry I missed the other night----didn't want to cough all over everyone. Your house sounds beautiful, Lori. Hope you had a good birthday, Pam.