Monday, March 29, 2010

a squishy Monday

Hello, ladies. Hope you had a nice weekend. Dinner on Friday was a lot of fun! Cath and Peggy - we missed you. Cath - hope you're feeling better. The food was good, as usual and plenty of laughs and catching up on everyone's news, kids, husbands, new nephews, etc! Lois - how did you make out at the dentist on Saturday - hope you're all fixed up. Pam, Dolores, Lori and I headed up to the Lancaster quilt show on Saturday. It was really nice!! I liked the new venue - three floors in one building. We parked in a garage about a half a block away, walked up the alley and we were at the front door - better than slogging through all that muddy grass at the Host! Some really stunning quilts. Lots of nice vendors - the sections of quilts were kind of broken up by groups of vendors - it was kind of nice - a little break to shop and then back to more beautiful quilts. Saw the Lizzie B girls' booth - it was the cutest by far. Lori and I ran into Mama Barb and saw a brag book of Rocco pictures - a ton of blond hair - what a cutie!! After lunch, Pam went to find Mama Barb (her ride) and the three of us decided to go to Liberty Place - they had more quilts and vendors there. We decided to follow the shuttle bus over - the problem was picking the right shuttle bus to follow - we didn't! So we just continued on the Continental to see the other vendors. It was quiet there - not as many vendors but I think I spent more there than at the show! Next year we'll make it to Liberty Place. Yesterday was an arctic track meet - Consuelo have you thawed out - boy, it was chilly! What's on tap for this week? I'm sorry I can't host - we have things every night - and this is Holy Week - oy! I almost have my peeps banner finished - I'll post a picture when it's up. Hope the Easter Bunny visits y'all. Pam - do you and Scott still have egg wars? I found the list that I made about the Evergreen house last year - I made notes to make sure we bring:

saran wrap/foil
small soaps for the powder rooms, etc.
paper plates and plastic cups - we don't want to do dishes!
extension cord - or two
power strip
small table

As we get closer - we can blog about what we're bringing - and I'll try to host a planning session next week. Have a lovely week, girls. The weather is supposed to be spectacular later in the week and Easter weekend. Take care.....piece.


mari1959 said...

Have power strip, plates & cups, saran wrap, soap for power room ect...the many (soapa) I have taken from hotels will now come in handy

Lori said...

Hi girls
I was reading a blog today and came across a blog call She is local I think she lives in Broomall. I took a class from her once. Anyway, she talks about the Lancaster show (not too favorably), mentions Karen's quilt and she talks about a mud sale she went to in Lancaster in an earlier post. Check it out.

Jean said...

I read her blog. Sheesh....what a whiner! How can you complain about seeing lots and lots of quilts - people who submit their creativity and workmanship for others to enjoy? I can't stand it when people get all snooty - and bash the workmanship or 'quality' of the quilts. You put a quilt in there, win a prize and you can say what you like - until then, keep your negativity to yourself. If you don't have anything nice to say.....this is me jumping off my soapbox. Thanks......