Monday, April 19, 2010

A productive weekend?

Was it? It was for me - but not like last weekend - this was all sports events, mulching, grocery shopping, cooking some meals for the week and bathroom scrubbing - not nearly as much fun as last weekend. I did manage to make a pink sock monkey for my niece who is having a birthday today. Talked to Lois yesterday - so nice to hear from you, Lois! Feels like we haven 't seen you in ages. She and George saw Burkie on TV yesterday - buying the Silent Knight fom the guy around the corner - how about that! LA - you and Maureen did a fabulous job running that track meet yesterday! Dolores - are you still sitting on the porch? Mare and Cath - coming to the semester's end - thinking of both of you. Hang in there.....Pam - you must be glad it's Monday. Your countdown is on too! Lori - those contractors finished yet? Sorry I can't host this week - a crazy, busy week culminating in Confirmation on Saturday. Next week - put it on your calendars - I'll host on Wednesday - we can't let another week go by......have a good day, ladies. Take a few minutes for yourself....piece.


Cathy said... last class is next Tuesday. I can come to bee on Wednesday. Everyone have a nice week!!

Consuelo said...

Good Luck to Erin Burke running in the Penn Relays tonight at Franklin Field!!

sewpam63 said...

GO, Erin, GO!!! ; )

Congrats to you, Cathy!!! ; )

Dolores said...

Erin, Fly like the Wind and kick some butt, congratulations.

Cathy said...

Erin - good luck!!!