Saturday, May 15, 2010

Middle of May?

Wow - middle of May already! The weeks seem to just fly by. Today looks to be a gorgeous day - and tomorrow more of the same. Hope you all have a wonderful weekend. Congrats to Matt Henderson who receives his First Communion today. Consuelo - hope you're feeling better. I'll see a couple of the mamas at the regional track meet today - boy, we deserve this nice day, don't we after some of the Sundays we've had. LA and I were achingly close to the Iron Horse this week - on a field trip to Lancaster and not a fabric stop was made - painful! Mare - haven't seen you in ages - how is Joanna feeling? Enjoy this lovely day, all.........piece.


Cathy said...

Good luck at regionals today. God Bless Matt Henderson!!Have a great weekend...enjoy the weather.

LA said...

Hola Mamas!

Congrats to Matt on receiving his First Communion! And Maureen...the best track coach ever!

Hope everyone is well...I am so excited...I just received a package of fabric in the mail that I have been waiting for from the end of March! It's the new line of Olivia fabric for little Olivia's 1st birthday gift (although it may turn into her 5th birthday gift!).

Hope to see you girls soon!! QM withdraw is setting in...Have a great week. LA

sewpam63 said...

Got the red bottle, Mo. Thanks!!!

Happy fabric package, LA. ; ) I LOVE that!!!

Survived day one of five working day shift this week...