Thursday, June 16, 2011


Hasn't this week been just beautiful?! Boy.....we deserved it after that early, wicked heat. That's for sure.......did you see the ticker over there? It's down to 1!!! I'm thinking of fasting after dinner tonight so I"m ready....can't wait. Can't wait to see everyone also.....congrats to all the students who are finishing up this week - or are already finished. Mare - your summer vacation is going to start too, isn't it? Casa Henderson has big doings going on this week...a new roof? What else is happening? Today is my last day of work, so it will be the slowest day ever....just sayin. Finished all the year-end gifts, quilts, hangings and whatever else.......I can't wait to start something I just want to make - for fun. Pam - hoping to see you tomorrow and catch up on the Delaware happenings and the sale process. Take care, mamas......see you tomorrow.....piece.

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